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1. Is a High-Resolution Photo Necessary for My Artwork?

The better the resolution, the better your artwork will be! We recommend high-resolution images, which allow us to zoom in on details, and we also suggest choosing a clear, sharp, and well-illuminated image. However, we understand that sometimes the perfect photo is not always available. No worries at all! Our skilled team of artists can also work wonders with blurred or damaged pictures, meticulously creating a beautiful piece of art.

In essence, your picture should show the entire subject with details that can be easily seen on your computer screen. If you are having trouble picking out a photo, Contact Us or call us at (888) 406-3377. We offer free consultations to help choose the best image for your artwork!

2. Can Traditional Paper Photos Be Used for Creating Artwork?

Yes, without a doubt! Feel free to mail your cherished paper photos to us. We’ll handle the scanning and return them unharmed, or simply email the scanned images to help@whataportrait.com. Your convenience is paramount to us.

3. What Is the Expected Delivery Time for My Portrait?

We understand your eagerness! The production and delivery timelines vary for different artworks. For detailed information, explore our Shipping & Delivery page, ensuring you know exactly when to expect your stunning portrait. For a personalized delivery estimate or to ensure meeting a specific date, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re available 24/7 via live chat, or call us at (888) 406-3377, or use our Contact Form. Your artwork, delivered your way, on your schedule.

4. Are There Any Hidden Shipping, Handling, or Packaging Costs?

Transparency is our commitment! Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all framed artworks and those shipped in tubes. We’re dedicated to offering unmatched value, ensuring the revival of traditional art in this digital era. Note: For areas listed as “Remote Area” by DHL (View Remote Areas Here), a nominal additional delivery charge is applicable.

5. Is It Possible to Preview the Artwork Before Shipping?

Your satisfaction is our priority! Receive a preview of your artwork for your review and approval. We proceed with shipping only once you are thoroughly delighted with the artwork. Your peace of mind is assured with us.

6. How Do You Ship Portraits?

We ship with utmost care! All pencil and charcoal artworks are sealed with an art fixative to protect and enhance the depth of shades. For oil and watercolor paintings, we ensure adequate dryness before shipping. Your artwork is then meticulously packaged and shipped via reliable carriers - DHL Express, UPS, or FedEx, assuring delivery within 3-4 business days.

7. Can You Frame the Artwork for Me?

Certainly! We provide framing services for all artworks. Have questions about framing and mounting? Reach out for a free consultation. Your framed masterpiece is just a Contact away!

8. Do You Offer Partnership or Franchise Opportunities?

Yes, we do! Exciting partnership opportunities await qualified retailers. Propel your business by partnering with us. Share your proposal at help@whataportrait.com.

9. Can I Order a Portrait as a Gift? Are Gift Options Available?

Absolutely! Gift a beautiful artwork by simply adding a special message and the recipient’s address at checkout. Art, the perfect gift that speaks volumes.

10. Which Countries Do You Ship To?

We ship worldwide, bringing art to every corner of the globe!

11. Is Online Payment Safe? Is My Credit Card Information Secure?

Your security is paramount! We ensure the utmost safety with advanced SSL security and trusted payment partner, PayPal. Rest easy, your payment details are in safe hands.

12. Where Are Your Artworks Made?

Our diverse artwork is creared globally. Oil, watercolor, and pastel portraits are created in China, pencil and charcoal in India or China, premium charcoal in Manila, and house pencil sketches in China. Experience world-class artistry at unbeatable prices!

13. Can Artworks Be Delivered by a Specific Date for an Event?

Absolutely! Inform us about your event, and we will ensure your artwork is delivered well in advance, showcasing top quality.

14. Who Are the Artists?

Our talented artists hail from Putian, China; Mumbai, India; Manila, Philippines; and Pattaya, Thailand. Each artist passes a stringent skill test, guaranteeing you world-leading quality in every artwork.

15. What Materials Are Used to Create the Artworks?

Only the best! We use superior materials like graphite pencils, oil paint, and watercolor paint. Artworks are sealed with fixatives and varnished upon request, ensuring lasting beauty.

16. Any Hidden Costs, Taxes, or Service Charges?

None at all! Enjoy transparent pricing– what you see is what you pay.

17. Are Bulk Order Discounts Available?

Yes! Enjoy a 10% discount for two artworks or more artworks, processed and shipped together. Exceptional art at exceptional prices!

18. Is the Artwork Size Same as Displayed Online?

Artworks are commissioned in slightly larger sizes (approximately one inch on each side) for ease of framing and matting, ensuring your artwork fits perfectly.

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