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Turn photos of your pets into handmade portrait paintings in just 2-3 weeks—or even sooner! Over 2,000 4.8-star reviews and more than 10,000 commissions successfully delivered. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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 A couple's journey from photo to painting featuring them in the painting, the couple inside a house on the couch


Starts from $119

100% free-hand painted onto a canvas by a talented artist. This is the most loved medium in the world of art. Select rolled, gallery-wrapped, or framed options to suit your preference.

A man holding up a framed charcoal portrait drawing of himself, crafted by a local artist specializing in portrait drawing near him.


Starts from $129

Hand-made on canson paper by a proficient artist using Charcoal powder with a dry brush technique. Choose from rolled or framed options.

A woman displaying a charcoal portrait of a couple and baby commissioned by a portrait drawer.


Starts from $89

100% hand-sketched onto fine art paper by a talented artist. Charcoal sketches have a darker undertone. Available rolled or framed.

 A picture of a family holding a framed pencil portrait done from a photo.


Starts from $89

Hand-drawn entirely by a skilled artist on fine art paper, pencil sketches have a lighter undertone. Choose from rolled or framed options.

 A framed watercolor portrait of a family, made from a reference photo, hung on a wall in front of a fireplace.


Starts from $119

Handmade by a skilled artist on fine art paper, watercolor paintings have a captivating sense of fluidity. Select from rolled or framed choices.

 A man holding up a pastel portrait of a boy, created by an artist who transformed the picture into a portrait.


Starts from $119

Hand-painted by a skilled artist on fine art paper. They offer a unique blend of vibrant colors and soft textures, adding depth to your cherished memories. Available in rolled or framed options.

A man showcasing a colored pencil portrait of a house, created by a portrait maker.


Starts from $129

Meticulously hand-sketched by a proficient artist on fine art paper. Colored pencil sketches offer a captivating interplay of vibrant undertones. Choose from rolled or framed options.

A woman holding up a photo of a black and white painting of a dog, a beautiful transformation from picture to portrait painting.


Starts from $99

Hand-painted onto canvas by skilled artisans, the details on Black and White Oil Paintings add a touch of elegance to your cherished memories. Choose from rolled, gallery-wrapped, or framed options to suit your style.

A person holding a cell phone displaying an email conversation that highlights how you can get a free consultation with layouts.

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Capture Your Vision, Every Detail Matters

Personalize your custom portrait by incorporating multiple photos, ensuring that every cherished face and playful moment is captured. Preview the final result before ordering, and share your desired delivery date for a timely arrival. Need advice on backgrounds or unique gift ideas? Send us an e-mail at , call us toll-free (888) 406-3377 (Available 24/7) or SMS at (786) 708-0144. Our dedicated team is here to guide you at every step.

What Our Valued Customers Are Saying

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Henry Innes, AZ, United States

I was in a jam about getting a birthday present for a woman, turning 90, who I consider my Mom. I had a short time frame to get this done and Whataportrait came through with flying colors. It was delivered on time and turned out perfect. Many thanks to them and I plan on using them again.

Irma Holt, TX, United States

I did receive the artwork in great condition and it is fantastic.I will present it to her at a dinner that is going to take place on the 30th of this month and will be sure to capture her on video as she sees it. Thank you so much,job well done!!!!!

Larry Carrocci, Ontario, Canada

This is the site that I would again and again hands down.

Brian Lorenz, SC, United States

I wanted to make sure the side of the building is part of the picture, the window with the writing on it was very important, Thats where my mother in law worked and they met. She absolutely loved it. We hung it up immediately. It's the best gift I've ever given. Whataportrait is a Treasure Chest.

Anautica Wilson, NC, United States

I received a painting from this company and it came out great! They gave suggestions based on the type of portrait I wanted and responded promptly whenever I had questions. I would definitely shop with them again for more photographs.

Rachel Edwards, Virginia, United States

I love this company, the artist, and quality of work! I will use them again for all my future art needs. The picture that I received is absolutely perfect and my friends and family were equally amazed. I also loved how I could speak with the artist and they let me know once it was completed and shipped. Definitely great experience all around!

Quality first

Each commission is flawless and meticulously detailed. Premium materials ensure lasting beauty. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee stands strong.

Complimentary Layouts

Our team carefully evaluates your photos and optimizes them. Complimentary layouts for your approval offer a clear preview of the final piece.

Superior Customer Experience

Our ordering is seamless, with personalized assistance for perfect results. Shipping occurs after you approve the custom artwork preview. Our dedication to exceptional customer service sets us apart.

Why Commission A Pet Portrait?

Expansive Artistry Selection

At Whataportrait, we understand the unique essence of every pet, and the varied artistic tastes of our clients. Dive into our diverse array of artistic styles, from Oil, Pencil, Charcoal, Watercolor to Premium Charcoal and Pastel. With such a wide variety to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect medium to immortalize your cherished pet's essence.

Seamless Process

Finding the perfect pet portrait artist is now hassle-free. Our streamlined approach makes obtaining your cherished pet portraits convenient and efficient.

24/7 support

Trust the What A Portrait team to create enduring pet portraits, including exquisite dog paintings. Our world-class service comes with 24/7 support and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Eliminating Third-Party Hassles

We cater to clients seeking outstanding pet portraits, without the complexities of third-party involvement. Our seamless process ensures a hassle-free experience.

Transforming Memories into Art

Our pet portraits begin with your treasured photographs. Witness your memories transformed into high-quality pet paintings, capturing the essence of your beloved pets.

Ease of Ordering

Start your journey by placing your order. Our team is ready to turn your vision into a stunning pet portrait that will be cherished for generations.

Collaborative Creation

With your input, we create pet portraits that resonate with your emotions. Our collaborative approach ensures your satisfaction and delivers a masterpiece you'll love.

Preview Your Portrait

Before finalizing your pet portrait, you'll have the chance to preview it. This step ensures that your portrait reflects your expectations before it reaches your doorstep.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best medium for pet portraits?

While colored pencils offer high levels of detail, the 'best' medium is subjective and depends on your aesthetic preferences. Oil paintings offer depth and texture, watercolors bring a light, ethereal quality, and charcoal can create dramatic contrasts. It's all about what speaks to you and best represents your pet's personality.

What background colors for pet portraits?

Choosing a background color can greatly influence the focus and mood of the portrait. Lighter colors like pale blue or cream can highlight darker pets, while darker backgrounds can make lighter fur colors pop. Additionally, the color can be selected to match your pet's eyes or complement your home decor. Choose a color that enhances the natural beauty of your pet and suits your stylistic preferences.

How long does a pet portrait take?

The duration for a pet portrait varies based on the artist's technique, the medium used, and the intricacy of the piece. Generally, a pet portrait can take anywhere from a few hours for a simple sketch to several weeks for a detailed oil painting. However, at Whataportrait, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver your pet portrait in as little as 2 weeks, ensuring both quality and timely delivery.

Where to get a portrait painted?

There are many places to get a portrait painted, from local art galleries and art schools to independent artists offering their services. In the digital age, online platforms have emerged as a convenient way to connect customers with talented portrait artists worldwide. Among these platforms, stands out as one of the market leaders in delivering quality portraits. Always review an artist's portfolio and customer reviews to ensure the quality and style match your vision.

How much does a pet portrait cost?

It all depends on the artist, the size of the drawing, and the level of detail involved. However, you can generally expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $500 for a high-quality pet portrait. At Whataportrait, our pet portraits start from just $89 onwards for a pencil or charcoal sketch, and this includes free shipping, offering both affordability and quality.

Are pet portraits worth it?

Pet portraits provide long-lasting memories. While our furry friends may sense the effort and love you've put into capturing their likeness, they might not fully appreciate the gesture since they don't understand it in human terms. But the real value lies in the memories they invoke for us. Every time you glance at that portrait, it's a reflection of the bond, the moments shared, and the unconditional love. So, what memories do we refer to? It's all in the process of cherishing and commemorating the love we have for our pets.