6 Whacy Customized Gift Ideas

Here's a collection of the much awaited Whacky gift ideas. Enjoy!

1. A Childhood Pencil Sketch Portrait for your friend’s 10th Wedding Anniversary! Personalized gift

Nothing is better than one’s childhood. The carefree innocence, all the pampering and a worry-free life! Life is indeed at it’s best. A Personalized Childhood Pencil Sketch Portrait that reminds your friend of the good old times will surely touch his heart. The pencil sketch portrait will hang on his bedroom wall and cherish your friendship and some good times for time immemorial !

2. A Pencil drawing for every monthly ‘I Love you’ Anniversary!

Immortalize your love ! Capture one special moment every month in an artistic way and gift it to your special one on the ‘I Love you’ Anniversary every month! Commission a Pencil Drawing for her every month! You could even commission pencil drawing of a picture of the both of you together on a romantic day out. It’s crazy, it’s wacky, it’s personalized – we call it Artistic Love !

3. 10 Pencil Drawings for your child’s 10th Birthday Anniversary ! Amazing baby gift by Pencil Artist

So Adam’s turning 10 next month. With all enthusiasm and excitement you and your hubby walk into a gift shop only to see the same old stuff – frames, watches, greetings, mugs, show pieces, wall clocks etc etc. Hasn’t it become mundane and monotonous? You don't want to be another sheep in the herd ! You want to be different ! Its a great baby gift.

Let me show you how to do things your way. Out of everything and everyone in the world every single person loves himself. So why not gift Adam his own self in a cute lovely way!? A Gift that would be instilled in his heart for a lifetime! Just choose 10 different pictures of his childhood and let us create some magical Pencil drawings ! The framed pencil drawings would not only find a corner within Adam’s bedroom but also within his heart and give him moments and memories to cherish – not now, not tomorrow but for a lifetime.

So hurry.. what are you waiting for? Get Your art.. Your way !

4. A Family Portrait collage commissioned from your most memorable moments !

Your parents stay in Seattle. Your sister New York. Your cousins in Toronto and you stay in California. The entire family gathers every year. A Special time with your special people. You might be an Executive , you might be an accountant; You might be a 35 year old mother of two or a 60 year old grandfather of ten – Act wacky and thou shall be remembered for time immemorial. This time collect one special picture of every member and let us make you a Customized Family Portrait Collage. The Family Portrait will hang on the hall of your bedroom and will be cherished for time immemorial!

5. Nude Pencil sketches gift – Woo her the Titanic way! by Sketch Artist

If you think there is a missed opportunity in your romance land, particularly in the battlefield known as the ‘Bedroom’ here’s your savior. Remember how Jack woos Rose in Titanic with a personalized pencil sketch? You can create the same magic! You might not be as talented as Jack was but this is where we help you! Just send us your special someone’s face picture and we will commission a ‘Titanic Sketch’ for you! So there you go, let the nude pencil sketches create the magic!

6. Caricature Family Portraits for Christmas: Gifts Presents

Well so Christmas fever in full swing. The Christmas tree is up, your house decorated, excitement building up, shopping galore and everyone on a gifting spree. How about chucking those dull and drab exquisite chocolates and tissot wrist watches? Do something unique and exciting this year - something that you could just laugh at - something that you would look at and all you do is smile, cry, tease, love and remember – Caricature Family Portraits ! Family Portraits are a great way to show your love and affection for your family. Family Portraits are a great way to bond together with everyone. Family Portraits give a great sense of unity.