The Company was created for and by art enthusiasts. Our team is comprised of a network of artists all over the world, in areas such as the U.S., India, Philippines, and China. All of our artists are professional and hand-picked for their ability to deliver world-leading quality straight to you. We specialize in transforming your favorite photos into masterpieces. Each and every artwork is 100% handmade and custom. You are guaranteed to receive high quality at a great price every time!

    Our Mission: "To bring art to everyone’s life and to keep the tradition of handmade art alive!"

    We understand the struggles you face when you’re looking for an artist to commission. At What A Portrait, we believe that the beauty of our service comes from its simplicity. Our portrait artists for hire are vested professionals. They come from around the world and offer a vast amount of experience and knowledge. We’ve thoroughly ensured that each artist is the real deal!

    Our portrait painters are excited about working with each and every client who comes his or her way. We’ve hand-picked our team to create a collaboration of enthusiastic artists who are truly eager to meet and exceed your needs.

    If you’re looking to commission a painting, then you’ll love the What A Portrait service. You won’t have to worry about finding a reliable local artist, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of traveling. Since everything is done online, so much of the challenges of commissioning a painting are eliminating - including high costs! All of our services are competitively priced and backed by the reviews of our happy clients.

    Not only that, but our services are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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