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  • 30 Best Dating Apps Of 2020 [Free & Paid]

    • 23th April 2019
    • Posted byNitin Kaku

    The dating scene all around the world has come a long way from the era of arranged marriages or straightaway finding your partner to get married, get settled, have two beautiful kids, a decent house and a dog. Sounds so out of fairytale, innit ?

    While you already had the social media apps and websites to ‘connect’ with people, the demand for finding the date at the right place and time wasn’t met. This gave rise to the experts of dating and hookups - the dating apps.

    Hookups, one night stands, a date, finding the perfect partner or just even a perfect friend, everything has an app for it.

    So, we’ve got you covered when it comes to listing down the best dating apps you should go for based upon your requirements. Date, marry or hookup ? ;)

    30 best dating apps

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