Capturing your furry, feathered, or scaled companion on film can be a challenge if they’re always moving, but the end result of a perfect portrait is priceless! If you’re like many people who adore their pets, you’ve tried and tried to capture those precious moments on film to no avail. In this article, we’re going to discuss a few tips that will make it easy to preserve special moments with your pet for all time!

How to photograph pets

Have you caught your pet with that slightly tilted head, angled eye, and glistening eyes look on their face? It's that look you always want to grab on camera, but you’re just never fast enough. Well, here are some ways to help you snap the perfect picture of your family pet - and there aren’t any fancy pet photography skills needed.

The treat trick

Using the treat trick will be your best bet. Almost all pets love their treats, and that means they will pay careful attention to you while you’re holding a special treat. There's nothing like a using the treat method to get your little buddy to focus on the camera. All you have to do is hold the treat right above the camera. Hopefully your pet will be staring very attentively into the lens, offering the perfect opportunity for you to snap a great picture of your pet!

Calm down

Anxious pets are the most active! If you want to get a great photo of your pet, you’ll need to tire him or her a little. Try a fun game of catch to get your pet nice and calm. Odds are, he or she will lay down, and this will offer a great chance for you to get a picture of your pet.


Your sweet pet has his or her own personality, and sometimes, the best pictures capture that personality in the moment. If your pet has a special trick, try to snap a photo of him or her doing it. Preserving those special moments make for adorable lasting memories!


Action can get a little tricky, but once you have the right camera settings and a good understanding of what your pet will likely do next, you can probably get some great shots. For instance, capture a shot of him running to catch a ball or jump into a lake.

Note: Always avoid using flash when taking pictures of your pets, as it can aggravate their eyes. Flash can also diminish the quality of a photograph. Remember, natural light is best!  


If you’ve wondered how to take the best pet photography, then the above pet photography tips should get you on the right path fast. It's as easy as that, with a few simple tricks, you can effortlessly take flawless pictures of your pet! Pet photography skills don’t require a lot of training, just time and patience. Use these tips to hone in on how to photograph pets, and you’ll be creating timeless images in no time!

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