Some of the best moments of our childhood consisted of countless hours spent in messing up our hands with paints while we bring our creative imaginations to reality, regardless of whether that was on the walls of our houses or the pages of a drawing book. However, paints are not just meant for children or students who are learning to draw, especially acrylic paints, as professional artists as well as beginners of painting, consider acrylics to be a sort of their Alma Mater, as acrylics are to artists what numbers are to mathematicians. Acrylics form the essentials and the basics of art for any artist, be it watercolor or oil, and are undeniably integral to any artwork.

People who take art seriously, know just how important acrylics are for their artworks. When it comes to art materials, acrylics are a must and they are highly preferred as well for the many advantages they possess! For example: acrylics mix and clean up easily with water, which is why you won’t have to deal with chemicals or turp. They don’t smell either, unlike oils, and have a buttery smooth texture for easy painting and usage.

As we talk about how important the right materials are, it is also essential to state how important acrylic paint sets are and how to rightly choose them as well. Acrylic paint sets are a must-have for any artist, regardless of what medium he is working in. Acrylic paint sets are mainly sought-after because not only are they effective for painters in any medium, but they’re also quite the useful toolset for art and craft enthusiasts as well, as they can use acrylics for decorating glass, wood, clay, fabrics, ceramics, miniature figures, and a lot more. Whether you’re a professional, novice, or just a young artist starting to take art seriously, acrylics are a must.

Best Acrylic Paint Sets

Acrylic paint sets are quite the popular set of tools when it comes to the art industry, and there is a very valid reason behind that notion. Acrylics are a highly versatile medium of art and are thus perfect for artists of different skill levels, right from intermediates to the very professionals. Acrylic paints can be thinned to make them appear as watercolors, can be applied in thicker layers to appear as oil, they have the tendency to dry quicker, which is why you don’t have to wait between the various layers. For artists who prefer the wet-on-wet technique while painting, retarders can be added to the acrylics to slow down the dry duration as well. Add to that the fact that acrylics can be used for painting on a variety of surfaces (as previously mentioned). Awesome, isn’t it?

Now that we’ve seen just how great acrylics are, it is important to discuss the various companies that make these acrylic paint sets, as they all vary when it comes to quality and brand image. Thus, let’s take a deeper look into the various brands of acrylic paints and help you choose one that fits you best!

1. Winsor and Newton’s Artist’s Acrylics

Winsor and Newton’s Artist’s Acrylics

When it comes to art and crafts, especially artist’s materials, Winsor and Newton is basically a household name. They never disappoint when it comes to their watercolor products, and the standard has been well-maintained with their line of acrylic paints as well.

However, upon analyzing the various reviews by the users of these acrylic paints, it has been seen that there is a confusing debate over the packaging issue when it comes to the acrylic tubes. Several artists prefer the metallic look to plastic ones, and according to them, it is easier to get out all the paint with the metallic tubes. On the other hand, other artists suggested that metal is more likely to get corroded, especially in humid areas. Despite the small flaws, the company does have a huge loyal fan base due to its product recognition and consistency in good quality.

Pros - The acrylics by Winsor and Newton have a high pigment load, which is the reason why they’re effortless to paint with and create mesmerizing artworks. The acrylics come in a very convenient and attractive packaging and mix well with various other colors of brands as well, and also are available in a wide range of colors and shades as well.

Cons - Despite Winsor and Newton being a top-notch company for acrylic paints, they do have a few drawbacks too. There are very few sizes available for their line of acrylics, some users have reported color shifts, and the acrylic colors also have a very slow drying time too.

Price - Average price for each 60ml tube starts at $10.08.

2. Liquitex Heavy Body Artist Acrylics

Liquitex Heavy Body Artist Acrylics

Previously known as Liquitex Medium Viscosity Acrylic Artist Color, Liquitex Professional Soft Body Acrylics has quite the heritage because it was the very first fine artist’s acrylic paint, that was sold commercially in the USA. Liquitex is a brand of acrylic paints that was developed for both artists as well as students, a heavy body acrylics company that is almost ideal for impasto, traditional painting, and mixed media.

Pros - Liquitex manufactures highly-concentrated paints that are pure, rich pigments which produce intense colors without any kind of fillers. Liquitex acrylics are naturally fluid and creamy, which is why artists love Liquitex acrylic paint sets when it comes to decorative arts, tole, mural-drawing, calligraphy, stenciling, sculpture, graphic designing, silk-screening, hard edge paintings, fabric painting, photo retouching, various watercolor techniques, airbrush illustrations, and a lot more! Add to that, the wide assortment of colors and shades that Liquitex provides, along with easy clean-up and you’ve got yourself the perfect acrylic paint.

Cons - Even though Liquitex seems like the perfect brand for acrylic paints, its main drawback is the fact that it is not affordable, and people do not tend to dish out too much money for acrylic tubes. Other than this, it also has a few other flaws like a slow drying time, a poor coverage as compared to other brands, and a bad odour as reported by many users.

Variety - Liquitex provides a wide variety of acrylic paints, namely the Essentials set of 12, BASICS, Mixing set of 6 ( comes in 2 varieties of sets for different shades), Muted Colors set of 5, and the Artist Acrylics Set.

Price - The BASICS set retails for $34.32, and each acrylic tube is available for an average price of $10.28.

3. Golden Artist Colors Heavy Body Acrylics

Golden Artist Colors Heavy Body Acrylics

Golden Acrylics is one of the premium companies in the acrylic genre, and as any premium category entails, the products of this company are on the expensive side. Even though Golden Acrylics products are a little too deep for our pockets, several users have agreed that this company’s paints can be used for much longer duration than many other products from various brands. The major reason why people prefer the products of Golden Acrylics is the dedicated well-staffed team of the company who are ever-ready to listen to the consumers’ doubts and solve their problems. Others from the art community who have used Golden Acrylics also praise the packaging as each tube comes with an actual paint stripe and a chart for every single color’s characteristic and performance. A very nifty little detail that I’m sure every consumer will appreciate .

Pros - For artists who prefer to paint with an acrylic medium that has a thicker texture, the Heavy Body Acrylics is the perfect set. It is highly versatile, has a highly accurate color matching, a very sturdy and attractive packaging, and as mentioned, the excellent customer service is a bonus.

Cons - As a heavy body acrylic, you would expect this paint to be thick and have an oily texture, but many users have complained that it is too buttery in how it feels. Also, it is expensive as you read previously, which is why not everyone prefers to buy this acrylic set.

Other Options - If the Heavy Body acrylic seems to be a no-go for you, there are other great acrylic sets like the Golden’s Open Acrylics, Fluid Golden Acrylic, and the High Flow Golden Acrylic that you can definitely try out.

Price - $48.18 and each tube retails for an average price of $14.08.

4. Sennelier Abstract Acrylics

Sennelier Abstract Acrylics
(Jerry’s Artarama)

Sennelier is yet another household name when it comes to art and craft’s materials, especially those for painting and drawing. Sennelier is not only known for its consistent smooth texture of colors but also it's packaging as well. The Abstract Acrylics set comes with paint that is housed in squeezable pouches, thus, easier usage. They have also been designed to dispense the paint in a much easier way and you will be provided with a transparent window that is designed to help you see how much paint is left. Some nifty thinking that is! This quirky packaging that helps a buyer know exactly which shade he’s buying and its quantity, paired with the easy to handle pouches rather than jars or tubes, are the reasons why artists all over the world consider Sennelier a brand that they’re more than comfortable to use.

Pros - Sennelier Acrylic paints are mostly preferred because of the large amount of paint for an affordable price point. Along with that, the high pigment load of the colors is a major bonus for all the artists who look to create mesmerizing pieces of art. Sennelier also presents true colors when it comes to their acrylic line or any product, which is also a major reason why people trust the brand.

Cons - It might be hard to believe but Sennelier Acrylics has just one drawback as per its wide range of users, that is the fact that the paints tend to dry a bit too quickly.

Price - $18.98

5. Old Holland New Masters Classic Acrylics Set

Old Holland New Masters Classic Acrylics Set

Old Holland is another widely-recognized and acclaimed artist’s materials company, especially when it comes to their line of acrylic products. The New Masters Classic Acrylics was a dream of the company’s late owner, Theo de Beer, which became the realization as this new line of acrylic paints. The New Masters Classic was a dream of providing the new masters of art with the best medium, just like the old masters (the painters and artists of previous generations).

Pros - The New Masters acrylic line is specifically designed to complement Old Holland’s existing watercolor and oil ranges, at the same time incorporating the top-notch new pigments that are available today. A pure acrylic binder in these paints make them even more unique as they ensure beautiful color retention, adhesion, and working qualities. The poised combination of a proprietary binding system and a high pigment load also results in colors that exhibit the individual pigments’ characteristics as well. Pretty amazing, right? Add to these, the great color intensities and buttery textures and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Cons - Yes, the New Masters line is a great acrylics set, but it also comes with its own drawbacks that keep it shy of being a complete winner. Since it’s engineered with so many advancements, these acrylics are definitely expensive. Some users have also reported that the paint often hardens inside the tubes as well. This also is a big no-no for frequent painters.

Price - An Average price of $15.29 for tubes, and $40.63 for jars.

6. M. Graham and Co. Acrylics

MGraham and CoAcrylics
(Kings Framing & Art Gallery)

Graham is a company that knows how to consistently distribute its focus on all its products, which is why they put the same attention and care to details when it comes to their acrylic paints, just like they do when it comes to other traditional media. Each and every color is manufactured in fea btches, which means each of them are made with a lot of precision and care. M. Graham and Co. is a brand that is known for its dedication to materials, which is why it’s a top choice when it comes to artist’s materials.

Pros - The main USP of M Graham’s acrylics line is the fact that they only use high solid, pure resins without any bulking agents, fillers, retarders, or other foreign elements. Each pigment has the highest concentration with good working properties, which is why each color has a brilliant mass tone and tinting strength. A high pigment load and good value is always a win-win situation.

Cons - The only drawbacks seen in M. Graham’s Acrylics are that they sometimes have a gritty texture, can be hard to find in stores or other places, and there is a very limited opaque selection as well.

Price - An average price of $16.48 for each tube.

7. Chroma Atelier Interactive Acrylics

Chroma Atelier Interactive Acrylics

Chroma is a brand that is highly recommended for artists anytime, especially the ones who are on a transition from oil to acrylics. Chroma is a brand that marries scientific ideas with consumer demands to create beautiful acrylic products for painters of all kinds. The Atelier Interactive Acrylics line is crafted with a patented technology, which offers artists a versatile set of different working properties, which helps Chroma to stand out as a prolific brand when it comes to acrylics.

Pros - In application, Chroma’s Acrylics perform like the good old conventional acrylics, giving you control overglazing techniques and traditional style of painting. With Chroma’s Interactive acrylics, you can also reactivate the paint anytime, even when it’s dry! Other than these, Chroma is mainly preferred due to its exceptional consistency, great color load, slow drying time, a variety of compatible mediums, and the fact that it is also a great alternative to oil paint as well.

Cons - Despite the beautiful features, Chroma’s Interactive Acrylics line does have a few drawbacks. It’s highly-scientific nature also poses it to be a painting medium with a very steep learning curve as well. It is expensive as well, and some users have also reported issues of poor packaging as well as color shifting.

Price - $30 for a set of 80ml 7 tubes, and an average price of $15 for individual acrylic tubes.

8. Daler-Rowney Artist Acrylics

Daler Rowney Artist Acrylics

Daler-Rowney is a common name when it comes to acrylics brands for students and budding painters who are getting used to acrylic painting. Daler-Rowney is a company that focuses on the niche that very few brands do, that is, the group of painters who are students, casual painters at home, or budding painters who’ve just begun their journeys. This is why, Daller-Rowney is also highly-acclaimed, along with the fact that they’re a great value for money as well.

Pros - Daler-Rowney acrylics provide strong, bright, and water-based colors that can be easily applied onto the canvas, any primed board or paper too. The strong colors ensure a longer-lasting painting and remains smudge-free even when water is spilled over the paint. Since these acrylics don’t contain any solvents, they’re also recommended for children as well. When it comes to the acrylic quality, Daler-Rowney’s acrylics have quite the pigment load, are reasonably priced, and you also get a wide range of single pigment colors to choose from!

Cons - Daler-Rowney’s acrylic line has a bad reputation of becoming clumpy after use, not mixing well with water, being difficult to clean and also of poor packaging. These are big drawbacks that can very often turn a customer away.

Price - $22.24 for the Introductory Set.

9. Holbein Acrylics

Holbein Acrylics

Holbein’s line of acrylic paints is like the underdog that you wouldn’t want to mess with. Holbein is not the biggest of names when it comes to artist’s materials but they are definitely worth every penny you invest in your art. A lot of us artists who look for materials often run on a budget and thus, look for pocket-friendly products. Acrylic paints mostly do not come under that category of affordability, but that is the problem Holbein tackles and succeeds. Professional acrylic quality along with affordable prices is what makes Holbein a worthy contender.

Pros - Holbein’s Heavy Body Acrylics are crafted in such a way that they add brilliance, luster, as well as color vigour to your paintings with extreme ease. Holbein has combined the best traditional inorganic pigments with the top-notch organic pigments of today in order to create the Heavy Body Artist’s Acrylics set that makes mixing and thinning completely effortless. Offering 113 intricately detailed colors in their acrylics line, Holbein’s heavy body acrylics are thick and brushable and are sure to retain impasto marks and textures. Sure, Holbein is yet to make their mark on the acrylics world, but their products are sure to go beyond the highest of your expectations when it comes to acrylics, which is also the reason why they’re working their way towards the top.

Variety- Other than the numerous advantages of using Holbein acrylics, they also provide a wide range of acrylic products for artists of all kinds.

  • Luminous Colors
  • Primary Set of 5
  • Luminous Set of 6
  • Basic Set of 6
  • Standard Set of 12

Price - Each tube of the Heavy Body line retails for an average price of $12.50.

10. Utrecht Acrylics

Utrecht Acrylics

Utrecht is one of those brands in the genre of acrylic paints, that has a magnanimous and consistent group of loyal followers who stick to this brand through the years. Carefully handcrafting their acrylic colors in their Brooklyn Mill for more than 50 years, Utrecht is a company committed to providing genuine products to its loyal customers. Utrecht was in fact, one of the very first companies in the world to manufacture acrylic colors, which just goes to show how rich a heritage this company possesses.

Pros - Professional artists consider Utrecht products as their coveted possessions for a reason. This company manufactures acrylic paints that are remarkably brilliant, have a rich texture, ensure excellent lightfastness, and also come with a great longevity. Utrecht’s acrylics have pure pigments with the highest of concentrations, along with top quality polymer vehicles that make sure you get rich colors with exceptional covering power, clarity, and tinting strength. Versatility is also one of the strong suits of Utrecht Acrylics.

Cons - The only possible drawback this acrylic giant has, is the fact that their acrylics do not mix well with those of other brands.

Price - $154 for the Complete Acrylics Set

11. Blick Artists’ Acrylics

Blick Artists’ Acrylics

Manufactured in the USA, the Blick Artists’ Acrylics is a true American masterpiece. When it comes to the world of acrylic paints, Blick Artists is a company that never fails to deliver when it comes to both quality and quantity, thanks to their wide range of products. Very often, students, professionals, as well as aspiring painters do not find a single brand that pertains to all their needs, but that is the problem that Blick solves. The perfect merger of value and quality is the main reason why everyone loves this brand.

Pros - Blick’s Artists acrylics do not only offer quality and value, but also beautiful, lightfast, smooth, and permanent colors that have brilliant pigment quality and color strength. Blick’s acrylics are also more long-lasting than many other brands, which is why artists of any grade prefer it. Blick provides high-viscosity acrylics that also mix well with other acrylics, which you can also thin with other mediums or water. You will also get a recyclable aluminium tube and the acrylics are suitable for just about any acrylic technique!

Variety - A total of 70 colors are available in the acrylics line, 38 of which are manufactured from a single pigment and the rest of which are blends, either to help you meet traditional hues or to help you create unique colors, courtesy of Blick. The various acrylic sets available from Blick’s Artists’ Acrylics are: -

  • Basic Color Set of 6
  • Earth Color Set of 6
  • Artist Easel Set
  • Color Set of 12
  • Portrait Color Set of 6

Price - $83.99 for the Easel Set, $27.19 for 6-Color Basic Set, $33.29 for the 12-Color Basic Set, $28.19 for the Earth Color Set, $27.99 for the Portrait Color Set and an average of $10.99 for each acrylic tube for the Artists’ Acrylic Set.

12. TriArt Acrylics

TriArt Acrylics

TriArt is yet another new kid around the block, in the world of acrylic paints, but still worthy of appreciation, thanks to their beautiful Heavy Body Acrylic Paint, as well as Liquid Acrylic Paints. The Liquid acrylics are highly-recommended for artists who seek thinner acrylic paints and TriArt has managed to manufacture some brilliant quality liquid acrylic paints. The Heavy Body acrylics also provide a high pigment load and beautiful texture, and TriArt also presents their acrylics in nifty reusable jars, something all buyers will appreicate!

Pros - TriArt acrylics have been highly appreciated for their great flow and brilliant pigment load, which makes the artist’s work seem even more striking and mesmerizing. As for the packaging, the reusable jars a definite plus point.

Cons - Many users reported that the TriArt acrylics were too thin for their taste and it also has the tendency to lose out on opacity as well. The only other major drawback are the faulty caps on the Liquid Acrylic paint jars.

Price - An average price of $23 for each jar.

13. Lascaux Artist Acrylics

Lascaux Artist Acrylics

Lascaux Artist Acrylics is an acrylics company that seems to have a rock-solid reputation among a group of die-hard loyal fan base, but the reputation is not that impressive, as the consumer base is not large enough. However, they are p0referred by their loyal consumers because Lascaux acrylics are milled to possess the texture and body of fine oils. This is the reason why artists are generally pleased with the products but since these acrylics have a short shelf-life, they are definitely not for the hobbyist painter.

Pros - Lascaux acrylics are intensely pigmented, completely resistant to any aging, and are brilliantly lightfast as well. Lascaux acrylics also have great covering power, dry quickly, and mix well as well with other brands. In addition to this, all the provided colors dry equally to a satin surface which is insoluble to water.

Cons - However, Lascaux acrylics are quite expensive, do not age well at all, and do not offer too many sizes, and all these reasons are big enough to be deal breakers among the artist community.

Price - $49.57 for a set of 3, an average price of $46 for each tube of paint.

14. Maimeri Brera Artist Acrylics

Maimeri Brera Artist Acrylics

When it comes to artists’ materials, especially acrylic paints, Maimeri Brera’s line of products are like those hidden gems that cannot be found very often, but when you do get a hold of them, you’ll see just how precious they are. Reliability is the main aim of Maimeri Brera acrylics and they never fail to deliver when it comes to that. If you’re looking for an acrylic paint company that meets all the necessary requirements of any top-notch acrylic medium, Maimeri Brera is the one to go with.

Pros - Maimeri Brera provides guaranteed lightfastness and quality, and are colors that respond accurately to the artist’s set of skills, which is why many professionals often opt for their line of acrylic paints. These paints not only have a high pigment load, but also mix well with colors of other brands, have a very uniform consistency, and on top of that, present a wide array of unique colors that you may not find anywhere else.

Cons - The only actual drawback of Maimeri Brera’s Artist Acrylics is the fact that they’re very difficult to find in stores.

Price - $72.10 for the Intro Set of 9.

15. Matisse Structure Formula Acrylics

Matisse Structure Formula Acrylics

Manufactured in Australia, Matisse Structure Formula Acrylics are a deserved contender in the list of some of the best acrylic paints out there, for one main reason - the unique array of colors that they offer. While the shades may not be as unique as you’d think, the reason why their line of shades is considered out-of-the-box is that they resemble the color palette of the Australian Outback. Using them bestows a certain sense of country-land on the artist’s mind while he lets the colors run free on his canvas, a feeling that is quite beautiful indeed.

Pros - Matisse Structure Formula Acrylics are often a top choice for many professionals, mainly because they offer good value, provide a very interesting array of shades, are ideal for drawing texturized art pieces, and are also well-suited for the heavy impasto techniques.

Cons - Yet again, these highly sought-after acrylic products from Matisse are very difficult to find in stores.

Price - $54.81 for a 1 Litre jar.

16. Grumbacher Acrylics

Grumbacher Acrylics

A lot of intermediate-level painters often face the issue of not being able to find the right brand of acrylic paints for themselves, the main reason being the fact that most brands manufacture colors for either all artists or mainly professional-level artists. However, Grumbacher is a widely popular brand, mainly for such intermediate artists, rather than beginners.

Pros - Grumbacher acrylics have a faster drying time, the main reason why they’re best-suited for intermediate painters. Apart from this, their acrylic paints are very affordable, no color shift can be seen generally, and applies to support well too. The colors by Grumbacher also appear truer than many other student grade acrylic sets.

Cons - Grumbacher, despite having a strong reputation, does have a couple of flaws. The colors tend to dry very quickly, there’s a low pigment load, and they’re not suitable for any impasto technique at all.

Price - $34.99

17. Pebeo Acrylics

Pebeo Acrylics

Pebeo Acrylics are widely popular because when it comes to drying times, viscosity, finish, and texture, their acrylics are unrivaled and cannot be outdone. Pebeo manufactures professional grade acrylics that are preferred by artists worldwide and the main reason for that is not only the many good qualities aforementioned but the fact that Pebeo acrylics are formulated with the help of the latest resin technologies that offer artists a plethora of colors to choose from!

Pros - Pebeo’s high-viscosity acrylics possess a balanced pigment concentration that offers brilliant uniformity, through the 79 colors offered in the acrylic line, which makes it a lot easier for painters to mix the colors, apply and layer them as well. These acrylics have no texture or viscosity variations, very minimal color shift, along with an impressive pigment load, great adhesion, and a paste-like texture.

Cons - Pebeo’s products are a little difficult to get your hands on, and the packaging also does not live up to the expectations.

Price - Pebeo’s 60ml acrylic tubes retail for an average of $12.30 per tube.

18. Da Vinci Fluid Acrylics

Da Vinci Fluid Acrylics

Da Vinci is a name that all of us know, and when it comes to the world of acrylics, the company with this name is also widely popular for its products and a highly loyal fan base. When it comes to paints, Da Vinci never fails to deliver, and they’ve kept the same reputation with their acrylic paints as well. The Fluid Acrylics line is quite the exciting combination of Da Vinci’s most distinguished watercolor hues, and the colors that are traditionally found on acrylic palettes.

Pros - Da Vinci’s acrylics uses its stable and unique acrylic polymer emulsion that helps to achieve a dry film, which is water-resistant and possesses an exceptional durability. Each formula comes packed with lightfast pigments and there are no extenders or fillers in the acrylics either. Artists who appreciate pigment vibrancy and strength will definitely love the wide color range of Da Vinci’s fluid acrylic colors which can be applied on oil-free surfaces.

Cons - Da Vinci’s acrylics tend to not mix well with acrylics of other brands and the packaging appears to be flimsy.

Price - $12.10 for 118ml tubes (each) and $34.23 for 473ml tubes (each)

19. DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics

DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics

DecoArt is a company you may not have heard plenty of, but it does not fail to perform at all, which is why artists, whether professional or intermediates often seek to buy DecoArt products. No matter what the artist’s skill level, DecoArt’s , Media Fluid Acrylics are manufactured in such a way that they deliver powerful performance in an eco-friendly way.

Pros - DecoArt’s Media Fluid Acrylics are flexible and permanent in nature, along with supreme adhesion and the ability to blend beautifully with other colors. Their acrylics have a high pigment load that ensures all color washes and glazes are not only vibrant but string as well. In addition, no fillers are added to the colors, hence they’re intense and clear. DecoArt’s acrylics are also durable in nature, intermixable and also possess great tinting strength.

Cons - However, DecoArt acrylics are also hard to find in stores, and do not come in sizable quantities, as they are manufactured in small jars generally.

Price - An average of $4.18 for each jar.

20. Jacquard Lumiere Acrylics

Jacquard Lumiere Acrylics

Jacquard Lumiere is a brand of acrylics that is widely popular because of their super-smooth acrylic colors that glide onto almost any surface when hand painted or airbrushed with a soft paintbrush. These acrylics can be stamped, marbled, screened, stenciled, and even printed, all of this helping the artist to make unique creations on a wide range of surfaces like leather, wood, paper, fabrics, canvas, etc.

Pros - Not only are Jacquard’s acrylics versatile, but they also apply pretty smoothly, even on uneven surfaces! Even in darker backgrounds, Jacquard’s colors show up opaque and vibrant, and with their high pigment load, you will also be getting astounding coverage. If you’re aiming for painting fabrics, worry not as these acrylics also make them washable and dry cleanable when set with a dryer or hot iron, and they remain soft as well as flexible too.

Varieties - Jacquard Lumiere Acrylics comes in the following 3 variants for all artists: -

  • Lumiere Set of 6
  • Lumiere Exciter Pack
  • Lumiere and Neopaque Exciter Pack

Price - $17.79 for the Lumiere Exciter Pack, $37.74 for the Lumiere Set of 6, and $17.79 for the Lumiere and Neopaque Exciter Pack.

21. Sargent Acrylics

Sargent Acrylics

Sargent Acrylics is a name that I’m sure not a lot of you have heard, but it has a definite reputation in the artist community, mainly because it is a brand that caters to the needs of beginner artists who have just set on their way to become an artist. This shows that the brand is somewhat working on creating the perfect foundation to build a better and stronger community of artists, by providing the right ammunition to the young and budding artists.

Pros - The Sargent Art Acrylic Paint Set contains 12 versatile, brilliant colors that every beginner artist will need, which possess excellent opacity and blending capabilities. These colors are water based and are easy to clean with water and soap, when wet, and they even dry to a waterproof, permanent finish to give the perfect look.

The Set - The Art Acrylic Set includes a set of 12 tubes of Cadmium Red, Hooker’s Green, Primary Cyan, Burnt Sienna, Primary Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Cadmium Green, Yellow Ochre, Primary Magenta, Titanium White, Dark Ultramarine, and Mars Black.

Price - $7.05

22. Createx Acrylics

Createx Acrylics

Formerly known as the Createx Poster and Fabric Colors, the Createx line of acrylics is now a much improved brand of acrylic paint, with both an improved reputation and line of acrylic products. This improvement reflects upon the fact that the brand has worked hard to win the trust of its customers again.

Pros - Createx acrylics are water-based non-toxic acrylics that are ideal for fabric painting, screen printing, and brushwork. They have a thin consistency but are mostly thicker than the Pure Pigments line. These acrylics are suitable for almost all art techniques and surfaces, which is why they’re sought-after. The colors also remain permanent when heat is set, and they tend to not flake, crack, or rub off.

Cons - The only major drawback of this brand is the fact that their products are quite expensive.

Variants - Createx line of acrylics come in the following variants: -

  • Sets of 8 (two variants)
  • Sets of 12
  • Pearl and Iridescent Set of 6

Price - $104.73 for Sets of 8, $154.37 for Sets of 12, $154.76 for Pearl and Iridescent Set of 6.

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