Anything creative requires inspiration. And art is no different.

If you’re an artist, then it’s quite normal for you to go through a slew of creative blocks. But every creative block brings out an artist that’s better, stronger, and even more creative than ever.

So whenever you’re amid the meadow of artistic doubts and setbacks, always look for inspiration. Whenever your creativity starts dropping and you stand in front of a creative block, don’t fear.

Keeping that in mind, we bring you a list of art blogs. These blogs, won’t just help you stay updated, but give you a list of tips, tutorials, and tricks as well. So, hop on and come with us on an artistic journey.

1. Colossal


Colossal is a one-stop place for all the artists out there. It is an international online platform for contemporary art and visual expression. The blog was launched in 2010 and has been enticing the art lovers since then. It was nominated for a Webby Award, which is given in recognition of ‘excellence on the internet’

The art in the blogs at Colossal tries to explore a wide range of creative professions, which includes and features various art forms, design, craft, and also some aesthetic photography. Colossal also posts interviews with artists on the blog from time to time to keep the artist in you motivated. The interviews turn out to be a great source of inspiration for many.


2. Booooooom!


Booooooom is a blog based out of Vancouver, Canada. It has been in business since 2008 and was launched by Jeff Hamada. What seems interesting is the minimal layout of the website. The entire blog has a playful theme that explores unusual art and illustrations.

The blog is also said to be a launchpad for many aspiring artists around the world.


3. Hyperallergic


Hyperallergic is one of the most insightful blogs out there. Not only is it art-oriented, but it also has a knack of philosophy as well. It tries to adapt the nuances of society into art, in a beautiful and sublime manner.

The blog isn’t just about factual arts and tips but opinionated articles as well, which give you a completely new insight into the world of art.

Founded in 2009, the Hyperallergic blog is based out of Brooklyn, New York.


4. ARTnews Magazine

ARTnews Magazine

ARTNews Magazine, founded in 1902, is the world’s oldest and most widely circulated art magazine in the world. Based out of the United States, it reports on a list of topics. Magazine’s blog reports on a list of topics such as the new trends, events, and personalities that shape the art world.

The articles in the magazine, as well as the blog, seem to be insightful and give a wider viewpoint to a scenario.


5. Art21


Art21 is a contemporary art film blog that was founded in 1997. The blog came up in 2007 and went through some design revamps in 2013. The blog primarily focuses on the contemporary art form and presents it on its website.

The magazine calls guest writers for their blog pieces from time to time to provide a wider array of the art world. The blog is a must-read for you if you’re someone from the contemporary art field and want to get an insight into the same.


6. StreetArt News

StreetArt News

If graffitis and other forms of art are your cup of tea, then StreetARt News is somewhere you should definitely be at. This blog, based out of the United Kingdom, tends to cover what’s new in the streets of street art every day.


7. Design You Trust

Design You Trust

The Design Your Trust blog is a perfect amalgamation of design and art. It gets updated every hour with newer inspirations for your next design. The blog also consists of several advertisements and architectural inspirations. Its universality factor turns out to be a boon for many.


8. Juxtapoz Magazine


Juxtapoz is a social media powerhouse when it comes to art. The magazine provides value through different mediums. The magazine tends to cover different mediums of urban and underground art through blogs, social media, and podcasts to name some. It is available in online and print as well.


9. Lost Art Press

Lost art press

The blog has been active since 2007. LostArt is a small Midwestern blog and publishing company. This blog seeks to help the modern woodworker learn traditional skills.


10. The Jealous Curator

The jealous curator

The Jealous Curator is a Canadian blog, being run since 2009. The blog was started with the motive of mentioning the artist that the owner of the blog was jealous of.

It was basically a blog, using which the author used to compare her art form and style to other artists.


11. Eye Level


Eye Level is an art museum blog that is produced by the Smithsonian American Art Museum. The blog publishes collections featuring American people, putting forward their aspirations, character, and imagination. The blog tries to cover the physical aspect of art in the blog itself.


12. Artforum


Artforum is an amalgamation of culture and art in the best way possible. The blog focuses on editorials and news pieces. The best feature is the way the blog critiques the art exhibitions. The blog also includes news, critics' picks, interviews, archives, an event calendar, and links to related websites from a similar niche.


13. Artsy Shark

Artsy shark

This website is a place of your concern if you want to turn your talent into a business. Artsy Shark features artists by putting up individual portfolio articles four times per week. Since 2010, more than 1,600 artists have been featured. Hop on to their website for more.


14. Cass Art

Cass Art

Cass Art aims at improving art by providing the best-in-class art supplies. The UK-based blog focuses on art supplies. Its blog also helps you with a few tips and tricks that might help you in the long run.


15. Fine Art And You

Fine Art And You

This blog focuses on everything from photography to oil paintings. The blog is a proper source for your art motivation and inspiration.


16. Artisera


It is an India-based blog focusing on luxury art. The blog keeps in mind the aspects of luxury and fine forms of art as well as home decor. Artisera also has an in-built e-commerce shop for luxury paintings.


17. Art Business Journal


The art business journal focuses on making Artepreneuers from scratch. The art page helps artists focus on the artistic aspect while the work and business aspects are handled by them.


18. Art Bar


Art Bar focuses on bringing up creative children. The blog focuses on children and teaching them art in an easier manner. The main idea focuses on the aspect that children are brimming with ideas all the time.


19. Rise Art

Rise art

The Rise Art blog was started with the motive of bringing up mid-scale and small-scale artists. The blog focuses on the same aspects and inspires upcoming artists.


20. Bored Panda

Bored panda

The Bored Panda blog isn’t just about art. The blog focuses on a list of features from artists around the world. While this might not be the inspiration, per se, the cute animals may lift your mood for sure.


21. Brooklyn Street Art

Brooklyn Street Art

The blog on Brooklyn Street Art focuses on street art around the world. Contrary to its name, the blog now features street art from entries all over the world.

The blog focuses on the art forms and new trends and updates that are redefining the world of street art.


22. Brown Paper Bag

Brown Paper Bag

Brown Paper Bag as a blog mostly focuses on illustration-based work. It is run by Sara Barnes who’s an MFA graduate. The blog features illustrated products, embroideries, and a lot more.

The colorful blog involves a lot of elements that help you take inspiration and move ahead with your artistic journey.


23. Creative Boom

Creative Boom

This UK-based site is a perfect ground for all the creators. The blog and the website feature in-depth analysis of art, graphic designing, illustration, and photography.

Apart from the artistic arena, the company is also into advertising and films. The blog also tries to feature interviews with artists on their blog and helps the artists bring out the


24. DesignTAXI

Art taxi

Design Taxi caters to everyone, ranging from logo designers to artists. The blog features news articles as well as tutorials on their blog.


25. Art With Flo

Art With Flo

Art With Flo is an amazing blog focusing most of its focus on digital art. The blog started as a motivation to promote digital art. The blog contains everything ranging from how to start off in digital art to the basics of drawing your next masterpiece on your drawing tablet.


26. My Modern Met

My modern met

My Modern Met is a simple yet impactful blog. The website features articles and write-ups on all things art. Art, design, photography, architecture, and a lot more – My Modern Met doesn’t cease to inspire you at all. Bookmark MMM right away for your daily dose of wholesome artistic experience.


27. Nowness


Nowness is yet another blog that speaks of minimalism. The blog focuses on the storytelling aspect. It tries to tell a story through its videos on its blogs.

Since 2010, NOWNESS’ strategy has aimed at being the go-to source of inspiration and influence across art, design, fashion, beauty, music, food, and travel. Their videos are now available in more than ten languages including English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.


28. Artspace


Artspace is the best place for you if you want to sell online. Artspace has to offer some of the best contemporary art in the world up for grabs on their website. Artspace also helps you by providing free consultation on how to make better collections and how to sell your art.

Prints, oil paintings, various types of sculptures, photography, and much more is available that can be bought on their blog.


29. Communication Arts

Communication Arts

The magazine, Communication Arts was founded in the late 1950s. The magazine not just covers the creative but the professional aspects of the industry as well. It acts as a guide and an insight for everyone from the advertising, corporate design, art direction, and graphic designing industries.

Communication Arts stays true to its name and actually tries to help communicate better through art.


30. Artists Network

Artists Network

A site to connect artists from around the globe. The Artists Network is more like a forum for all the artists out there. It helps you connect with like-minded creative geniuses out there. The site helps you improve your art by looking into it and reviewing it from other fellow artists on the forum or the network.


31. Art + marketing


Art + marketing helps cover both the aspects of art, i.e. the creative and artistic side, and the money-making marketing side.

Stories published by and for creators cover everything from one’s artistic experience to how to run an art-based business better. Articles are crisp and short to read which makes them easily comprehensible.

The blog provides you with some tricks and tips which might help you grow your art business.


32. Making A Mark


Making A Mark is a blog for all artists and art lovers. You can find a list of upcoming art competitions, shows, and exhibitions over here. The blog features news from time to time about the latest news, trends, and happenings in the art world.

Apart from just art, it also helps by giving tips for the auxiliary business related to arts. For instance, tips on how to transport your art, the best courier services, etc.


33. Jackson’s Art Blog

jackson s art

Jackson's Art blog is run by artists and for the artists. Here you'll find the premium selection from their vast online range of the world's finest art materials and equipment by Julie, Christine & Duncan. The blog also features an online shop with the best materials and equipment.

Apart from the blog, they also have a YouTube playlist for your next art tutorials. The blog answers some easy FAQs such as mixing colors, best brush to use, etc which make it a go-to blog for a beginner to an expert.


34. Artfinder


Think of Artfinder as an e-Bay for your next art piece. You can buy and sell your art piece here on Apart from the e-commerce sphere, the website also provides some art tips and tutorials to help you out.


35. Renee Phillips

Renee Philips

Renee Phillips is a New York-based artist and curator. She is an art mentor who assists fellow artists achieve their full artistic potential. The Renee Phillips Blog offers a list of artist interviews, valuable articles, and helpful e-books on how artists can grow further in their careers.

She tries to give perspective into the art world by giving the artists an insight into the art world as a career option.


36. ARTmine


ARTmine is a website for all art buyers, collectors, interior designers, and art consultants. The platform is prominent for art sales and its vision is to constantly expand the artist base. They are going hand in hand with the globally present boost of the online art market.
No matter what your art need is, whether to complete a room, decorate an entire home, or add vitality and professional credibility to office space, ARTmine provides all the necessary art tools. It allows you to quickly search for affordable treasures within your budget. Every customer is appointed with a sales expert.
They give you recommendations and assistance in finding the best works of art to match your taste and budget, they will provide you with advice for decorating your space, consultation regarding building your collection, and flexible payment plan options.


37. Art Biz Success

Art Biz Succes

The Art Biz Success blog started way back in 2004. The blog aims at bringing success to the artists out there. Now, it helps in more than one way depending on what their goal is. For instance, if there is some income goal that you want to accomplish as an artist, it helps you do that.

On the other hand, if your art needs a bit of recognition here and there, and you want to get the necessary limelight, they plan out art exhibitions for you.


38. StreetArt 360

StreetArt 360

Street Art 360 is a completely free art magazine dedicated to street art, urban art, graffiti, and urban culture. Founded in 2015, by Laurent Jacquet,

The StreetArt360 provides the readers of the blog with photographic summaries, reports, street art city guides, book reviews, artist biographies, interviews, upcoming exhibitions, art fest information, and all the latest news.


39. Painter’s Table

Painters Table

The blog Painter’s Table is edited by Brett Baker. It is yet again a contemporary art magazine. Painters' Table highlights writing from the painting blogosphere as it is published and serves as a platform for exploring blogs that focus primarily on the subject of painting.


40. Contemporary Art Daily

Contemporary Art Daily

Contemporary Art Daily is a simple and to-the-point blog. It posts daily about contemporary art exhibitions. Apart from the exhibitions, the blog also covers the trends and upcoming areas of contemporary art.


41. Supersonic Art

Supersonic art

Supersonic Art is an art blog that has been running since 2008. It was created by artist Zach Tutor as a personal page. However, it evolved by 2010, focusing entirely on international art and artists through their work, interviews, and studio visits.

Supersonic, not just focus on contemporary art, but paintings, sculptures, street art, and a lot more. They also have an in-blog store. The blog is based out of Mississippi, United States.


42. Art Wolfe

Art Wolfe

Art Wolfe is a Seattle-based blog run by a person of the same name, which is mostly into photography. Art Wolfe was born on September 13, 1951, in Seattle, Washington, and still calls the city home. The photographer tries to impart knowledge from the field of photography through his blog.

He portrays his journey through the world in his blog. So, if you’re an up-and-coming photographer, you know where to go.


43. Lines and Colors

Lines and Colors

Lines and Colors is yet another blog that covers everything and anything related to art. It covers almost all aspects of art. Whether it be painting, drawing, sketching, concept art, illustration, art history, art galleries art, or even comics, cartoons, webcomics digital art, artist tools, and techniques.

The blog also lays insight on motion graphics, animation, science-fiction and fantasy forms of illustration, paleoart, a wide array of storyboards, matte-finished paintings, and 3D graphics. This blog is based out of Philadelphia, United States.


44. Artzine


Artzine is an online market for paintings. You can buy some wonderful paintings to illuminate your space with original artwork from some of the best artists of the international contemporary art scene.


45. Art is Basic

Art is basic

The blog focuses on the aspect of art that many ignore- that it can actually be quite simple. An art education blog is written by an elementary art teacher. This blog showcases hundreds of art projects and lessons which the kids can use to learn the art.

On the Art is Basic blog, there is a lot of painting, drawing, clay, sculpture, and crafts. Apart from that, you can also find many more kinds of creative inspiration for imparting the knowledge of art.


46.Arrested Motion

Arrested motion

The Arrested Motion is an online magazine providing exclusive worldwide coverage of the low brow art. The blog is updated on a daily basis.


47. The Artist’s Road

The artists road

Are you an artist who loves to travel? Artist Road is the blog for you. The Artist's Road helps with tutorials, art tips, and amazing painting techniques for the traveling artist. Also included in the blogs are painting tutorials and demonstrations in video format, resources for a workshop, artist profiles, and interviews. All of this is combined with remarkable landscape painting locations.

The write-ups in the blog look into exciting art-related travel experiences, which artists have while painting some of the most beautiful places in the world. This is creativity combined with aesthetics. You also get to witness the most beautiful and uplifting travel sights across the world.




IGNANT is an online magazine that is everything about art and creativity. It covers topics ranging from art, photography to landscape, architecture fashion, and more. Its simple white theme and background please every minimalist lover out there.


49. We Heart

we heart

We Heart is an online portal that carefully and extensively explores the intersection between art and culture. It covers art in travel, lifestyle, day-to-day lives, and more. This can be a great addition to your list when you need some motivation and artistic inspiration.


50. Kay Wyne Fine Art School

KayWyne fine art

This blog is made for oil paintings that are original and belong to the contemporary genre. It is created by Texas-based artist Kay Miller Wyne. The blog gives some raw additions to your paintings.


51. Beautiful/Decay

Beautiful Decay

Beautiful/Decay began way back in 1996. It evolved into a colored-print magazine in 2001. However, after releasing around 35 copies, they realized the power of online and shifted their entire focus on the blog.


52. Grafik


Grafik is undoubtedly the home to the world's most inspiring graphic design website. The popular blog is filled with projects and ideas. They offer superb inspiration for all you graphic designers out there. So head on for your next design to Grafik. The website contains design inspirations from a variety of genres such as British Pop, wild animals, etc. Its website is undoubted, one of the coolest websites out there.


53. Artcentron


Artcentron is a global multi-media and entertainment company, based out of Baltimore, Maryland. It focuses on news and updates about art culture and lifestyle. As mentioned on their website, they are devoted to the promotion of art through publishing, organizing events, and promoting innovative art projects that provide new ways of experiencing art.


54. Art Plugged


Art Plugged is a contemporary online creative gallery based out of London, United Kingdom. It is inspired by the relationship with the wider arts communities, and passion to showcase art.


55. The Center for Italian Modern Art


The Center for Italian Modern Art (CIMA) was established in 2013 in New York City to promote the study and appreciation of modern and contemporary Italian art in the United States and internationally.


56. Hi-Fructose Magazine


Hi-Fructose is a magazine that focuses squarely on the art which transcends genre and trend. The magazine assures its readers thorough coverage and content that is informative and original. Hi-Fructose showcases an amalgamation of new contemporary, emerging as well as distinguished artists.


57. A Beautiful Mess

A beautiful mess

A Beautiful Mess is an exciting craft blog. A Beautiful Mess is managed by sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. It offers everything for a homemade lifestyle. Your homemade art just got better, with the tips and tutorials from this blog.


58. Art Companion

True Colors

The blog Art Companion is run by Katharina and is active since January 2019. The blog seems to bring up contemporary art from growing artists and features them on their blog. The blog is available in German and English.


59. Contemporary Fine Art Blog


News, trends, and updates about southwestern art and other contemporary art forms are provided on this blog. Stay informed on what's new in the international fine art world.


60. Etsy


Etsy is a famous marketplace for handmade goods. However, the handmade and independent online marketplace that we know and love as Etsy has a superb blog, which you might not know of. The blog is focused on a list of good things which you might find helpful as an artist as well as a seller.


61. seeks to apply clear looking, clear thinking, and clear writing to visual art. The blog writes post-exhibition reviews, art book reviews, reports on comics and illustration, essays on a broad range of concerns within visual art, special publications, and reports from their studio. publishes every day.


62. The Art League Blog

The Art League

The Art League is among USA’s largest and oldest organizations for visual artists. It is based in Virginia, USA. As a major component of the cultural fabric of Alexandria, Virginia, The Art League offers extensive exhibit opportunities for artists through its gallery, high-quality fine art education through the school, and valuable outreach programs to the local community.


63. Oh, Joy!

oh joy

It is not just a craft and art blog but focuses on the entire lifestyle. You will find topics related to home decor, art, furniture, food, craft, and DIY over here. It’s a cute little blog that offers the best of all the worlds.


64. Art F City


Art Fag City is a New York-based art blog dedicated to providing exposure to emerging contemporary art and under-known artists.


65. Art History News

Art history news

Art History News is an art history blog, featuring news on art history. The blog covers news of auctions from the likes of Sotheby's, Christie's, and Bonhams of old art maestros including Van Dyck, Michelangelo, Leonardo and many more. The blog features a list of artists from Britain such as Thomas Gainsborough, Joshua Reynolds, Thomas Lawrence, George Romney, and William Hogarth, as well as a list of many other modern and contemporary artists.


66. CreativeBloq


CreativeBloq is an art blog that helps artists improve their skills by keeping them up-to-date with the latest trends, techniques, and technology related to art.



empty easel

Empty Easel is an up-and-coming blog that contains everything you need to know about art. Not only does it have all the easy tutorials, but it also helps you with professional techniques.

What makes the blogs so special is the way they try to cover each and every aspect of art in detail. From the smallest of things such as painting an eye to how to set up a successful art business, they do it all.


68. Sybaris Collection


Sybaris Collection speaks for unique art, crafts, and design worldwide. It is an exclusive channel for the original and the authentic.

It was established in the year, 2015 and aims to bring great quality, authentic pieces to art lovers, interior designers, collectors, and sensualists who are interested in art from some of the most culturally rich locations present in the entirety of the world. Sybaris tries to make art accessible.


69. Carnegie Museum of Art


Museum News & Behind-the-Scenes Articles. The Carnegie Museum of Art's collection of more than 30,000 objects features a wide list of visual arts, including painting, and sculpture; prints drawings, etc. are a treat to watch.

Apart from that the photographs, architectural casts, decorative arts and design, renderings, and models are also present. On the other hand film, video, and digital imagery are also present at the Carnegie Museum of Art.


70. Daily Painters Abstract Gallery

Daily painters abstract gallery

Daily Painters Abstract Gallery was founded by Abstract artist Kimberly Conrad in 2009. DPAG is a community of Abstract Artists from around the world who post new original paintings daily.

All about expressionism painting abstract art, contemporary painting, wildlife painting, impressionistic painting, large paintings, abstract painting, colorful paintings, landscape paintings & daily paintings.


71. Art Resources & Tutorials

Art Resources & Tutorials

Interested in learning how to draw or improve your painting skills? This blog is one of the finest places to look at all the resources which are at your disposal when it comes to creating your next artwork. It helps you learn through their tutorials and tips.


72. Art The Science Blog

Art the science

A blog dedicated to creating a stunning and informative collection/archive/educational resource of sci-art and sci-art creators from around the world.


73. Cleveland Museum of Art

cleveland museum of arts

The blog is run by the Cleveland Museum of Art. It strives to help the broadest possible audience understand and engage with the world's great art while honoring the highest aesthetic, intellectual, and professional standards. If historic art is your thing then do check them out.


74. Very Private Gallery

very private gallery

It offers an invitation to a Madrid-based art residency and tips on how artists can sell their work online. Gives advice on how artists can build their social media presence too.


75. Miami Art Scene

Miami Art Scene

Miami Art Scene is an online art portal covering local, national, and international art news and updates. The Miami Art Scene platform is deeply involved and engraved within the global visual arts community.

The online audience of the Miami Art Scene covers the entire arena of creativity, which includes art collectors, galleries, people who deal, artists, directors of the museums, museum curators, designers, art enthusiasts, and connoisseurs.


76. HookedBlog

Hooked Blog

Hookedblog is a Street Art news site working since 2005. It serves as a place for people to share their love of Street Art from London and beyond. The Hooked Blog covers street art, urban art, stencils, paste-ups, murals, graffiti, zines, screen printing, illustration, and a lot more else.


77. The Great Discontent

The Great Discontent

The Great Discontent has a distinct style of print which makes it special. It’s full of beautiful big images, with strategically placed typography and exciting page layouts. The magazine is published by Brooklyn-based creative studio Wayward Wild.


78. Alberti’s Window

Alberti Window

This blog focuses on making Western art history accessible and interesting to all types of audiences ranging from students to well-read art historians. Moreover, students and anyone else who is curious about art can visit the website to know more about art. The blog, Alberti's Window is run by Monica Bowen, who is an art historian and a professor herself.


79. Canva


Canva is one of the most useful and powerful tools used worldwide. It has, in fact, made lives easier with its features. The design and the simplicity of the online software made it revolutionary.

To help you out, even more, the design giant also has a blog that helps you out with all things creative. The learn blog helps you with the resources you need to have and learn to make amazing posts for your social media. Visit now!


80. Artwork Archive

artwork archive

Artwork Archive is the place that allows artists to use the tools and tricks on the website to grow their art and creative businesses. The blog has writeups on the list of things that might help your art business grow. It tends to provide digital solutions for your artistic needs.

The Artwork Archive blog also helps art collectors in many ways. Some of which are: finding ways to organize, catalog, and protect their collections. Moreover, the blog also helps artists in building their art galleries.


81. Archives of American Art

Archives of American Art

It is a stock house for all the forms of American art you’d ever want to look at. It is the resource dedicated to collecting and preserving the visual arts of America.

Since 1954, the Archives have collected around 16 million photographs, messages, diaries, oral history interviews, sketches, scrapbooks, business records, and various sets of documents that have complimented the study of the history of the visual arts in the USA.

The archives were founded on the belief that the public needs free and open access to the art and study materials required for research. The collections at AAA are available to all who wish to consult original papers at their research centers or use our reference services remotely every year, and to millions who visit their website for digital collections of the archives.

82. ArtID Art Blog

Art ID

The ArtID art blog tries to dive into all forms of art on its website. You can certify your artworks from Art ID and get a list of benefits.


83. It’s Nice That

Its Nice That

With a readership of more than two million a month, the blog has come it's way. It was founded back in 2007 and has made strides since then. The blog and the organization sincerely believe in the concept that artistic inspiration is for everyone and shouldn’t be exclusive.

It covers aspects ranging from advertising, animation, architecture, art, creative, industry, digital, event,s and a lot more. Its minimal, clean-looking modern design makes the entire website more attractive.


84. Santa Barbara Art Blog

Santa Barbara Art Blog

The Santa Barbara Art Blog is run by the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara. Now as the name of the Museum suggests, it focuses on contemporary art. The website usually lists the exhibitions and art programs it usually hosts, most of them free of charge.

So, if art exhibitions are something that you prefer, you can surely go and check their website for all the latest updates, regarding the exhibitions and shows that take place.

85. Chris Koelle

Chris Koelle

Chris Koelle is known for amazing illustrations and designs. His designs and illustrations have been a part of a list of feature films, series etc. Visit his website where he covers all the aspects of illustrations and designs through a list of series.


86. Spoon & Tamago

Spoon & Tamago

Say Konichiwa, when you visit Spoon & Tamago. The website and blog are everything Japanese. From the Majestic Japanese culture to the current and ongoing trends in the modern Japanese art forms, it covers all. Founded in 2007, the blog and the magazine are written in NYC and Tokyo.

Spoon & Tamago attempts to comprehensively cover all aspects of Japanese design from fine art and architecture to product and graphic design.


87. This Isn’t Happiness

this isn't happiness

This Isn’t Happiness is not just another Tumblr blog. It is like a scrapbook of these aesthetic yet simple pictures. So, if you’re a photographer or any creator for that matter, head on to here. It showcases some amazing designs as well.


88. Frankie Magazine


Frankie is an Australian art magazine, which focuses on everything art. The blog and the online magazine write on food, photography, travel, art, and lots more.

So, the next time you feel like having a creative block, you know where to head to.


89. Mousse Magazine


Mousse art magazine focuses on contemporary art. The Milan-based magazine is published biannually in Italian and English. Since 2006, Mousse has been doing interviews, conversations, and essays with some of the most important figures.

You can read more about art, fashion, exhibitions, reviews, etc on their blog.


90. Parka Blogs

Parka blogs

Parka blogs have a niche for manga and animes, and that reflects in the content. However, you can visit the blog for a lot of artistic inspirations as well. They review man artistic tools and equipment which you can use in your next masterpiece.


91. Go Gently

Go Gently

Go Gently is a blog and a podcast, run by Michael Nobbs. He mostly focuses on improving creativity. The writer tries to inculcate creativity in our lives through his podcasts and the Go Gentle Library.


92. Evydraws


The page Evydraws is run by Evelyn Park, who is Swedish and now lives in South Korea. The blog looks into the aspects of illustrations and other art forms which helps you gain a perspective into the entire art forum.


93. Lora Marsh Design Blog

Lora marsh design blog

Lora Marsh has gone through a list of challenges in her life. The artist and designer try to portray the same in her art. Her art helps bring out positivity through her blogs.


94. Hello! Good Morning!

Hello Good Morning

The blog is not just about painting and art. It tries to cover all the aspects of art i.e. musicians, illustrators, graphic design artists. Interviews are usually done with upcoming artists from around the world.


95. Aisle One

Aisle One

Aisle One is a blog based on typography and minimalism. The blog is published with a lot of minimalism and that is its plus point. The things that are shared here are very inspiring.


96. Yatzer


Yatzer selles itself as a global online destination for creativity. The blog focuses on art, fashion, design, architecture, and hospitality from around the world. Founded by a Greek interior designer in Costas Voyatzis in 2007.


97. Aesthetica


Aesthtica is one of the leading art magazines out there. Founded in 2002, the magazine and its blog focus on contemporary art mostly. Apart from contemporary art, the blog also tries to bring up topics related to fashion, photography, and culture.


98. We Make Money Not Art

we make money not art

The name of the blog seems rather exciting and intriguing. This blog explores the interactive and artistic connection between art, science, technology, and social and cultural issues. Regine Debatty, the person behind the blog, guides the way artists, designers, and hackers can use technology for artistic discussion.


99. The Abundant Artist

the abundant artist

The site is for the ones who strive to make a living out of their art. The Abundant Artist blog features art courses, art business tutorials, and much more. You can also gain access to individual Skype sessions with artists in their community.


100. Displate


Displate is a blog from a poster manufacturer, who makes metal posters. The blog gives tips on how to improve the arts and work on it to make it better every day. Its tutorials and blogs are easily comprehensible.

Moreover, on the revenue side of things, Displate also provides tips on how to sell your art to a larger audience and in a better manner.


Art is something between a gift as well as a thing that you can learn. So, while you learn and get better with your artistic skills, let us handle your artistic needs.

At What A Portrait, we make handmade paintings just using your photographs. So, the next memory you click from your cameras is etched into your hearts, minds, and souls forever.

The steps are simple. Just send us the picture, that you want to convert into a painting. Send us a bit of specification that you want to add and that’s it!

Visit What A Portrait today and experience painting like never before!