1. 25 Best Apps & Software for Photo Editing

    25 Best Apps & Software for Photo Editing
    No matter how good of a photographer you might be, there’s never a thing like a perfect photograph. Every time you click a picture, the only thing that pops into your head is - “This can be better”, and there you are clicking numerous photos, choosing the best one, and then editing even the best out of them. So, here we are with a list of the best apps & software for photo editing to fulfill your photo editing cravings. No matter, if you want just to cover a few blemishes for your next profile picture or design an ad for your client, we’ve got you covered.

  2. Best Acrylic Paint Sets for Professionals and Beginners

    Best Acrylic Paint Sets for Professionals and Beginners

    People who take art seriously, know just how important acrylics are for their artworks. When it comes to art materials, acrylics are a must and they are highly preferred as well for the many advantages they possess! For example, acrylics mix and clean up easily with water, which is why you won’t have to deal with chemicals or turp. They don’t smell either, unlike oils, and have a buttery smooth texture for easy painting and usage.

  3. 90+ Cool Drawing Ideas to Inspire You to Draw

    90+ Cool Drawing Ideas to Inspire You to Draw

    I know that ideas don’t appear anywhere, they are a glimpse of our emotions and our heart. But sometimes a push of inspiration can be helpful to draw. We bring you some cool drawing ideas that will make you draw something which might turn out to be something huge or a masterpiece. So No More Blank Pages!

  4. How To Sketch: 20 Essential Sketching Tips For Beginners

    How To Sketch: 20 Essential Sketching Tips For Beginners

    Are you someone who wants to sketch but can’t? You may have tried but you might have just left it in between considering the slow progress and not so satisfactory results of the art. Well, we can promise you that you are not alone. Anything you start to do or have been doing gets better with practice and that’s a fact that no one can deny. Don’t fret and just read these tips to make sure that you excel in sketching like a boss.

  5. Portrait Painting With Abstract Background

    Portrait Painting With Abstract Background
    The intent behind, creation of the art piece The portrait is birthday gift to john’s Girlfriend. He wanted to give her something special and what could be more special than a royal gift like a portrait on canvas. Thinking this would be a very special project we wanted to put all our love in the work for customer satisfaction. Thinking this as a gift for a loved one, it had to be special. Customer wanted the artwork to be done in portrait mode, with blurry / abstract background and people in the background to be removed.
  6. 200+ Drawing Ideas That Are Easy and Beginner friendly

    200+ Drawing Ideas That Are Easy and Beginner friendly

    Drawing/sketching as a hobby is a great way to fill the spare time on your hands. It is amazing to think about the multiple advantages it offers in various ways, starting from giving a great sense of achievement to increasing productivity, concentration, and positivity. It is accessible, and doesn’t always involve an investment as all you need is a paper (of any choice you wish) and a pencil to start with. As basic as it can get! And don’t forget but this is just a baby step because there is so much more than you can create and do. People with some experience may move ahead with colors, paints, canvases, brushes, and so on. What is important to note here is to embrace whatever you do, be it a pencil doodle or 12x12” oil painted canvas.

  7. 21 Best Colored Pencils for Artists

    21 Best Colored Pencils for Artists

    Art is often broadly limited to painting and sketching, and colored pencils are many times ignored in favor of paints and even charcoal. But they make a great tool not only for coloring book enthusiasts but also for the professionals who need to use colors on a regular basis. So, here are the 21 best available colored pencils for artists who want to get the canvas ablaze with vibrant colors.

  8. 27 Best Watercolor Paints that every Artist will Love

    27 Best Watercolor Paints that every Artist will Love

    Watercolor painting is ethereal and it has been so ever since its initial years when colors were extracted from natural elements like flowers and herbs, and a plank of wood played the role of a canvas. Professionals, as well as beginners of today, often prefer the beauty of watercolors, mainly because there’s very less hassle in creating paintings with watercolors. All you need is a blank canvas, some water, and your watercolor painting set. You don’t have to worry about bells and whistles, gradients, settings, or any tools for making your shading correct, no hassles with crayons or shortage of ink in sketch pens.

  9. Top 100 Art Blogs To Do follow

    Top 100 Art Blogs To Do follow

    Anything creative requires inspiration. And art is no different. If you’re an artist, then it’s quite normal for you to go through a slew of creative blocks. But every creative block brings out an artist that’s better, stronger, and even more creative than ever. So whenever you’re amid the meadow of artistic doubts and setbacks, always look for inspiration. Whenever your creativity starts dropping and you stand in front of a creative block, don’t fear. Keeping that in mind, we bring you a list of art blogs. These blogs, won’t just help you stay updated, but give you a list of tips, tutorials, and tricks as well. So, hop on and come with us on an artistic journey.

  10. 100 Best Art Schools in US

    100 Best Art Schools in US

    Art schools or colleges have been around for quite some time now and have also produced some legendary artists in the past. Although, we can’t advocate the fact that going to an art school will make you learn art skills from scratch but one thing that we can bet on is that it’ll surely make you into a better artist and modify your skills for the better. So, here is the list that we’ve prepared about the best art schools in the US, which includes every college from private to government and from small to large.

    best art schools in us

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