Have you ever visualized how you would look if your face got swapped with your favored person’s face? Do you know how to look like your favorite celebrity in seconds?

If you are looking for an entertaining way to spend your weekend with your family, Try these 16 best face swap apps to make you laugh!

But before starting, let's find out How a Face Swap App functions?

In this social media-driven world, a new trend surfaces on the internet daily, and netizens go crazy behind them. One such trendy thing is these face-swapping apps that allow you to swap your face with anyone of your choice.

With Artificial Intelligence in our pockets today, everything is possible on smartphones. Today, to edit a photo, a person needs some skills and apps available at their fingertips. Whether an android or an ios user, one can install any online application and make the best use of it.

Face Swap Apps is a fun source that allows you to swap faces with people in a picture and try new hairstyles and facial expressions. It is a technology that replaces the existing person’s face in a photo with another selected one.

Let us explore the 16 best face-swapping apps on Android smartphones and iPhones.

1) Snapchat

Business Insider

Credit: Business Insider

One of the most installed and widely used applications, Snapchat offers users an array of filters, effects, and photo-editing features. It is one of the most famous everyday-use social networking apps, with 375 million active users.

Snapchat was among the first apps that added face swap filters for people.

All you have to do is:

  • Choose the Face Swap filter from the explore menu
  • Click your picture by holding the round capture button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Bring in the second person you want to swap face with or an existing image from the camera roll.
  • With just a single click, you have a changed look.

You can also share your look directly with your friends on Snapchat or other social media platforms.

This free app is available on both Android and IOS, with some in-app purchases.

2) Reface

Tech Times

Credit: Tech Times

Reface is a top-rated, high-quality app that perfectly swaps your face in a video. It is an exclusively designed application that uses deep fake technology for face swapping in videos.

This AI-generated app gives the most realistic-looking facial movements in the videos with just a single selfie. They provide many memes, gifs, iconic movie clippings, tv clips, and more for swapping faces. The creators regularly update their movies, filters, and gifs library to empower content creation.

The free version of Reface app is available on both android and ios, offering in-app purchases for exciting features, unlimited access, and removal of ads and watermarks. The pro version of Reface app has a different user interface.

Therefore, it is undoubtedly the best application for making interactive, unique, and funny face-swapped videos.

3) Face Swap Booth

Face Swap

Credit: Face Swap Booth- Revosoft

Face Swap Booth, a great face-swapping app, lets you swap faces across multiple photos. It is an advanced online tool that offers a unique, exciting feature of picking up specific facial characteristics like the eyes or lips and pasting them on another face.

One can save face-swapped photos in the photo library and use them again on other images. It also has a pre-loaded store of pictures of celebrities to exchange faces and vice-versa. Its automatic photo editing features blend the pictures flawlessly and let the users get their choice results.

Yet, the free version of Face Swap Booth offers minimal access with many ads. Therefore, one must get the premium version to eliminate advertisements and access the application thoroughly.

4) Cupace


photo editor app

Credit: Google Play Store

If you are looking for a face changer app that lets you swap faces and helps create funny memes and photographs - Cupace is the best choice.

The Cupace app’s cut-paste feature lets you cut a face from a picture and precisely paste it on another. To conveniently carry out the process, it also provides a magnifying filter that allows you accurately cut the face and paste it.

Being a photo editor app, it also helps you edit photos and add beautiful filters. One can save cutouts and edited pictures in the app’s photo gallery. However, this free app is downloadable only for Android users and is unavailable for IOS software.

5) B6 12

Tweak Library

Credit: Tweak Library

Besides hundreds of other beauty filters, B6 12 offers a face-swap effect, making it one of the face-swapping apps. This user-friendly app is available on both android and ios phones.

B6 12 allows users to swap faces between photos and add filters. The steps include: Open the B6 12 application and choose the smiley icon, i.e., the effect option at the bottom. Select the face swap filter. Because the application works in real-time, two people must click a photo together. That’s it. You have a new picture now.

One problem with B6 12 is that it doesn't offer camera roll images or any in-app photos for face swapping.

6) Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live

Credit: Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live is the right choice if you want an online tool that specifically swaps faces in real-time. It is one of the best face-swap apps available on the internet today.

Face Swap Live allows you to capture a photo with your friends and family and then exchange faces for getting the desired result. It also lets users use their phone gallery to try different face swaps.

One unique feature of this application is that it even allows face-swapping during a live video. The essential requirement is that the camera’s viewfinder properly scans both faces for a smooth process. Face Swap Live is free for iPhone users, whereas the Android version did not get many good reviews.

7) FaceApp

The Verge

Credit: The Verge

If you have ever seen a picture that shows the future self of a person or how one would look in the opposite gender, then probably Face App is the application behind it.

Because of its distinctive features, FaceApp has been the most trendy in the past few months.

Apart from being one of the best face swap apps, Faceapp has some unique effects that made it gain popularity. One can change the age, facial expressions, and gender or even add additional strokes, hair colors, and accessories by using this excellent application. It uses AI to offer various artistic filters, effects, backgrounds, and other correction tools.

The free version of Faceapp is compatible with both Android and IOS; however, to have a more fulfilling experience, one must make in-app purchases.

8) Faceover

Geeks Blog

Credit: Geeks Blog

Want to share some funny swapped photos with your friends? Faceover is the app for you. It is one of the face-swapping apps that lets you copy, paste, change, rotate, or flip faces.

As the name suggests, it also enables you layover the images one above the other and produces creative and attractive outcomes. One can use the existing photos from the camera roll and modify them accordingly.

Only available for IOS, one can make in-app purchases for further benefits like unlimited access, no advertisements and watermarks, etc.

9) Photo montage

Photo montage

Credit: Google Play Store

Photo montage is one of the face swap apps for Android. Although manual, it is the finest photo editor app available for Android users.

This simple user interface app enables you to swap faces by selecting an image from the camera roll, then using the rubber tool to erase the old picture, and then precisely pasting the same face over the other chosen image.

One can also use it to make humorous photo montages for invitation cards and stickers. This high-quality app ensures impressive results in no time.

10) Face Blender

face swapping

Credit: Google Play Store

Face Blender is one of its kind application that provides templates for face swapping. It is a selfie poster creator app that easily lets you create comic posters of anyone.

All you need to do is Click a photo or select an existing image- choose a template you want to replace the face in - that’s it. You will have hilarious results in front of you.

Face Blender, after getting the picture, carefully looks after the orientation, angle reframes the image, and puts forward the best results.

However, Face Blender is only for Android users as it is unavailable on IOS.

11) MixBooth


photo mixer app

Credit: MixBooth

Mix Booth is a photo mixer app that mixes two photos of your friends and family. Auto face detection technology automatically notices two faces and blends them to make an entirely new image, and it even levels the skin tone and facial features of both faces.

The application allows you to click live pictures or select pictures from your camera roll and conveniently mix them up. After blending, the result is fun to see. You can save the outcomes in the app’s photo library or your phone’s gallery and share them wherever you want.

Mix Booth, a free app, is downloadable on Android and IOS.

12) FacePlay


Credit: FacePlay

With over 1000 popular templates, FacePlay is one of the best face-swapping videos app. This AI-generated application with face-swapping technology carefully merges someone’s face into a chosen video. Whether you want to wear an ethnic costume, become a fashion beauty, or want changed backgrounds and beautification effects, FacePlay has it all.

It takes some clicks and a few seconds to create beautiful outcomes digitally. FacePlay creatively swaps an individual's face with one in the provided templates. The results are so natural that edits are invisible. Recently, this app has become trendy on social media sites.

FacePlay is available on both software, Android and IOS.

13) Funveo


face filter app

Credit: Google Play Store

The funniest and most accessible face filter app, Funveo, is not just restricted to the face-swapping effect. Also known as Banuna in android software, Funveo offers thousands of hilarious face-altering filters and face masks.

Funveo helps set up your dull day into an entertaining one with many exciting features. You can click a selfie or upload a picture and instantly use its filters. The face-swap part is indeed one of the best face-swapping filters.

This app also allows you to directly share your creations with your contacts instead of using other social media platforms. Funveo is available on both Android and IOS but by different names.

14) YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect

Credit: Google Play Store

YouCam Perfect has simply the best photo editor and beauty mode. With photo editing tools like face retouch, face swap, animated effects, body tuner, etc., YouCam is always people's first choice.

YouCam’s AI Cutout tool helps accurately swap faces to get changed looks. It is one of the most accessible and user-friendly apps that upgrade your snaps into aesthetic frames, collages, templates, stickers, and more.

YouCam Perfect is available free of cost on both IOS and Google Play Store.

15) Face Morph

Face Morph

face swap app

Credit: Google Play Store

With a simple interface, Face Morph, the free face swap app, is easy to use. Due to its automatic face detection technology, it switches a look or morphs a photo within seconds.

To collide two photos, one must upload the two pictures on the template and then choose the merge option. You will have your result in a few seconds. While swapping faces, the app automatically recognizes the two faces, and the picture is modified accordingly.

Face Morph also has additional settings like cropping the photo, adjusting the brightness and contrast, setting the hue and saturation, etc.

16) Copy Replace Face

Copy Replace Face

face swap app

mixing and matching facial expressions

best face swap app

Credit: Revosoft Technologies

Copy Replace Face is the best face swap app that helps you make different and unique face combinations by mixing and matching facial expressions from two faces. One can swap the whole face or copy various features like the nose or lips and paste it on another photo.

To make more interesting compositions, one can do multiple layering of pictures or blend them with the already loaded celebrity faces from the photo library. One can use advanced editor and face changer tools to beautify their images.

Copy Replace Face is a sister application of Face Swap Booth by Revosoft Technologies, and one can use it in case of the non-availability of the face swap booth app. Available only on IOS, one can also share edited photos with friends and loved ones.

Some Face Swap App FAQs:

1) Are Face Swap and other apps safe to use?

Anything on the Internet is only partially safe. When people upload photos or take selfies, data is collected online and stays there longer. While such apps are for entertainment purposes, concerns regarding data privacy, misinformation, or misuse always prevail. Therefore, one should always be careful while using any application online.

2) What are some careful measures one can take while using face swap apps?

Some of the careful measures can be:

  • Research an application before downloading it to your software.
  • Please read the terms and conditions properly before ticking the I agree on option.
  • Do not allow applications to access your phone storage or contacts.
  • Keep your profiles private.

That’s it. One can enjoy face-swapping applications without worrying by being aware and careful.

3) What are the best face-swapping applications to install on an iPhone?

The best face-swap apps for iPhone users are:

  • Reface
  • Copy Replace Face
  • Face App
  • Face Play
  • Face Swap Live
  • Face Over
  • Snapchat

4) Are all face-swap apps based on deep fake technology?

Face-swap apps do not rely on deep fake technology; instead, they use computer-generated graphics for modifying and switching faces.


When getting bored and want to have some fun, Try these Face-Swapping apps for free. Enjoy your weekends or vacations with your loved ones by making artistic and amusing creations.

Also, use these apps wisely to protect your data and relish a hassle-free process.