Watercolor painting is a branch of art and creativity that has existed since the 18th century and is still considered one of the best ways of giving birth to extraordinary pieces of art. Today, the advancement of technology has made painting a digital task, with the introduction of online and digital painting platforms, but people, students, and professionals alike, often prefer watercolor painting, because of its subtle mesmerizing nature and how it effortlessly allows creativity to flow through our hands. I think we can all relate to the fact that watercolor painting sets were something we loved during our childhood, right?

Watercolor painting is ethereal and it has been so ever since its initial years when colors were extracted from natural elements like flowers and herbs, and a plank of wood played the role of a canvas. Professionals, as well as beginners of today, often prefer the beauty of watercolors, mainly because there’s very less hassle in creating paintings with watercolors. All you need is a blank canvas, some water, and your watercolor painting set. You don’t have to worry about bells and whistles, gradients, settings, or any tools for making your shading correct, no hassles with crayons or shortage of ink in sketch pens.


People who suffer from anxiety, depression, concentration issues, and similar problems, are often advised to paint as it not only helps to soothe their minds but also helps them to concentrate better and give life to their creative ideas. Thus, be it a child or a grown-up, painting can be fun as well as healthy for just about anyone. It is a pre-assumed notion of today that watercolor painting is almost extinct, due to the rise of digital platforms and newer tools for painting, but that’s wrong. Even today, if you visit an art gallery, you can still see mesmerizing pieces of watercolor art that will surely make you spellbound.

Talking about watercolor painting, it is also important to discuss brands. If you’re looking to start watercolor painting or already do so, you will know that brands play quite an important role that ultimately goes to determine what watercolor set you buy to start your journey of watercolor painting. The very first thing to remember here is the fact that the brand is credible and its products meet your needs. There are a plethora of brands out there with a variety of products, prices, pros, and cons. It is important for you to know which brand provides what, how good their products are, the flaws of their products, and the prices so that you can determine which watercolor set you will ultimately buy. While some brands are highly established but do not live up to their reputation, others may not be as established but house a fantastic group of products to offer you.

Now, keeping in mind how to determine which brand of watercolor sets you might purchase, let’s take a broad look at the brands available that provide the best Watercolor Paints and all the necessary points that might determine whether any of these brands are suitable for you or not. These sets can be for beginners, intermediates, as well as professional artists.

1) Winsor and Newton Cotman

Winsor and Newton Cotman

About - Let’s start this off on an easy note. When it comes to watercolor paint sets for students or beginners as well, Winsor and Newton’s Cotman watercolor paint set is probably the benchmark. Winsor and Newton are a globally renowned brand for watercolor of all kinds and their Cotman series is mainly for students and beginners.

Pros - The Cotman series comes with 12 pan colours which are best-suited for students or beginners in watercolor paint. The colours are – Lemon Yellow Hue, Cadmium Yellow Hue, Cadmium Red Pale Hue, Alizarin Crimson Hue, Ultramarine, Intense Blue, Viridian Blue, Sap Green, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, and Chinese White. Basically, the entire set contains various shades of red, yellow, and blue, the initial colours that most beginners usually require. It also has a high-quality paint brush and 3 lids for you to mix the colours in. Pretty handy!
The main advantage of the Cotman paint set is the fact that it is extremely affordable and has a good selection of shades, and the quality of paint is pretty good as well. For students and beginners, these 3 points are generally reason enough to get hold of a paint set.

Cons - What Cotman lacks is colours that are less intense, which means that you cannot really use it for professional paintings or highly vibrant ones. Since the paint comes in pans, they take a little bit more effort as well, in order to be diluted and used.
Nonetheless, if you’re on a budget or you’re just about to step into the world of watercolor painting, Winsor and Newton’s Cotman set is the perfect option.

Price – $12.98

2. Daniel Smith watercolor

Daniel Smith watercolor

About - Daniel Smith is yet another world-renowned watercolor company that has existed since 1976, initially starting with manufacturing printing inks and has now become highly-preferred in the United States. The main reason behind the humongous success of Daniel Smith is the plethora of colors to choose from, and their habit of experimenting with pigments and shades. As a result, everyone has high expectations from this brand and they do a great job of living up to them.

Pros - Daniel Smith comes with a large range of watercolor painting sets, in both tubes as well as well as pans. As I mentioned earlier, they are a company who aren’t afraid of experimenting, as a result of which, they offer a vast range of colors and shades, from the brightest of yellows to the darkest of blues, and all their paint sets come with the right quantity and quality. The constant introduction of newer pigments and the massive number of choices for artists are the reason behind Daniel Smith sets being highly-preferred by professionals.

Cons - The few cons that Daniel Smith watercolor has are: firstly, smaller sizes for sampling are often impossible to find in any shops. If you have the dough to shell out, then it’s easier to just buy the paint sets. Secondly, a lot of users have often noticed an issue with some of the Daniel Smith colors, like the Raw Umber shade, that while drying, the colors would often shrink a lot. As a result, they don’t stick to the pans too well.
The Primary Set, Essentials Watercolor Set, PrimaTek Watercolor Set, and the Secondary Set are some of the most popular DS watercolor sets that you can try.

Price – Depends on the retailer. Prices start from approximately $12.20.

3. Da Vinci Artist’s Permanent watercolors

Da Vinci Artists Permanent-watercolors

About - Da Vinci’s Watercolors is a company that has a long history with art and color. Marcello, who runs the company today, has followed the footsteps of his forefathers to ensure a consistent standard of his company and its products, and to make art the very first priority of the organization. This is a company that is very much in touch with its roots and follows a culture of perpetual innovation, which is why it has a very loyal customer base. Today, Da Vinci operates from California and offers customers 400 colors to choose from amongst their products, which is nothing short of brilliant.

Pros - Da Vinci Watercolors are mainly preferred for their affordability and high pigment load, which makes the colors even better. Their colors have a smoother consistency, diffuse well, and mix well with other brands and their colors, giving you maximum efficiency and lesser hassles. Da Vinci Watercolor sets come in large quantities, which means you get more colors and more choices for your masterpiece.

Cons - Da Vinci watercolor sets do come with a couple of cons as well. They offer paints in tubes as well but sometimes, these tubes come with air bubbles, which means the paint you’ll get won’t be as good. Secondly, some of the colors in both pans and tubes often seem to be muddy, but that would depend on the colors you’re purchasing.
Some of the most popular Da Vinci sets are the Denise’s Earth Friendly Watercolor Palette, Watercolor Flower Set, Watercolor Mixing Set, and Scratchmade Da Vinci Watercolor Palette.

Price – The price for the watercolor sets can range from $39.99 (on sale) to $99.00.

4. Grumbacher Finest Artist’s watercolors

Grumbacher Finest Artist’s watercolors

About - Grumbacher is one of the originals of the watercolor business that is thriving till today, growing in businesses as the years pass by. Established in 1905, Grumbacher is a brand that has been diligently followed and trusted by artists, professionals, as well as students throughout the States. Today, the company is owned by Chartpak Inc., an organization that promisingly sticks to the ideals of Max Grumbacher and keeps the company’s empire intact.

Pros - Grumbacher offers 63 highly-professional watercolors that are perfect for any kind of artists. The pigments are premium grade, easy to wash and highly-fluid. The watercolor sets boat of vibrant colors that have a fine texture and are suitable for beginners as well as professionals. The loyal fans of this brand often boast of the value these sets present as well as the excellent color selection, all the more reason for you to get one.

Cons - The major cons of Grumbacher watercolor sets are the separations in paint tubes and a poor consistency amongst the paint, which means it won’t be good for glazing as well.
Academy Watercolor Get a Start in Art Set, 10 Academy Watercolor Set, 24 Transparent Watercolor Pans Set, and the 8 Finest Watercolors Basic Set are some of the most popular Grumbacher Watercolor Paint sets.

Price – Grumbacher basic sets start from $50 approximately and can range up to $90.

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5. Van Gogh watercolors

Van Gogh watercolors

About - Van Gogh Watercolors by Royal Talens is a brand that follows the ideals of the very individual they’re named after. Vincent Van Gogh is a man who needs no introduction, and this company creates a product base built upon the very idea of Van Gogh’s attraction towards watercolors. Van Gogh Watercolors presents a complete line of materials that any artist will need and quality is the first priority, which is why this is a company with a very loyal consumer base.

Pros - The watercolors are manufactured in the Netherlands and as promised, they are of high quality. The watercolors are smooth, lively, possess a high tinting strength, and are quite intense as well. The colors are extremely pure, which is why they’re easy to mix and wash, so that you can create even the subtlest of shades in your art. Some of the carton lids also come with painting tips for the customers to read as well, a nifty feature!
Van Gogh Watercolors come in a variety of sets, starting from the basic Set of 10 Tubes, Set of 12 Tubes, that consist of all the basic colors, to the Set of 18 Half Pans and the Botanical Set of 24, that consist of a wide array of colors. If you want even more, there’s even a Metal Tin Set of 48!

Price – The Set of 10 Tubes starts at $24.48 and the prices of other sets can range from $24 to $136, while individual tubes are available at an average price of $3.

6. Blick Artist’s watercolors

Blick Artist’s watercolors

About - Blick is a company that has been producing a line of professional grade watercolors for every artist of any age, and still continues to do so. Founded by Dick Blick, the company has a long history with art and creativity, and today, they do their best to provide large-scale art supplies while maintaining professional standards and qualities.

Pros - Blick’s line of watercolor paints is highly sought-after for a lot of reasons. They provide affordable paint that comes with high pigment load, which is very rare. Their line of watercolors are perfect for any intermediate level artist, with all their selection of colors and shades. Consistency, smoothness, and vibrancy are the norms they have set in their watercolors, that has helped them to be established as an industry benchmark for various other companies to follow.

Cons - The only cons as reported by some customers are that some of the tube colors do not flow well, binders are present in the tubes, and there is an issue of pigment separation as well.
Blick’s Watercolor Mixing Set is the most popular watercolor set produced by this company, as well as paint tubes of various popular shades like Alizarin Rose, Cadmium Yellow Deep, Crimson Golden, Gamboge, French Ultramarine Blue, and so forth.

Price – Prices range from $35 to $42.98 for the sets and $8.79 to $12.89 for the paint tubes.

7. Holbein Watercolors

Holbein Watercolors

About - Holbein Watercolors is a company that has taken on the name of Hans Holbein, a much revered European artist from the 1930s. Originating in Osaka, Japan, Holbein is a household name for professional artists and painters as their line of products, especially watercolors, are highly-preferred by many. Today, this company stands as one of the largest manufacturers of artist’s materials in the world, which goes to show how glamorous this brand really is.

Pros - Holbein boasts of a variety of color options, pigments used quintessentially in European art as well as several exceptional shades that you may not come across in other watercolor sets. Another unique feature of Holbein’s watercolors is the fact that their colors do not contain any kind of ox-gall or other dispersants, which means that Holbein watercolors are ideal for painting where brushstrokes may be preserved (like in Japanese traditions). Holbein watercolors also do not dry out in the tubes and also have been known to mix with other colors as well. A win-win!

Cons - However, Holbein watercolors recently changed the color names, which may be a bad thing. It has also been seen that some pigments are not that lightfast, which can be a red flag for many consumers.
Holbein Watercolor Mediums and Holbein’s Artist’s Watercolor Half Pans are the most popular watercolor sets. They also have an exclusive limited edition set, known as the Chien Chung Wei Set of 24.

Price – The watercolor sets range from $51 to %99.99. Individual paints can be bought at a range of $8.75 to $25.

8. Reeves Watercolor

Reeves Watercolor

About - Reeves is a brand that is new in the block but is hitting all the right boxes with their ideals. A company dealing mainly with watercolors, Reeves firmly believes in the possibilities that can be created with the amalgamation of water and paint, which is seen in their products as well.

Pros - Reeves Watercolors are almost perfect for someone who is new to the world of watercolors and wants to have a wider knowledge spectrum on the mixing of colors and shades. They are affordable, come with a comprehensive selection of colors, amazing pigment load and the watercolor sets have a mixing palette as well, where you can try out innumerable new shades through mixing colors.

The USP of Reeves’s watercolors is the fact that these colors can be used on a canvas board as well as on watercolor paper, you can also apply them directly onto a wet paper, and the high pigment load provides brilliant colors for painting. Reeves Watercolor Set comes with 14 tubes as well as a color wheel, to help you get a better idea of color mixing.

Price – Reeves Watercolor Set retails for $20.50.

9. Daler-Rowney Watercolors

Daler Rowney Watercolors

About - Daler-Rowney is yet another company that has a magnificent history, which adds to the image and heritage of the brand. This company has been operating since 1783, inspiring creativity throughout the ages and providing services even in war periods, where there was a shortage of canvas and colors. Today, the brand is highly-revered for their consistency in standards and consumer satisfaction.

Pros - Daler-Rowney’s Artist’s Quality is the perfect watercolor set for both intermediates as well as professionals. The colors in the set are based on traditional as well as modern pigments and have been precisely formulated to provide a smooth color performance. You can choose from a wide range of vibrant colors that are easy to mix, re-wet, and consist of high pigment load for ultimate satisfaction when it comes to watercolor painting.

Cons - Though no major downsides of using Daler-Rowney Watercolors have been reported, some users have complained that some of the colors from the tubes have a syrup-like consistency and are sticky as well.

Price – Varies depending on the retailer.

10. Sennelier La Petite Watercolors

Sennelier La Petite Watercolors

About - Sennelier is a French brand of artist’s materials that can be considered to be born out of the need of high quality watercolors for painters. The company boasts of professional grade watercolors that are built to suit any kind of artist and tends to all their needs. The watercolors of Sennelier are honey-based, which is what attract customers from everywhere.

Pros - Sennelier is preferred by many due to its larger paint tubes, extensive color selection, and a vibrant colr shade variety. Recently, they also expanded their palette by including rich dark shades, thus providing artists with a wider choice of colors.

Cons - Sennelier colors do have a low pigment load but the main downside is that they’re quite expensive and thus, is not for everyone.
Sennelier Watercolor Sets consist of Half Pans, Tubes, as well as Paint boxes. Their most popular watercolor set is the 24 Half Pans.

Price - $41.71 for the 24 Half Pans.

11. M Graham Watercolors

M Graham Watercolors

About - M Graham & Co. is yet another company that believes in the wonders of Mother Nature and amalgamates them with their products to come up professional quality watercolors for everyone. M Graham’s watercolors are manufactured with Northwest blackberry honey, which creates truer and stronger colors for artists.

Pros - M Graham house an extensive range of colors, from the most delicate of tints to the dark concentrated shades, but the main reason why many professionals prefer this brand is the fact that the colors come with high pigment load at affordable prices.

Cons - However, M Graham’s watercolors do not tend to mix well in the pans as they don’t harden appropriately. As a result, not a lot of shades can be created from these particular watercolors.
M Graham 33 Set is the most popular watercolor set for professionals.

Price - $41.10

12. Prima Marketing Watercolors

Prima Marketing Watercolors

About - If you’re a beginner or an intermediate painter who’s looking to get their hands on an affordable watercolor paint set, you should consider the products from Prima Marketing. Their watercolor product line, known as the Watercolor Confections, is an artist grade professional quality group of watercolors that are perfect for painters on the go.

Pros - Watercolor Confections house paint sets that have great pigment load as well as high quality, and come in adorable looking boxes, as opposed to the regular looking boxes provided by other companies generally.
Prima Marketing Classics is the most popular set that comes with 12 pans of basic colors that are perfect for any starting painter to get a grasp of this art.

Price - $17.11 for the Basics Set.

13. Rembrandt Watercolors

Rembrandt Watercolors

About - Rembrandt Watercolors is a brand of artist materials that are manufactured by the same Royal Talens who manufacture paints for Van Gogh Watercolors as well. Rembrandt too provides high-quality watercolor that comes combined with a special mixture, which is gum Arabic, as the binder.

Pros - Rembrandt watercolors come in pan sets, making them easy for travelling on the go. You will usually get options of 12, 24, and 48 pans that contain all the essential shades with great pigment load, great for painting. The sets also come with a very high quality sable paint brush and smooth textured colors, thus a great value for money.

Cons - However, the colors from Rembrandt are often weak and the major downside is the fact that they’re quite expensive.
The most popular painting set you can try is the Rembrandt Watercolor Metal Deluxe Set.

Price - $221.74

14. SHINHAN Watercolors

SHINHAN Watercolors

About - SHINHAN Watercolors is yet another company that provides a lot of bang for the buck, which is why it is widely preferred, mainly by professional artists and painters. SHINHAN watercolors is one of the best watercolors that are available in the art market currently, mainly because of its professional grade colors that are sought-after by many when they become highly-skilled in painting and require better colors but at cheaper rates.

Pros - SHINHAN Watercolors are quite renowned because they focus on providing amazing colors that are highly-pigmented, crisp, intense, as well as highly adhesive and lightfast, perfect for mixing and painting. The painting sets by SHINHAN are also perfect for people on the go, and each set contain 30 shades.

Cons - SHINHAN Watercolor Sets come in 3 broad categories, the PWC Extra Fine Water Color Set, Professional Watercolor Set (for professionals), and the SHAMI Watercolor Set (mainly for students).

Price – Starts from $39.

15. Crafts 4 All Watercolors

Crafts 4 All Watercolors

About - If you’re a professional painter who’s looking for something out of the box to help you create beautiful masterpieces through different kinds of colors and shades, try out the Watercolor paint sets from Crafts 4 All. This is a company that creates professional quality artist’s materials, and watercolors are their main forte. Crafts 4 All watercolors are manufactured in their unique way, through top-notch products, which allows the users to get lighter or darker shades by adding water.

Pros - Crafts 4 All watercolor sets come with 24 tubes of non-toxic paint, that have a great pigment load, vibrant shades, and a butterfly consistency, with which you can easily dilute and mix other colors to get a plethora of different shades for your painting.
There are two main USPs of their watercolor sets. Firstly, their colors help to create paintings that last much longer than those created from the industry standard colors. Secondly, each of their paint sets come with 3 extra paint brushes as well.

Price – Crafts 4 All watercolor sets start from $22.96.

16. MaimeriBlu Watercolors

MaimeriBlu Watercolors

About - MaimeriBlue is an Italian company that produces fantastic artist’s materials of professional quality. When it comes to their watercolors, they spare no stone unturned to ensure that the watercolors are up to the expectations when it comes to their quality. Created with gum Arabic, MaimeriBlue’s watercolors are free of additives and blending powders, making them as pure as possible.

Pros - This is a brand that is usually hard to find in a store, so you will have to resort to online retailers. However, if you do get your hands on a watercolor set from MaimeriBlue, it’ll be worth it. The colors are electric and vibrant, consistency is blooming in each set, extensive range of colors and shades are the norm they follow. Add to this, the easy re-wet characteristic of the colors.

Cons - However, the only few cons of their products as reported by some users is the fact are the limited availability, and that some of the colors fail to flow on the palette properly.
MaimeriBlue’s Artist Watercolor set is the one you would definitely want to try.

Price – The price of MaimeriBlue watercolor sets ranges depending on the retailers.

17. Old Holland Watercolors

Old Holland Watercolors

About - The name definitely rings a bell, doesn’t it? Old Holland is one of the oldest in the business of manufacturing not only watercolors, but all artist’s materials as well. Since 1664, Old Holland has been operating as a Dutch company, and to this day, it delivers professional grade watercolors for professionals as well as beginners.

Pros - The main USP of Old Holland watercolors is the fact that they use more pigment than most of the other professional grade products, and they also implement a pure binder that gives the colors a creamy thick consistency, providing a great user experience. The colors also blend well with other colors of other companies, thus providing maximum efficiency while painting.

Cons - However, Old Holland watercolors do have some cons as well. Old Holland watercolors are usually unavailable in larger tubes, they are expensive, and they also have a sticky consistency, something which no one really likes.
The Classic Artist Watercolor set from Old Holland is their most popular set.

Price - $157.89

18. Mijello Mission Watercolors

Mijello Mission Watercolors

About - Mijello is a company that has always been about providing quality materials to artists, especially painters. It is one of the oldest to do so, since 1853, and to this date, provides professional grades watercolors for painters to enjoy.

Pros - The Mission Gold Watercolors Line is the signature watercolor set provided by the company. Though there is some controversy regarding the names of the colors, as put out recently my Mijello, the watercolor set is highly-recommended for its vibrancy, crisp shading varities, and high pigment load of the colors. The colors also tend to mix well with others, which is a plus point.

Cons - Being the signature product, the Mission Gold Set does come with a few downsides. It is expensive, there are a limited selection of colors, and as mentioned, the color names are not what you’d expect usually.

Price – Varies depending on the retailer.

19. QoR Watercolors

QoR Watercolors

About - The abbreviation QoR stands for “Quality of Results”, and that being the name of the company, you can already realize that this company means serious business. QoR, pronounced as “core” is a line of watercolors produced by the Golden Artist Colors in the USA. This company claimed their fame by manufacturing paints in a unique way, which consisted of a new polymer binder available only in the Golden products.

Pros - As a result of the revolutionary move, the QoR watercolors have an amazing silky flow, re-wet without any hassle, and come in unique and vibrant shades as well. Due to their silky nature, the paints avoid any cracking and thus result to effortless painting too.

Cons - The only cons this glamorous watercolors line has is the fact that they’re quite expensive and difficult to get hands on.
The QoR Watercolor Introductory Set of 12 and the Set of 24 are the most popular sets of QoR Watercolors.

Price – Set of 12 is available for $64.49 and the Set of 24 is available for $119.99.

20. Schmincke Horadam Aquarell Watercolors

Schmincke Horadam Aquarell Watercolors

About - Schmincke is a company that deals with top-of-the-line artist’s materials, and is often considered to be a premium brand as well. Their range of Horadam Aquarell Watercolors is their best watercolor set that consists of a highly extensive range of watercolors, 133 colors to be exact, out of which, 70 are manufactured from pure pigment.

Pros - The Horadam Aquarell set provides colors that are intense, vibrant, mix well, and have a great translucency. They come in tubes but can be squeezed into the pans where they can harden with ease. The quality of the colors are quite high, especially the ones that are pure pigments. All you’ll need is a little bit of water to re-wet and use them again.

Cons - The fact that they’re so premium brings about the main downside of this watercolor set, the fact that its highly expensive and very difficult to get hands on.

Price – Approximately $450

21. Finetec Watercolors

Finetec Watercolors

About - Finetec is a company hailing from Germany, who develop artist’s materials and mainly specialize in manufacturing watercolors of the highest quality. Finetec watercolors are sought after by many because they usually create their products with mica, that adds a beautiful shine and sparkle to the watercolors. As a result, any painting or art created with these watercolors look shimmery and very different than the usual ones.

Pros - Finetec Watercolors are usually available in sets of 6 or 12 colors, and they’re mainly used to add definitions or highlights to watercolor paintings. They add a very subtle shimmer look and appear to be nicely layered over darker shades.

Cons - However, Finetec watercolors are a little expensive, not that highly pigmented, and react quite slowly to water as well.

Price – Ranges from $19.99 to $26.99.

22. Pelikan Watercolors

Pelikan Watercolors

About - Pelikan has been in existence for 180 years and have a strong expertise in the area of art supplies and stationeries. Thus, with their credentials, Pelikan has come to be known as a great company, especially for watercolor supplies. Pelikan watercolors are manufactured in such a way that they are perfect for both beginners as well as professionals, and with their main focus on design aesthetics, you can best believe that their watercolors do pack a punch.

Pros - Pelikan Watercolors come in attractive-looking sets of 12 or 24 watercolors, where you can get to choose between transparent and opaque palettes. The main advantages about the Pelikan watercolor sets are that they’re quite affordable, have a very durable packaging, and have all the necessary colors you’ll need. Best value for money.

Cons - However, their watercolors tend to not mix well and the gouache pans appear to be of a chalky consistency.

Price - $25.09 for the set of 24.

23. Kremer Watercolors

Kremer Watercolors

About - If you’re looking for watercolors from an out-of-the-box company, Kremer is one that you should definitely give a try. Since 1977, Kremer has been discovering and developing revolutionary pigments since the company’s existence, made from precious and semi-precious stones. This unique approach to developing pigments has made them quite the establishment for watercolor manufacturing.

Pros - Kremer watercolors for artistic painting are made from excellent pigments that are manufactured industrially. Hence, the colors are strong, consistent, vibrant, and heavily-pigmented too. As a result, painting with these watercolors provides a certain level of satisfaction that all artists would love. The range of colors provided by Kremer is quite extensive as well.
Kremer Watercolor sets come in various variants like the Earth Colors Set, Landscape Painting Set, Small Set, Pearl Luster Set, and the Gold Retouching Set.

Cons - However, the only downside is the fact that these sets are quite expensive and thus, not really suitable for intermediates or beginners.

Price – The price for Kremer watercolor sets vary from $75 to $2,100.

24. Raphael Watercolors

Raphael Watercolors

About - For travelers or students who need a compact watercolor set to paint on the go, Raphael watercolor sets are probably the best option. Raphael watercolors are made with the main focus of providing portable watercolor sets for people who are on the go and they do not sacrifice when it comes to quality as well.

Pros - The colors in the Raphael watercolor sets are quite vibrant and intense and there is a good flow in the shades, which makes it perfect for making watercolor sketches on the road or anywhere. The sets come with a small handy color chart as well, for reference.

Cons - However, since the sets are compact, the provided brush is quite small in size and there is very little room available for mixing the colors.
Raphael Travel Pan Set is the most popular watercolor set of theirs. These watercolor sets are best suited for intermediates and mainly students.

Price - $16.47

25. Sakura Koi Watercolors

Sakura Koi Watercolors

About - Sakura Koi watercolor kits are yet another amazing option for painting on the go. Koi line of products, especially watercolors, are of professional quality and they manufacture watercolors to fulfill purposes of both beginners as well as professionals. The Sakura Koi watercolor line is mainly for students and people who are always on the go and thus need a portable watercolor kit.

Pros - Koi watercolor kits are available in the 12-color kit (pocket size), 18,24, and 30-color kit (post-card size), and the 35 as well as 48-color kits. The colors are intense, have a nice opaque nature, and are quite affordable as well. With every watercolor set, you will also be getting a refillable water brush as well as a sponge. The paint sets also have specially-modified spaces for you to mix your colors in.

Cons - However, as a result of the kit being portable and compact, the color pans are too close and thus, can dirt pretty easily as well.

Price - $28

26. Yarka St. Petersburg Watercolors

Yarka Petersburg Watercolors

About - St. Petersburg Watercolors is a Russian company that has not forgot its appreciation of the fine arts, and to this day, manufactures colors in the traditional methods and materials, maintaining professionalism and craftsmanship while doing so. All the pigments for the colors are Russian-made and have been known for their top-notch quality since decades.

Pros - Yarka St. Petersburg’s watercolors are often compared to those of Daniel Smith, which itself proves that Yarka’s colors are top-of-the-line. The colors not only mix well, but have a creamy consistency, which makes them perfect for any kind of painting. The color range is extensive and consists of vibrant and intense shades as well.

Cons - However, nothing is all perfect, right? Just like that, St. Petersburg’s watercolors also have a few cons. Some of the colors do not hydrate well, and the pans do not fit well in the case as well.
St. Petersbug’s Watercolors come in 5 different kits, mainly – original set (24 traditional colors), extensive set with 24 newer colors, the master set (12 colors in a beautiful wooden box), the sequel set with an additional 24 colors, and the ultimate set consisting of 36 colors.

Price – The price for Yarka watercolor sets range from $39.95 to $78.09.

27. Daveliou Watercolors

Daveliou Watercolors

About - If you’re an intermediate who wants to invest in becoming a good painter down the line, Daveliou watercolors is definitely something you should try out. The watercolors produced by Daveliou are manufactured with the sole aim of helping its users get a better grasp on the knowledge of various watercolors and their uses.

Pros - Daveliou’s watercolors are best suited for beginners. Their colors are of high quality, pigments are pure and color intensity is amazing. The paints are also designed to re-wet instantly so that they last long and don’t deteriorate when they’re squeezed onto the palettes. The watercolor tubes also come equipped with protective caps to ensure that the paints stay intact for longer periods of time.

Cons - The main USP of Daveliou’s watercolors is the fact that they do not contain any kind of animal by-products and are manufactured from totally non-toxic products as well. Daveliou Watercolor sets come with 24 watercolor tubes of 12 ml each.

Price - $39

A lot of factors come into play while choosing the watercolor from a particular brand, for example, brand image, history, price to value relationship, product lines, etc. Thus, as you know by now, there are several brands out there that offer some of the best watercolor sets available in the market. Based on your needs and preferences, you can choose one of the brands mentioned by comparing the pros and cons and ultimately deciding, which brand suits you best.

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Talking about watercolors, let’s get into the discussion about paintings a little bit, shall we?
A great way of spicing up the walls of your home is by putting up beautiful paintings of yourself. Polaroid and portraits sure are prestigious and wonderful to look at, but there’s always room for something new right? Well, Whataportrait is the perfect place to help you in this endeavor.

At whataportrait.com, all you have to do is submit the photo you’d want a painting of and that’s it. The professionals will do the rest of the work to make sure that you receive a beautiful hand-made painting of your picture that you can cherish forever. At Whataportrait, you can get watercolor, oil, charcoal, premium charcoal, pastel, color pencils, as well as caricature paintings!

The best part about using Whataportrait services is the fact that you will be involved in every step of the way. From how the photograph will be painted to which kind of painting you want, all the decisions will be taken by you, thus maintaining the intimate bond you will share with the hand-made painting. Every detail of the painting will be customized for you by you.

The best part of using Whataportrait.com is the comfort and the entire effortless procedure. Sitting in the comfort of your home, you can visit the website, submit your desired photo, and just sit back while the professionals do the job. Once done, the finished product is carefully packaged and delivered to your doorsteps. No hassle for you at all! Getting hand-made portraits of your pictures has never been easier.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Whataportrait today and get your very own personalized hand-made painting today!

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