1. Sketching in Architecture: Enhancing Design and Creativity

    Sketching in Architecture: Enhancing Design and Creativity
    It isn’t surprising that people are awestruck by the captivating architectural compositions. No wonder the beauty of skyscrapers and classic structures mesmerizes the viewers. Architecture is not only a technique for developing buildings. It is a 3-D visual experience of creative artistry and proficiency. The grace of architectural designs lies in the balance and rhythm of their layouts. It is a powerful tool that conveys past stories and decides the future's fate. It connects the dots between the varied timeframes and historical events. But have you ever wondered what goes into making these masterpieces? How do architectural sketches work? How does one make an impressive architectural model? Or what hustle does an architect undergo to gain excellence? If yes, this is a must-read article for you. Through this resourceful guide, you will get in-depth input on architectural sketching. You will explore the techniques of mastering sketches and using various tools. You’ll also discover how to unblock challenges and resolve drawing issues. So, without further ado, let's begin by understanding the basics of architectural sketching.
  2. Watercolor Cityscapes: Tips for Painting Stunning Urban Views

    Watercolor Cityscapes: Tips for Painting Stunning Urban Views
    Watercolor is a medium that requires patience, perseverance, and attention to detail to capture the spontaneity of the subject. It showcases the fluidity and transparency that the watercolor artist has to offer. Painting cityscapes offer both unique challenges and opportunities. Urban sketching tips within cityscape watercolor serves as a platform for the artists to show the essence of urban life. Watercolor cityscape brings a narrative dimension beyond the architectural features. Some watercolor artists face problems like over-mixing colors, water pigment consistency, and intricate architectural details. In this article, we have provided some tips on how to tackle such challenges.
  3. Urban Sketching Tips: Quick Architecture Sketches for Beginners

    Urban Sketching Tips: Quick Architecture Sketches for Beginners
    Urban sketching as a new art form has gained popularity. But let us first understand what urban or architectural sketching is. It is an art form where artists create architectural sketches of cityscapes or architecture that spontaneously depict direct life. Architectural sketches are popular because they are accessible to all old and new artists. Architectural sketching celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of the urban environment by sketching iconic landmarks and scenes that reflect the urban culture. Urban sketching celebrates the social connection among artists by sharing their previous work on social media platforms, which is important in popularizing the art form. Through this article we will provide some basic drawing tips for architectural solutions.
  4. How to Make an Avatar from a Photo: A Step-by-Step Guide

    How to Make an Avatar from a Photo: A Step-by-Step Guide
    Imagine having a digital mini-version of yourself resembling your personality. Or envision a character illustration that reflects your attributes and true essence. Doesn’t it sound interesting and exciting? Do you also want to create a fun and quirky cartoon avatar of yourself? If yes, then this is the perfect article for you! Over time, the world has undergone significant changes. With the emerging technology, several unique ideas and concepts have surfed through the audience. One such is the advent of avatars, our virtual persona. Through this article, we will comprehend the meaning of avatars and the process of making them. We will also review various websites and applications that help create customized avatars online. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!
  5. How to Seal Charcoal Drawing on Canvas? Here's an Answer

    How to Seal Charcoal Drawing on Canvas? Here's an Answer
    So, who would want to waste hours of dedicated hard work because of a lack of fixatives and sealants? Or would anyone let accidental finger touches or dust ruin their beautiful art piece? No, right? The main struggle that an artist faces is keeping the charcoal intact. Thus, we bring you some essential tips to preserve charcoal drawings from unwanted damage. This article will guide you through the advantages and use of fixatives and sealants. You will learn how to seal a charcoal drawing and prevent deterioration by using other alternative methods. So, let us delve deeper to explore the methods that ensure the preservation and maintenance of art pieces.
  6. A Comprehensive Guide to Blending Stumps, Tortillons, and Charcoal Blenders

    A Comprehensive Guide to Blending Stumps, Tortillons, and Charcoal Blenders
    In this segment, we will try to understand how to use blending stumps for smooth shading. Gather your art supplies, including a sketchbook, pencils, erasers, and blending stumps. Create a base sketch with a pencil. Then, start shading with the darkest values by increasing pressure. Identify the areas that need smooth transitions or gradations. Take a blending stump. Rub it gently in circular motions on shaded areas for smooth blending. Start by applying some light pressure and gradually increase it. Blend pencil strokes across shaded regions for a seamless transition. Use different sizes of blending stumps to ensure even blending all over the surface. Keep using blending stumps and pencils alternately to refine the details in your art. Now, take a look at your drawing. Refine any remaining details and highlights as necessary.
  7. Types of Charcoal in Art: A Complete Guide for Drawing Enthusiasts 

    Charcoal art has captivated artists and audiences alike. The medium offers a unique way to express. It lets the artists create stunning art on canvas. The first step is understanding the significance of charcoal. Then, we can look at the types available and the artistic approaches they enable. Charcoal is an important drawing medium in art. It has held cultural and artistic value throughout many periods. Its bold and expressive qualities allow for many creative interpretations, making it a favored medium for amateurs and professionals.
  8. 13 Best Apps for Face Editing: Transform Your Photos with These Top Picks!

    13 Best Apps for Face Editing: Transform Your Photos with These Top Picks!
    Photographs are a treasure trove of memories, stories, emotions, and feelings. These priceless pieces connect and remind us of beautiful places, people, and occasions. It allows individuals to freeze in precious moments and cherish them forever. Yet, sometimes, photos come out differently than our expectations. On some days, the lights are insufficient or dull. While on others, shadows cast an unfavorable impression on the images. Poor direction or color of lighting also negatively impacts the photography. Such flat and hazy pictures can turn the whole mood down. Thus, to avoid such problems and enhance photographs comes the retouching and editing apps. This comprehensive article on face editing apps will apprise you of the top picks to transform and enrich your pictures. These 13 photo editor apps will assist you in giving your photographs a stunning and captivating look. So, before starting, let’s understand what face editing apps are and how they function.
  9. Poster from Picture: 5 Tools for Crafting Stunning Posters from Photos

    Poster from Picture: 5 Tools for Crafting Stunning Posters from Photos
    Many artists nowadays make their art into posters. With the help of posters, artists can send messages. Many tools can do this job efficiently, but you must know and understand the creative process behind the poster from the picture to proceed. You have to identify the purpose behind your poster-making process. The primary goal of your poster design should be to grab your audience's attention. You have to be creative in how you can set your poster apart from other posters. After this, you must choose suitable software for your poster design. In this blog, you will learn the best tools and resources and how to utilize them. Keep reading!
  10. A Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing Cartoon Dogs

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing Cartoon Dogs
    Bukowski wasn't lying when he said that dogs and angels are not very far apart. Dogs, adored by kids and adults alike, are the heaven-hounds that walk on earth, bestowing us with their infinite love, companionship, and loyalty. From being trained to walk backward to solving simple math problems, the feats of these canine pantheons will have you bowled over! From Bolt to Scooby-doo, Disney has not once disappointed us with their oxytocin-packed canine animated adventure blockbusters. We never get enough of their exuberant nature, luscious locks, and well-played tongue-teasing tricks, do we?

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