• Christmas Gift Ideas for Men In 2019

    • 29th October 2018
    • Posted byNitin Kaku

    What Xmas gift do you buy for him? An oft-pondered question which may baffle you!

    Luckily, we are on hand to help you with the best Xmas gift ideas for the man in your life.

    Is he is a gearhead, a bird of passage or an art aficionado? Do you want something hot and new or classy and nostalgic?

    No matter what interest he gravitates towards, we have unique surprises and Christmas gift ideas for him. These unique treats are sure to be great additions underneath your Christmas tree, whether you're buying for your husband, brother, father or your uncle!

    Check out the gifts that will inspire, excites, and touches his tender heart instantly.


    1. Guitar Pick Punch

    1 Guitar Pick Punch   

    Losing guitar pick punch should not stop him from playing. Gift a guitar pick punch to your musician friend or guitarist who losses guitar picks at the most inconvenient times. This heavy-duty tool cuts old gift cards, expired credit cards, hotel keys or anything into homemade picks. It can punch standard 351 shape guitar picks and store them in an advanced front load design.

    1. Portrait Painting

    What could be more exceptional than presenting your dear ones with his portrait painting on Christmas? Handmade portrait painting artists can turn a photograph into a masterpiece that he’ll cherish forever. It makes one of the most soulful Christmas gifts, no matter how you relate to him.

    2 Portrait Painting

    Portrait paintings capture the timeless moment and are passed down through generations. So, the family members who’re not even born yet will know how special the portrait is to the family. That’s why a portrait painting makes the most memorable, unique and a perfect traditional Christmas gift.

    1. Vamma 3D Printer Pen for 3D Drawing

    Give them the freedom to draw their thoughts and imagination in the air. Vamma 3D printer pen is meant for extensive 3D drawing in the air and even tracing on the paper. You can draw symbols, science diagrams, or any complex drawing uniquely with this pen.

    3 Vamma 3D Printer Pen for 3D Drawing

    Vamma 3D printing pen replaces ink with plastic to draw the 3D object. It features many user-friendly functions and allows you to control extrusion speed, temperature, and filament easily.

    1. Star Wars Heat-Sensitive Coffee Mug

    Stumped by gift selection for your, brother, boyfriend or husband who is a Star Wars fan? Turn their monotonous morning coffee routine to a magic show filled with action and inspiration by presenting a heat-sensitive coffee mug.

    4 Star Wars Heat-Sensitive Coffee Mug

    Great Art is revealed when you add hot beverages to the mug.  As you pour a hot drink into the cup, the lightsabers are revealed like a magic show.


    1. Fitbit Charge 2 Wireless Activity Tracker

    Whether you want to give fitness hints to a dad or bro or treating your exercise-loving husband or boyfriend to a dream gift, the Fitbit’s are the ultimate pick. With the latest Fitbit Charge 2, he can track heart rate, workouts, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes. Plus, monitor how long and how well you’ve been sleeping!

    5 Fitbit Charge 2 Wireless Activity Tracker

    He can even receive texts, calls and calendar alerts on his wrists to keep the phone out of sight and focus on fitness goals. Did I mention it’s wireless and water resistant? It shows how much you care!

    1. Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle

    Let him take his music into the pool and rain with Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle. Designed for swimmers, water lovers, and all-weather runners, this waterproof Apple iPod features exclusive Swimbuds designed for flip turns. You can conveniently switch out your favorite songs and audio books with iTune.

    6 Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle

    With 15 hours battery life and 2 GB storage, you can navigate through over hundred playlists and songs. Rugged design, better sound, earbud choices to fit any ear, these top-of-the-line headphones will accompany you wherever may go.

    1. Skatecycle

    If he is passionate about skating, gift him this awesomely unusual Skatecyle. It’s a hubless, self-propelled skate that is capable of riding on any flat ground and skate parks. You can sit over your shoulders freeing up your hands when you skate. Thanks to 9-inch wheels and non-slip matte pedals that overcome objects in your way and keep you safe.

    7 Skatecycle

    Its foldable and lightweight design makes it easy to carry anywhere. Great for those who want to improve dexterity in skating.

    1. ZAUNICK Sterling Silver FIFA Soccer Ball Cufflinks

    8 ZAUNICK Sterling Silver FIFA Soccer Ball Cufflinks


    For the man who loves soccer, a pair of handsome FIFA Soccer Ball Cufflinks makes the best pick. These cufflinks are polished sterling silver and non-toxic ceramic black color. The details from the lines on the balls and silver stripes are delightful. This statement-making jewelry is certainly a great way to rejoice at your favorite sport or add accent to a business suit.

    1. Fitlosophy "Goal Getter" Fitspiration Journal

    9 Fitlosophy Goal Getter Fitspiration Journal

    Score the best gift for your fitness-planning pal without breaking the bank. This thoughtful Fitlosophy "Goal Getter" Fitspiration Journal will help them organize their thoughts and chase their fitness goals. Keep them moving, nourishing, and sweating with fitness-meets-gratitude 16-week journal designed to empower their mind, body, and soul.


    1. Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

    Give him access to over 2, 50,000 shows from HBO GO, Hulu, Netflix and more with Fire TV stick now available with Alexa Voice Remote. Just plug Fire TV Stick into your Ts HDMI port and start streaming in minutes.

    10 Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

    Use the added Alexa Voice Remote to find your favorite one from 140 channels, and over 7,000 apps and games with universal search. The fastest Wi-Fi and most accurate voice search allow the fastest and smoothest streaming ever. Alexa doesn't stop here! Just press the microphone button, and you can order a pizza, shop for popcorn and snacks, and much more.

    1. TheiaPro App Enabled Eyeglasses Camera

    Is he a photography-lover? This Christmas, free his hands of hand-held devices and let him be a part of the full celebration. Beautifully crafted full HD TheiaPro App Enabled eyeglass camera will allow him to just look and capture the picture with a press of a button.

    11 TheiaPro App Enabled Eyeglasses Camera

    This ultra-portable video recording device is as easy to use as a pair of glasses. It features a built-in flashlight, letting you make the most of your travels and events. Now you can safely record all your memorable moments and transfer to your laptop/PC via a micro USB cable.

    1. Remote Control Pillow

    Never again will you’ve to ask “where’s the remote”! He’ll never lose the remote when it doubles as an extremely soft and tactile throw pillow for your couch. The remote control pillow features a fun and functional design that combines a pillow with a database of codes for over 500 remote control devices.

    12 Remote Control Pillow

    Just click the fabric buttons to change the channels. Overall, it’s a fun and convenient way to watch home theatre or TV without losing the remote again.

    1. Bluetooth Gloves

    Let him talk to the hand with excellent sound-quality! Hi-Fun gloves are Bluetooth headsets with a built-in speaker and microphone. For the colder climates, these comfy gloves features enable you to take or make phone calls without taking your gloves off. These comfortable capacitive-touch gloves are great for winter sports, travel, and other outdoor cold weather activities.

    13 Bluetooth Gloves

    The tiny speaker lies in the left glove’s thumb and microphone in the pinky. A single charge enables you to chat with your friends continuously for 20 hours.


    1. Annual Pass to National Parks

    If he’s a fan of National Parks or a natural-lover, what could be a better than gifting an annual pass to national parks? The U.S. government allows you to buy an annual pass online that provides an unlimited access throughout the year to national parks throughout the country. Sounds amazing, right?

    14 Annual Pass to National Parks

    The 2017 Annual Pass to American National Parks is now available for purchase. Get your pass before December 20 to enjoy Christmas hiking, bird watching, boating and thousands of recreational activities.

    1. VW Camper Van Tent

    Give him a break from too fancy camp and choose VW camper tent that looks like iconic 1965 Volkswagen Camper Van. This hippie-tastic is spacious and feels luxurious inside. Two sip-separated inside the tent make it perfect for couples’ camping.

    15 VW Camper Van Tent

    VW Camper Van Tent is incredibly easy to set up. The tent comes with free standing piles that are bungee corded with quality click connectors.

    1. Personalized Travel Gift Basket

    Maybe not as glamorous as receiving an electronic gadget, every traveler will certainly appreciate a nice basket full of useful items to be used during their travels. So, if your guy is planning a trip, get him a personalized or already-packaged travel gift basket.

    16 Personalized Travel Gift Basket

    For the personalized basket, choose the items that demonstrate your thoughtfulness and care for him. Here are some great items to consider for your travel gifts basket: first-aid kit, sunscreen, drink mixes, pen and journal, luggage lock, universal travel plug adapter, gift carb for eBook downloads, and whatever you think belongs to him.

    1. Mighty Power Wallet

    They will kiss you for it! Two most basic man’s necessities, a fully charged phone, and a stylish wallet, are now available in one perfect pocket-size combination - Mighty Power Wallet.

    17 Mighty Power Wallet

    The super slim Mighty Power Wallet conceals a built-in 3000mAh battery and micro USB port to charge your e-readers, tablets, and smartphones. Crafted using Italian Saffiano Leather, the wallet is a regular size and has usual pockets and slots. Make their life simple, organized and stylish when they’re on the go.


    1. Tailor & Spruce Trove Collection Kit

    18 Tailor & Spruce Trove Collection Kit

    If you’re looking for a luxurious gift for a consummate man, this elegant gem will help him look handsome every moment. This Trove & Spruce Trove Collection Kit is packaged in a luxurious black maple-finished box that will fit perfectly into the drawer of your desk. The premium package covers all grooming-related needs, from nail clippers to lint removers and teeth whitening paste.

    1. Scentbird Monthly Cologne Subscription Box

    Upgrade their personality game with authentic colognes from Scentbird. Sign up for a monthly subscription box of Scentbird designed cologne delivered at their doorstep. You can choose from 150+ brands and fragrances of your choice.

    19 Scentbird Monthly Cologne Subscription Box

    The first order will arrive with a reusable luxury black case. Our top designer collection includes cologne from Burberry, Cartier, CoST, Caron, E and much more.


    1. BBQ Branding Iron

    Pay homage to his barbeque skills by gifting a BBQ Branding Iron. Just when you thought your barbeque had reached its pinnacle, the custom BBQ Branding Iron allows you to offer personalized snags, signature porterhouse, and monogrammed burgers. With every letter of alphabet, spacers and extra letters, he would let his literary skills roam over the hotplate.

    20 BBQ Branding Iron

    Just slip the letter into the branding iron, sit it face down on the hot plate to get it sizzle up, and our signature beef is ready. It’ll certainly make your barbeque lover swoon in delight.

    1. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

    Nothing can replace the warmth of a gift for a home chef more than a kit of home-made hot sauces. Produce a piquant variety of hot sauces boasting fiery flavors of nachos, chili, pizza and few more with “Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit” DIY kit.

    21 Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

    Just follow the instructions and combine the spices to create your own handcrafted condiments such as vinegar, peppers, and brown sugar. Six bottles and customizable labels will make a perfect small-batch of flavorsome sauces. Your lovely home chef will really love it!

    1. Krups Double Basket Fryer

    This large fry basket can be used for a single big batch or as two smaller fry baskets to fry different foods at the same time. KRUPS professional deep fryer automatically adjusts the temperature and time needed to cook the food.

    22 Krups Double Basket Fryer

    You can safely check the food by looking at the large viewing window. Its advanced features, like integrated odor filter, cool touch handles and breakaway cord caters food frying needs of novice and experienced fryer alike.


    1. Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

    The guy in your life will never have to knock back another warm beer thanks to this clever drinking buddy. Simply slip the Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller in your bottle to keep the drink crisp to the final sip.

    23 Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

    Store the chiller in the freezer for 90 minutes before you start drinking. With Chillsner's ingenious design, you can drink and chill simultaneously, so your beer, soda, or juice will be chilled and delicious till the time you finish it.

    1. iFlask – Drink Inconspicuously

    Find him a tactful way to haul around liquor with iFlask – World’s first smart flask.  It appears like an iPhone to the others and can hold generous amounts of your favorite drink. The flask is made out of non-toxic ABS plastic.

    24 iFlask – Drink

    Open and close the pour spout with a switch and pour the drink out of the headphone jack. Its meticulous design and amazing usability make it one of the world's best gifts for liquor fans.

    1. Carry-On Cocktail Kit

    25 Carry-On Cocktail Kit


    Now he can craft his own little cocktail mid-flight. The Carry On Cocktail Kit is an ultimate travel companion that allows you to mix up three delicious cocktails at 30,000 feet. This ingenious gift pack includes fixes for a pair of Moscow Mule, an Old Fashioned, or a Gin and Tonic. If he’s a cocktail-lover and is always on the go, the Carry-On cocktail kit makes the most irresistible Christmas gift idea for him.


    1. Book-Scented Candle

    26 Book-Scented Candle

    Instead of books or a gift card to a local bookstore, treat him with something more personal and exciting for this Christmas. Get this book-scented candle with a soft and comforting scent that’ll seduce him to curl on his couch and leaf through stacks of well-loved books. Vanilla overtones will transform into a lovely aroma as it melts. Buy them in scents of aged paper and dusty shelves.

    1. Bed Prism Spectacles For Lazy Readers

    27 Bed Prism Spectacles For Lazy Readers

    Prism spectacles are optical glasses that allow you to read in bed lying flat on your back. It’s a perfect solution for book readers with limited mobility. The Prism Glasses turn reader’s view to 90-degree angle and eliminate the need for head movement. Lie flat on your back, rest your head on the pillow, and read for hours without neck cramps or eye strain.


    1. A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Prop

    28 A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Prop


    Complete his Christmas by gifting him Ralphie’s misadventure-inspired lamp. This 20-inch A Christmas Story Leg Lamp is an authentic copy of the beloved holiday classic. Light up his room with a comical leg lamp, same like the one in the movie.

    1. Xbox One

    Microsoft’s latest Xbox One is sure to dazzle any Xbox lover. Get an Xbox One gift card to him and give access to lots of the latest games movies, apps and more. One can buy and download full blockbuster games with Xbox one.

    29 Xbox One

    Make it extra special for him by presenting it with his favorite games.

    1. Funky Veg Growing Kit

    30 Funky Veg Growing Kit

    Brighten up your plantsman with an exciting collection of seeds of five unusual veggies. The Funky Veg Growing Kit contains seeds for funky plants, like purple carrots, striped tomatoes, red Brussels sprouts, rainbow chard and golden zucchini Squash.

    1. Personalized Cutting Boards

    Give the gift of a custom cutting board Personalize a cutting board with his name, a recipe, a monogram or any custom text for a one-of-a-kind gift that’s sure to come in handy for any home chef.

    Choose from glass or engraved wood and add custom text for a practical gift that’s both functional and thoughtful.

    Got some more ideas? Share with us in the comment section.

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