Convert Photo Into An Oil Painting

Oil paintings are stunning works of art featuring beautiful, fluid blends of tones and sharp effects. As a medium, oil paints have a satisfying texture and are often used for producing realistic creations.

How can you turn a photo into an oil painting?

It takes a skilled artist or portrait painter hours to create an oil painting. But today’s technology-driven world offers quicker solutions for the average person to turn a photo into a painting or portrait.


Credit: WhataPortrait

Many photo-to-painting apps can turn photos into oil paintings in no time. Let’s look at the top 7 amazing apps and image editing tools for converting an image into an oil painting:

1. Oilbrush Photo Art by BeCasso

Only available on IOS.


This oil paint app has various timeless oil art effects that help you turn your memories into high-quality, stunning paintings. The app is intuitive and accessible for complete beginners with no technical expertise. It has 29 presets and 12 tools that use advanced machine learning and AI technology to apply oil painting techniques to photos.

BeCasso App

Credit: Appstore

Oilbrush by BeCasso also guarantees privacy and safety regarding the pictures you upload for editing, which won’t leave your device. The innovative mechanism of the app helps you produce visually pleasing, unique pieces as you begin your creative journey. The app also offers printing services to print the image on a canvas or postcard.

How to use:

You typically use the app by uploading the pic, adding the oil painting effect, and downloading it. You can use the Apple pencil to work on it. But let’s look at the main features of the app and grasp what they do through the following steps:

a. Choose Style

Styles refer to the app's 29 advanced AI-based oil art effects. Depending on how extensively you want to edit, it can be the initial or final step in your photo-to-oil painting conversion journey. Choose the oil painting styles you like and apply them to your photo.

b. Edit

At this stage, you can adjust the picture’s brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, shadows, highlights, etc. The premium version of the app provides access to more parameters.

c. Adjust

You can control eight more aspects of the oil painting style, relating to the details, relief, structure, etc.

oil paint app

Credit: Appstore

d. Retouch

You can now add finishing touches to problem areas in your oil paint artwork. Here, you’ll find 12 tools associated with depth, turbulence, relief, etc.

e. Edit Colors and Vignette

Edit the mood of your oil painting by switching between the 44 available color filters and picking a suitable one. There are also ten customizable vignette options to give your picture a vintage oil painting effect.

f. Choose Paper Effects

This option helps you experiment with the texture and realism of your oil painting through 17 effects.

oil painting

Credit: Appstore

g. Add Your Signature

Finally, add your signature to give it the look of an actual oil painting you created with your hands.

h. Download the High-Resolution Image

Before exporting the image to your device, you can enhance the resolution up to 64 megapixels. It will retain the quality even when zoomed in. For storage, the HEIF format and for printing, the TIFF format is available. You can also turn your edits into stickers.

2. Brushstroke app

Only available on IOS.


Brushstroke has many presets for turning photographs into art because it hosts different painting styles, including an oil painting effect. The digital painting app needs minimal effort from your side since it automatically creates beautiful artwork in seconds.

Brushstroke app

Credit: Appstore

The only drawback of Brushstroke is that it is a paid app that costs $4.99, with other In-app purchases for more features. The multimedia app is developed by the Code Organa team and is available in over ten languages.

How to use:

The steps for using Brushstroke are very similar to the previous app, as follows:

a. Choose Style

After uploading the image from your camera roll album to the app, choose oil painting from the many style options available. You can even click a spontaneous snap for this purpose. The app will transform your photos into paintings instantly.

b. Edit Colors

Go through the color palette to decide the tone for your image, and apply it accordingly.

c. Adjust

At this stage, make edits to enhance your picture. Change the settings till you’re satisfied with the result.

d. Choose Canvas

During the editing process, Brushstroke also allows you to choose the texture of the painting. You can do this by browsing through the app's Surfaces and Canvases.


Credit: Appstore

e. Add Your Signature

Add your signature to the photo like a real artist would to their hand-painted creation for a personal touch.

f. Save, Share, or Print

When the picture is ready, you can download it to your device or share it directly on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The company collaborates with CanvasPop to provide the option for creating direct canvas prints of your artwork. You can choose an appropriate frame and size; they will print, ship, and deliver it to your doorstep.

g. Make Videos

A fantastic option Brushstroke provides is that it lets you turn photos into high-quality 4k resolution videos. These moving or Video Paintings can only be created on models above iPhone 5S.

3. Photo Effects Pro

Only available on Android.


Photo Effects Pro is one of the best photo editing tools from DHQ Solutions. It is easy and exciting to use, with hundreds of unique filters and effects to give your photos a magical touch. Expert photographers and designers designed the program to ensure the user has the best experience with the app.

Photo Effects Pro

Credit: Playstore

Besides having filters, collage templates, and 30 Deep effects, the app allows you to add text, frames, clip art, and icons. It also promises safety and privacy as it does not collect unnecessary data or share any data with third parties. A notable aspect of the app is that it lets you make memes at your fingertips as well as artistic pieces.

How to use:

Using Photo Effects Pro to apply an oil painting effect is fairly simple:

a. Upload Image

Add the picture you want to edit from your gallery to Photo Effects Pro.

b. Add Filter

Among the available filters, choose the one for oil painting.

best photo editing app

Credit: Playstore

c. Edit

Make any edits or necessary changes to your oil paint art.

d. Save and Share

Once you’re happy with the results, download the image and post it on social media if you desire. You can also print it out.

4. Glaze

Only available on IOS.


Glaze has been around for over a decade but is still one of the best apps for photo-to-art conversion. With the dozens of painting styles the app offers, enjoy hassle-free creative sessions. It is an excellent tool for making greeting cards, avatars, and display icons.

Glaze App

Credit: Appstore

The app has an intuitive UI and is smooth to explore. It is free with some in-app purchases for more style groups. You can create different variations and combinations of the painting before finalizing the one you like the most. Such top-notch features make it one of the best apps out there.

How to use:

The app has several unique features for editing photos compared to the other image editing tools in this list. The steps to use them are as

a. Upload Images and Add Filter

Choose photos from your library and load them into the app. Then, apply effects from the style bar appearing as a slider. There are dozens of options available.

b. Compare and Styles in Different Modes

Glaze has two modes you can work in, Workshop mode and Studio mode. You can use these to fine-tune the filter you applied by editing your picture in either portrait or landscape mode.

editing your picture

Credit: Appstore

In the former, you can make countless styles through different variations of the available ones. For example, you can blend the effects here to create personalized styles. You can also create random new painting styles through the palette, where you can control the editing.​​

The Studio mode lets you generate different versions of the same painting in a few fast, effortless clicks. You can discover the most suitable fit by clicking the style button to compare styles. The button palette is automatically saved and restored even time you use it.

c. Paint Masks and Use Transparency Features

In Glaze, paint masks are tools that help you manage the placement of brush strokes. It uses the Transparency Mask to regulate where the brush strokes are applied. You can then combine the outcomes with other such awesome apps.

This step requires an in-app purchase but is a good investment as it lets you download images with transparent backgrounds. You can use this for accurate layering using other compositing apps. Even if you transfer it to another app, you will not lose the detail of each stroke.

editing photos

Credit: Appstore

d. Save, Share, or Print

Now that your oil painting is ready save it to the gallery using the icon on the right side of the toolbar. You could also share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email, or other photo-sharing apps.

If you plan on printing the results, you can complete them in full-resolution, professional quality. The app lets you download poster print-quality images up to 21 megapixels.

5. Paint FX

Only available on IOS.


This excellent photo-editing app lets you apply oil painting presets, effects, etc., and work with colors, enhancements, adjustments, and other edits. A superb feature is that it lets you choose particular spots or areas you can specifically edit. This is convenient when you don’t want to edit the entire photo.

Paint FX

Credit: Appstore

Developed by Sprite Labs, Paint FX has so many custom options that it claims to be multiple applications in one. It’s a one-stop destination for layering and transforming your photos, as it includes the functions of apps like Colorizer, Color Splash, Image Blender, HDR, etc.

How to use:

Paint FX is a relatively easy app to use. All you need to do is:

a. Upload Image

Add the image you want to edit from your library to the app.

b. Apply Filter

Choose one from the abundance of options available and apply it to any part of the photo with a single finger tap. With this masking tool, you can add a pinch of magic to your picture or totally transform it.

Some of the effects available are Sketch, Hue, Cartoonize, and Threshold. You can turn the image into a black-and-white photo and enhance the contrasts and highlights. The app even lets you give yourself a tan, change your hair color, or edit your clothes.

c. Control Effects

You can also add several filters on top of each other, giving you the creative freedom to personalize it to your vision. You can also adjust the brightness, highlights, contrast, saturation, and such parameters.

transforming your photos into oil painting

Credit: Appstore

With a compelling zoom option, you can add precise and accurate edits. The paint brush is customizable, and you can undo any unintentional brush strokes. You can remove the backdrop to make your photo appear like a studio portrait.

d. Save and Share

Once done, you can download high-resolution photos in landscape or portrait orientation. The app has rich sharing capabilities, as you can directly post the results on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, or via email.

There is also an inspiring Paint FX community where you can submit your work. Here, you can compete in photo challenges for points and honors. You can achieve all this with a few swipes of your fingers and no specialized skills or expertise.

6. Adobe PaintCan

Only available on IOS.


This application is ideal for turning your photos into oil paintings or other styles of artwork in a realistic manner. It can replicate the texture of actual brushstrokes even as you digitally edit the image. It’s a free app with plenty of features to explore.

Adobe PaintCan

Credit: Appstore

Rather than automatically applying artistic effects, the app lets you be the painter and personalize the image. Its advanced technology includes Smart Brushes that adapt to the photo you want to edit. Adobe PaintCan gives you unlimited freedom to unleash your creativity and make masterpieces.

How to use:

This Adobe app is not that complicated to use. All you must do to turn your photos into paintings is:

a. Upload Image

The first step in creating a stunning oil painting is to load the to-be-edited photo onto the app.

b. Add Filter and Edit

Now apply styles and fine-tune the image to meet your creative vision. You can either select one of the existing filters or customize the brush and style to edit the picture manually. There is an option to convert only a portion of your photo and retain the rest in its original form.

personalize the image

Credit: Appstore

For a quick and seamless experience, the app automatically chooses the colors for you. The whole process can be as brief or detailed as you want. The app supports your creations while giving you ownership and control over the outcome.

c. Use Smart Brushes

You can also use this software's “smart brushes” to enhance the artwork. Combine different brushing styles and pick where and how much brushing detail to add. You should zoom out for broad brushstrokes and zoom in to add more intricate strokes.

A tip they give is to envelop the image using big brushes or background presets and adds specific details to smaller areas. If you overdo the details, you can cover or smoothen it up with another Background or Extra preset.


Credit: Appstore

d. Save and Share

Once ready with the results, save the image. PaintCan supports high-resolution output up to 16 Megapixels. You can share the oil painting creation on social media so your friends can appreciate your skills.

7. GoArt AI Art Generator

Available in Android and IOS.


GoArt’s Art Photo Editor, powered by AI, is a phenomenal tool to change your boring photos into gorgeous artwork. Unlike other apps, this one can take a few minutes to process and generate results. But it produces a sleek, high-quality image you can proudly show off.

Developed by Fotor, this tool has a Pro version that costs $29.99, having all the features. The free version can cartoonize your image to create avatars or replicate it in anime style. It has Big Painter filters that can imitate the styles of artists like Van Gogh, Monet, and Picasso.

GoArt AI Art Generator

Credit: Playstore

You can also create AI art from text prompts by typing in your ideas in a few seconds. Now let the app turn the photo into a painting in styles like Expressionism, Structrulaism, Impressionism, Surrealism, Oil Painting, etc.

How to use:

This fully automatic tool can turn photos into oil paintings in one click. The steps to take are as follows:

a. Upload Photo

Add an image from your album to the app. It doesn’t strictly have to be a human portrait but can also be pet portraits, landscape photos, food pictures, etc.

b. Add Filter

Turn your ordinary photo into an AI-generated artwork using any of the artistic styles available, such as sketch, ukiyo-e, or oil painting. Grab attention to your image using GoArt’s Color Splash or Double Exposure effects.

You can realize your creative vision and make timeless art just by applying the filters. But there aren’t a lot of tools and parameters to edit your picture in GoArt. You can still determine the intensity or strength of the filter applied using a slider.

turn photos into oil paintings

Credit: Appstore

c. Adjust Background

You can cut out and remove the background and retain the primary elements of the picture. Apart from making the background transparent, you can replace it with one solid color or photo from your camera roll.

d. Mint NFT

GoArt can help you mint your art into NFT with some clicks. You can then trade your encrypted artwork in the NFT market.

e. Save and Share

Once you’re done editing your oil painting, download the image and share it with friends. One disadvantage of the app is that the final image will have a watermark. You can remove it with the premium version or through coins. To earn credits, share the photo.

You can get HD images up to 8 megapixels after turning your photos into paintings. The app caters to your desire to print the image, so you can quickly reproduce your work on T-shirts, portfolios, wallpaper, etc.

editing your oil painting

Credit: Appstore


Oil paintings are among the most visually pleasing mediums of artwork in existence. However, they can be time-consuming to create and require a lot of patience and skill. The best oil paintings are often made after years of practice.

But today, you can rely on technology to make quick artwork from your photos in just a few clicks. These are the top 7 photo editing apps to convert your image into an oil painting. Simply apply an oil painting effect from any of these free apps or photo editing tools.

Turning a photo into a painting has never been easier. In very little time, you will have an aesthetic piece of art in your hands, made from your favorite memories.

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