Has it ever occurred that you are sitting idle, doing nothing, and just staring at something and nothing is in your brain or hearing?

There are moments in life when you sit idle

All you try to work and scribble

Your brain is not helping you,

your heart isn’t flowing blood but not ideas

your hands want to doodle,

but you’re not in the mood.

Cool Drawing Ideas

This block is very common with artists of any field. It can be a poet, author, novelist, sketch artist, or painter. There is a reason why an artist takes time to complete a job. Art has no algorithm or procedure. It all is a work of heart and mind working together. Normally it starts with your hand touching the pencil or brush and the magic happens. At certain moments we don’t know where the piece is going yet it comes out to be amazing. That is what art. It simply starts and you’ll never know when it will end until your heart wants to complete. Every art piece is like an invention of its own.

I know that ideas don’t appear anywhere, they are a glimpse of the emotions and our hearts. But sometimes a push of inspiration can be helpful to draw.

We bring you some cool drawing ideas that will make you draw something which might turn out to be something huge or a masterpiece. So No More Blank Pages!

1. Around the World in 360

Around the World in 360

The world is an open canvas, and giving a 360˚ view, on a 2D scale is what some cool and amazing artist would do, think what the world could be from your eyes.

2. A Voyage from the center of the world, to the planets in outer space.

A Voyage from the center of the world, to the planets in outer space

The old philosophers who are still praised were the believers of the idea the earth is flat, why not make it true and create a view of the earth’s scenery and all the planets around it. It would also make us believe that the earth is in the center of the universe.

3. A Getaway

A Getaway

Traveling is something we all love, so why not create something for it. Like a bus going away, or a car. The best idea would be a lonely man with a packed rucksack going(quite gloomy).
Maybe something in the wild like “lion king”.

4. The hippie Culture

The hippie Culture

The 70s was famous for its art and graffiti design. The designs were amazing and the imagination never had any limits. They used to create something impossible. Maybe there could be some inspiration. The ideas were floral yet imaginative

5. Life in a Nutshell, or maybe in a bottle

Life in a Nutshell, or maybe in a bottle

Life is the biggest inspiration for any creative idea. Showing life in a nutshell, or maybe in a bottle is quite exquisite. Like Jim Croce tried to “Put Time in a Bottle”.

6. A simple scenery

A simple scenery

Let’s find out your imaginative self, and see where you see when yourself. Can you see a simple scenery and make it amazing, and something one would love to have in his life.

7. A Love Triangle, Earth-Heaven-Geometry

A Love Triangle, Heaven-Man-Earth

Can you use these three things in one? See how imaginative you can be. Think of it as a Triangle, in it all of it. The triangle is a very amazing shape that can give us restrictions of space yet ideas of imagination.

8. A Burning Abstract

A Burning Abstract

Fire is one very powerful and intriguing element of nature. Now thinking to add it to the world of art. Even burning letters are quite elegant.

9. A Campsite

A Campsite

A campsite is someone loves, It is adventurous and something we all connect. But Try to make it geometrical and add a blank space in between. No shades nothing. It might look like a gap in the canyon or a river. It will be an intriguing piece.

10. A Moonlight

A Moonlight

Moon is the symbol of love to a lot of people around the globe, a creating something with the moon and its light will set the mood of the viewers.

11. Hills


Hill stations are calling, people love to go to high altitudes, it is a simple idea to create a hill, but it will be amazing if you can make it even more interesting.

12. Spheres of Elements

Spheres of Elements

The earth has so many elements, you can create a sphere as a representation of these elements. Make people eager to choose one element for themselves.

13. The World under your feet

The World under your feet

Try creating scenery in a footprint, it can be something you aspire to see or something you imagine, you can also create paw marks and their habitats in the footprint. This idea can show how great you want to be a traveler.

14. Fuse Technology and Nature

Fuse Technology and Nature

There are many hollow technological products, like a light bulb. Create a beautiful scenery in the bulb or create some natural thing in the bulb. It can also become a poster for electricity conservation.

15. How religion and nature are connected

How religion and nature are connected

Create a connection between religion and nature to create either a fusion or something everyone would love. Be careful on this one, you don’t want to hurt any sentiments of the people who are hardcore followers.

16. A Breaking Heart

A Breaking Heart

Heartbreaks are the ignition to the creativity in the soul. A breaking heart is something we must create. You have to come up with a lot of ideas for a breaking heart. A heart that comes out of ribs or may be the other way out.

17. A distant Island

A distant Island

An Island is something everyone would look, but an isolated island, on a long stretch of see. A sunset, sea, small island is enough.

18. Sky is the limit

The sky is the limit

If the sky is the limit, then why not the sky, it is out there with unknown possibilities. You can draw anything regarding the sky, it is a blank canvas. What about mountains out of the sky with on having a camp, and it is going to be amazing.

19. Somewhere unknown, no where

Somewhere unknown, nowhere

The world has many places, unknown to us, yet many are those places that we can create. It all is in your brain and heart.

20. A moonlit Ocean

A moonlit Ocean

The Dover Beach by Mathew Arnold, amazingly describes the moonlit sea. You can re-create it in your artistic way.

21. Nature in a water droplet

Nature in a water droplet

Recreate an amazing scenario inside a droplet. It will bring amazingly beautiful. It is a concept many people love and create. It can be anything. Anything you love.

22. A beautiful scenery in a crescent moon

A beautiful scenery in a crescent moon

A crescent moon is something we all adore, but a beautiful scene created in a crescent moon is going to be amazing.

23. Mandalas


Simple designs that you create out of geometric ideas. In a circular pattern. This thing is amazing and the best to doodle around.

24. Artistic animals

Artistic animals

Animals with some floral or geometric design. Some designer looks, for new ideas. One example I have is Ponyta or Rapidash from Pokemon. explicitly all Pokemons are examples to these.

25. Roaring Oceans

Roaring Oceans

The ocean is something we find peace with, and people always find peace. The idea is to create some roaring sea waves, to show another side of the peaceful sea we all love.

26. Nature in a Hand

Nature in a Hand

A human hand creates the artistic pieces, yet creating something like a natural scene on a hand, this could also become a poster for nature preservations. A lot of people find these types of things artistic.

27. Something Like Asgard

Something Like Asgard

A beautiful paradise, with a river flowing into to waterfall, but not river flows to no where. Maybe you could create the Bifrost. Maybe like the fountain in the paradise, like John Keats mentioned in his masterpiece “A Thing Of Beauty”.

28. A Hot Air Balloon

A Hot Air Balloon

A hot air balloon, but if you could try to make it go somewhere it hasn’t been. Like a hot air ballon near the moon.
It does seem impossible, yet many people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are trying to fulfill this.

29. Personification of inanimate objects

Disney character

Disney made millions out of giving life to no living objects. You can try making your own version of it. Try giving life to a balloon, or maybe a mobile phone, or anything around you, it is your call. Spread life all around.

30. Make Baby animals

Make Baby animals

Cute animals, look cute when they are small and young, but few fierce animals don’t be like this. Some are made cute with creativity of artists like you. Try a baby crocodile with big cute eyes, or maybe a cute vulture.

31. Recreate a hero you love, but with your own twist

Recreate a hero you love, but with your own twist

Iron Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Black Widow. All of these are here to save you from your misery, try creating them with your own twist. I know it isn’t an original idea, yet The creation you will make would be your version.

32. Fusion Haaaaa!!!

Fusion Haaaaa!!!

Creating fusions of your favorite characters can amazing task, try making your own version of different heroes or any character. You can also try anime, cartoons, anything. Go try fusing pokemon for once.
In case of superheroes, there are amalgamation comics those who fuse Marvel and DC, take some inspiration from there.

33. Our Society

Our Society

We live in a society where practical knowledge takes over creativity, try creating your own idea to show the world this. Maybe showing rain, that is flowing in all the colors of an umbrella, and maybe a person reading a book under a dark umbrella and a huge rainbow over him.

34. Musical Happiness

Musical Happiness

Music brings us many moods, yet happiness is on the top. Try making a cute figure that is happy listening to music.

35. Architecture from your own eyes

Architecture from your own eyes

Show the world’s greatest buildings from the eyes that no one but only you saw. Many people have seen the Eiffel Tower, now I don’t think that everyone saw the Eiffel Tower through a keyhole. Maybe none saw through a window.

36. Galaxy in a Jar

Galaxy in a Jar

What if this galaxy is sitting in a jar of super being, on a shelf, some do believe it is true, yet very few can believe to see this. You cannot see this but yes, you can draw it.

37. Something broken, to be complete

Something broken, to be complete

There are some broken pieces that can become one complete thing. This can be something you want. An arrow that never reached the aim and broke.

38. Geometric animals

Geometric animals

Animals can be beautiful in art, yet a geometric animal or animal head can be something exquisite, it can bring out the fine lines, and sharpness of the animal.

39. A Car Design

A Car Design

If you are a car enthusiast and sometimes you feel that you can create something better than Lamborghini and Ferrari. Go ahead and create the car of your dreams and make them come true on paper. Maybe that dream car can bring you a job for designing a car, or you can create something no one has ever created.

40. Open your mind

Open your mind

Your mind is a beautiful part created by God, to bring imagination to life, maybe you could draw something of your mind that how it opens to the spirituality and creativity of the world. In it you can show, what the world can bing to you.

41. A thinking mind

A thinking mind

A normal face is okay! But creating a mind, that has some unknown possibilities and something that only you can think of. Creating a mind that either revolves around galaxies, or maybe mythological creatures like dragons. You can create something you can think of.

42. What about a famous guy you admire

What about a famous guy you admire

Making portrays of some one you admire could be amazing, you can also give a twist to it your own, either make a cartoonish design or an actual portray. This could also be a salute to the fallen heroes.

43. Salute to Fallen Heroes

Salute to Fallen Heroes

A tribute, to the fallen soldiers and heroes of the nation.

44. Your favorite shoes

Your favorite shoes

Everyone has their favorite pairs of shoes or sneakers. You can sketch those, and make your own invention to it. Add more stuff, if you like floral design, add those, if you like sharp tron like design. It is your canvas and your favorite shoe.

45. The interior of your living room

The interior of your living room

The inside of your loving room, is simple yet elegant when you sketch. This will make you bring out some ideas. You could also draft out what you imagine your living room would be if you had designed it. Maybe it could be what you want to have in your living room.

46. A houseplant

A houseplant

People love to have plants in their house, now some want flowers and some want leafy. You can draw it, create it. Maybe you can come up with a new species of plant.

47. Kitchen utensils, like a whisk or slotted spoon

Kitchen utensils, like a whisk or slotted spoon

Objects and still objects give you the best sketching ideas. They give you the ideas of fine lines and good shading. The shading and the lines could be the spot from where you see the objects.

48. Your self-portrait

Your self portrait

You can make your own portrait. After giving chances to superheroes and big personalities. This is your chance. to make yourself.

49. A family photograph that you cherish

A family photograph that you cherish

You can make a family portrait for your family for a memory. It could be one of the most memorable projects in your life. It is like the school day projects draw your family.

50. Feet


The feet are someone feels are beautiful, and these are the base for portraits, they can either make it or break a portrait if you are making a full portrait. When someone meets anyone, they look at the feet of the person.

51. Hands


Hands are beautiful and mesmerizing, many people get into a profession simply because of their hands, yes Hand Models. Even Jack Dawson(Leonardo DiCaprio) from the Titanic movie made some beautiful hand sketches.

52. A fresh bouquet of flowers

A fresh bouquet of flowers

A flower is amazing, but it can never replace a whole bought of flowers. I agree on the flower is quite romantic but a bouquet is lovely.

53. Trees outside your window

Trees outside your window

Trees and nature are simple yet elegant and amazing. A view of trees from your window bring a lively effect to the sketch. The window added to the sketch brings a sparkle to it.

54. The items on your coffee table

The items on your coffee table

Your Coffee Table can have anything, yet it can have some stuff that is close to you. Fruits are sketching 101, and this you do, it might feel like a U-turn, yet sometimes it is great to do so.

55. House keys attached to a keychain

House keys attached to a keychainThe items on your coffee table

Keychains with keys are sometimes a great wallpaper on mobile phones, yet it can be amazing if you can bring the same life to a sketch.

56. Sketch someone on public transit

Sketch someone on public transit

Public transport can be a great sketch, but a lonely guy is standing alone in public transit. It might bring some depth to the sketch. He could be on a train, or a bus that is your choice.

57. Play with perspective, bridge with a skyscraper

Play with perspective, a bridge with a skyscraper

Look at the amazing King Kong movie, they show Kong on a huge skyscraper through a bridge and even in Avengers Infinity War, the huge spaceship was seen from the Brooklyn Bridge, this was called something amazing in cinematic view, bring something like that in life.

58. Crumpled fabric

Crumpled fabric

A plain fabric will have one shade, texture, and lines, yet here a crumpled will give you the challenge of fine lines but different shades, textures, and perspectivess, try making it a crumpled paper is thrown by an artist trying to draw something.

59. Favorite painting or statue

Favorite painting or statue

We all love Mona Lisa, but we are not Da Vinci, neither we can make the Starry Night nor we are Vincent Van Gogh. But we can try to recreate them again in our way or the same way.

60. A close-up of an eye

A close-up of an eye

The eye is the one that makes you fall in love with someone. Make it! You can create an eye or eyes, such eyes that can make anyone fall in love. Make anime cute eyes, make animal eyes. Make eyes that look as real as possible.

61. An object in a glass dish

An object in a glass dish

Like a fish in a bowl, you can create anything in a glass dish.

62. The view from your window

The view from your window

Not everyone has a view of trees from their window, you can create whatever you see through your window. If it is a building or anything, just make it.

63. What you see from your car’s rearview mirror

What you see from your car’s rear view mirror

It is your perspective, what you see from your rearview window, brings something imaginary to the real world. Maybe a monster chasing you, or some UFO!

64. Collection of your favorite things

Collection of your favorite things

What do you love the most your iPhone, your clothes, your trophies, anything, all you have to do is draw and draw them.

65. Design the exterior of your dream house

Design the exterior of your dream house

We all have some dream houses, where we wish to live. Tony Stark’s home in Malibu California, was a magnificent mansion. You can create your own what you will love.

66. Build your own castle

Build your own castle

Let’s go medieval, for planning our a huge castle, simply like Hogwarts or maybe you might something like King Arthur’s

67. Imagine life underwater

Imagine life underwater

We all fell in love with the CGI of Aquaman, but what if you created something of your own, your own Atlantis.

68. A forklift lifting spaghetti and meatballs

A forklift lifting spaghetti and meatballs

Food sketches can seem something, not much aspiring, but they can be as mouth-watering as you want them to be, just use the right colors.

69. Aerial view of your favorite place

Aerial view of your favorite place

You can always see anything from a real stagnant straight view, ever wondered how the person in the sky looks at it, this is the time to check your perspective.

70. Your world in LEGOs

Your world in LEGOs

The LEGO movie was a success, but can you make one of your own.

71. A drawing of a drawing

A drawing of a drawing

Design something that draws itself, I know this sounds impossible, yet this can be amazing for you to show your imagination and creativity.

72. Swap the scale of two subjects

Swap the scale of two subjects

Ant-Man, yes a man ant size, this was a change in the scale of two different things, create something like that, make a lion small and a deer huge. It is your world.

73. It’s raining… (not water)

It’s raining… (not water)

Rain but maybe stars, or colors could be amazing. Maybe it is raining roses, that might make you a great romantic among the girls.

74. Illustrate part of your favorite song

Illustrate part of your favorite song

The perfect way to express yourself is through songs. They sometimes become our inspiration. Let them be your inspiration.

75. Illustrate an idiom in a literal way

Illustrate an idiom in a literal way

“A blessing in disguise” is a simple idiom but can have a lot of sketch designs, this makes it easier to understand any idiom

76. Imagine a cover for movie or a band

Imagine a cover for movie or a band

There are artists specially for the task to create covers for movies and bands, try to imitate one at first when you can imagine more ideas about the band. Come up with your own cover.

77. A Lonely guy in rain,

A Lonely guy in rain

This is quite gloomy yet satisfying for a portrait.

78. Eyeglasses


Eyeglasses can show you the perspective of what a person sees, and you can show it. Like a scenery in the eyeglasses of a person, or simply their deepest desires. The same could be done with eyes.

79. Ghost


Who says ghosts aren’t real, they are simple in your imagination. For us, ghosts can be as scary as the Boogeyman, or anyone cute as Casper.

80. Monsters


You’re friends with the monsters inside your head, all you have to do is draw them instead, They won’t come alive, it is my promise to draw them, no one will think you as crazy, as crazy.

81. Peacock


It is one of the most beautiful birds, with the most amazing feathers. They can flatter you with merely a flick of the tail.

82. Minions


Who are yellow and love banana-nana, Yes, minions. They are cute and very innocent why don’t you make your own Kevin.

83. Dog


The loyalist creature alive, make one for yourself.

84. Feather


Feathers can be any feather, a peacock, an eagle, or a sparrow. This is simply elegant.

85. Anchor


An anchor, a design you like, shows your strength, and power. It shows that you cannot fall in front of anyone a stay tall. It shows that you have the power to stop anyone

86. Religious symbols

Religious symbols

Everyone is religious and they love their symbols, you can also create your own version, but remember, do not kill the chastity and pureness of the symbol.

87. Tattoo Design

Tattoo Design

Some people can make designs by scribbling, why don’t you try your own tattoo design, start with the first letter of your name.

88. 3D Sketch

3D Sketch

If possible try to create a 3D wall or 3D stuff. It might be something hard and amazing. At first, it might feel that it isn’t 3D but it is going to be amazing when you are done with the final piece.

89. Brand Symbols

Brand Symbols

Brand symbols are amazing and creating your version, is even better, it might also help you to get a job like a pro.

90. A body

A body

A body, male or female simply makes what you like it to be. It has to be precise and simple, try with frames, and then create something godly.

91. Human silhouette behind a matte glass surface!

Human silhouette behind a matte glass surface

A human silhouette is something, that seems mysterious and quite simple. It will be amazing to mesmerize a person and it will be quite intriguing.

These are some amazing ideas that can make you wonder and might encourage you to draw.
I came up with these ideas, because personally when I write I realize how frustrating it can be when you reach an artistic block. The block is your enemy and I am here to join hands with you to fight this block and throw them away from lives.

Btw, if you are looking to get an artistic sketch done from a photo then we are here to help! Simply click Get Started and we take care of the rest.

Happy sketching !!!