Pets are adorable and loyal companions of humans. Because of their unconditional love for society, they form a unique bond with humanity. Pets have always been an indispensable part of society’s ecosystem. A positive and balanced animal-human relationship benefits the well-being of both creatures on earth.

Customized Gifts for Pet

Dogs and cats are the most loved household pets when talking among other animals. Our pet friends bring immeasurable and unfiltered joy into our lives. Even medical studies prove that owning pets can have many health benefits, and they can help reduce stress and anxiety, decrease blood pressure, and even help fight depression.

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Giving pet lovers gifts to celebrate their beautiful and unique bonds with their pets is a great idea. However, buying gifts for animal lovers can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know the person’s likes and dislikes.

So before you start purchasing gifts for animal lovers, knowing their choices makes the task much more convenient. For example,

  • You can gift a personalized pet portrait to a dog or cat lover.
  • You can pick wildlife documentaries and books for people curious about wild animals.
  • You may also select unique presents like animal trivia games for people drawn towards other species of the animal kingdom.

Here is a list of customized gifts to help you choose presents that reminds people of their pets. Check out this gift guide with 26 fun and creative gifting ideas for pet lovers.

1) Personalized Pet Portrait from WhataPortrait

Imagine if someone surprises you with a hand-painted portrait of you with your loved ones. Will you not feel special and valued? Similarly, a personalized pet portrait is a perfect gift for pet parents. Pet owners love doing pet photography. They try to capture their furry friends from all possible poses and in all camera shots.

Transforming a photograph into a framed portrait is the best way of preserving it for a lifetime. A pet portrait is a gift a pet owner will love and cherish forever as it captures the blissful relationship between the pet and the pet parents.

While searching for a source that makes beautiful hand-painted portraits, try WhataPortrait. WhataPortrait is a one-stop destination for a seamless experience in turning pictures into portraits. It guarantees 100% customer satisfaction in a hassle-free process.

WhataPortrait, with a team of experts, offers premium products ranging from pencil sketches, oil paintings, pastel portraits, charcoal sketches, etc. They provide clients with highly professional and dynamic services whenever they order artwork.


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2) Customized Clothes for Animal Lovers

What is the fun of being a dog mom if you do not have matching outfits for you and your dog? Custom hoodies are among the best gifts for pet parents and their four-legged furry friends. Pet lovers enjoy twinning with their pets in super comfy and adorable apparel. While giving such a gift, surprising them with paw prints or cute pictures on t-shirts or hoodies is icing on the cake.

Customized Clothes for Animal Lovers

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Cat and dog lovers like using such customized clothes during cute pet photoshoots. They can even carry their dog’s outfit wherever they cannot take their pup to avoid missing them. Such clothes make them feel their pets are with them in all their adventures.

While purchasing these garments, choosing the suitable fabric for the right season is necessary. A well-knitted sweater in winter will keep the pets warm and cozy, and a cotton t-shirt in summer feels soft, breathable, and comfortable.

You can purchase these matching sets online or offline. You can find a range of fabrics, designs, sizes, and colors of pet and owner hoodies at reasonable rates on the Etsy website online. You can even find such pieces in pet grooming shops or clothing stores.

So, next time you go shopping during the holiday season, remember to pick cute attractive clothing for animal lovers and their pet families.

3) Customized Jewelry

Have you ever seen a necklace with miniature paw prints or engraved pup names? Aren’t they the cutest gifting items available? Jewelry has a deeper meaning than its aesthetic appeal and expensive pricing. Being a symbol of attachment and companionship, personalized jewelry is a perfect gift for animal lovers.

Ornaments like necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets are valuable because of their significance. Gifting a dog lover a necklace with an inscribed name or a portrait of the pet symbolizes unconditional affection, friendship, and care for each other. It also showcases the pet’s individuality and unique characteristics.

Animal lovers enjoy wearing accessories that remind them of their furry friends. Such thoughtful and precious gifts keep them close to their hearts. Dog lovers like wearing lockets and pendants that voice out, stand against dog cruelty, and fight for their life rights. Likewise, bird lovers enjoy wearing bracelets with feathers as they symbolize freedom.

Customized Jewelry

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Today, simple and sleek designs of different jewelry are trendy. You can choose silver, rose gold, pearls, beads, metal, or gold pieces according to your budget. However, always select hypoallergenic accessories that remain tarnish-free over the years.

4) Minimalist Animal-Shaped Plant Vases

In today’s advanced world, many humans have lost connection with nature’s beauty. In such a scenario, what’s a better gift than giving a cute animal-shaped plant vase to an animal lover?

Animal lovers naturally are likelier to be inclined towards nature and its creations—they love the animal kingdom and the plants around them. Giving them a small and unique animal-themed planter is always a delight for animal lovers.

Lush and lively houseplants add vibrance and charisma to the atmosphere. Because of their liveliness, planters enhance the beauty of the home decor. They are easy to incorporate and are low on maintenance. You can also gift your friends plant hangings on walls or large vases in a backyard.

A cat lover would enjoy a minimalist cat-shaped planter in various poses and expressions. Small kitten plants are also a treat for a cat lover. Aquarists would love to keep aquatic plants that are fish-friendly and do not harm them.

In your gifting spree, you can include other adorable animal-structured vases like elephant-shaped plants, dog-head vases, rabbit-themed pots, etc. Hand-carved stoneware of cute animals like giraffes, rhinos, kangaroos, etc., are also beautiful gifts to present. You can find these plant vases on Etsy, Amazon, or other online shopping websites.

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5) Customized Welcome Doormats

Think of a doormat that says Welcome to Cooper’s house. Humans also live here! Isn’t it funny and adorable at the same time? If you wish to gift something funky to your friends who are animal lovers alike, a personalized welcome doormat is the best thing for you.

Doormats make a home entry look clean, cozy, organized, and welcoming; if they have a beautiful message from a pet, they become all the more cute and hilarious. Welcome doormats featuring cats and dogs is a perfect gift for a dog or a cat lover. Such eye-pleasing treats light up the person’s living space and connect them more to their pet family.

Entryway rugs or printed welcome doormats are the best and most unique housewarming gifts for a pet lover. Available in various shapes and sizes, someone can purchase customized house doormats from online shopping websites like Amazon, Etsy, Alibaba, etc. Made of rubber base, these mats are also easy-to-clean, durable, and long-lasting.

Customized Welcome Doormats


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6) Personalized Keychains

Some people do not consider gifting keychains a good option, as they associate them with terms like cheap and shabby. But on the brighter side, keychains are one of the most practical gifting options. Keychains add to the consumer’s utility as they are light, portable, and fashionable.

An animal-themed keyring with an engraved photo or pet name is one of the best gifts for animal lovers. Keychains are not just key holders but also suitable for decorating a boring bag. A simple keyring can add subtle and elegant details to a bag.

Having a keychain with his pet’s picture is valuable for a dog lover. Using it daily will keep them close to their dog and make it easier for them not to miss their pet. A perfect gift for celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions, keyrings can be customized according to the buyer’s preferences.


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Personalized Keychains

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7) Custom Printed Phone Case

Whenever we see someone carrying a unique phone case, it fascinates us immediately. A personalized printed phone case is undoubtedly an excellent gifting choice in today’s scenario, where everybody has and uses phones.

An ideal gift for cat or dog lovers, phone covers with pet portraits are a treat to carry. They also showcase animal lovers' love and affection towards their pet families.

The popularity of custom phone cases is rising rapidly, as it is a go-to gift option for everyone. Today, hand-painted phone covers by professional pet portrait artists are also in high demand. However, you can even print a digital picture on a simple case.

So, surprise your friends, and create an elegant customized phone cover for pet parents with their beloved pets.

Custom Printed Phone Case

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8) Pet Cameras

Pet parents love their furry friends unconditionally and constantly pamper them. But then, there comes a time when they have to go out with the pet left alone in the house. It is obvious that when people are away from their pets, they get worried and concerned for them.

Pet owners fear that while out, the pets might injure themselves, eat something wrong, or create other trouble. In such cases, pet cameras play a pivotal role in helping individuals keep an eye on their pups. A dog camera is a perfect gift for busy pet parents as they can stay in touch with their pet family and ensure they are safe and healthy.

With the help of such cameras, people help dogs overcome separation anxiety. By staying connected to them, a person can discover unknown facts about their dogs or cats. They can discover things like how they spend their day, what catches their attention, how they keep themselves occupied, etc.

Today there are varying models of pet cameras available in the market. The basic ones let you watch the live footage, while others also record it. The more advanced ones let the audio from both sides, allowing you to talk to animals while you are away. You can purchase dog cameras from Furbo, Petcube Play 2 Wifi, Wopet Smart Pet Camera, etc.

Pet Cameras

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9) Customized Pet Pillow with Reversible Sequin

Who doesn’t love playing and having fun with a cute pet? Playing and staying connected with animals help a person stay healthy mentally and physically. While there are many ways of playing with a dog, using a reversible pet pillow is a fun way of doing so.

One can play peek-a-boo with a pup or kitten using a sequin pillow and amaze them. These reversible pillow covers have a picture with sequins on them, and once the person flips the sequin on one side, the treasured photo of your pup appears. Flip technology allows you to create stylish designs and form patterns as you move your hand over the cover.

These customized pillow covers add a touch of playfulness and beauty to home decor. This gift is most suitable for children who love playing with a dog or a cat. Choose a bright-colored pillow cover and get it customized with your choice of picture and sequin shade like gold, silver, rose gold, etc.

Customized Pet Pillow

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10) Personalized Coffee Mugs

Gifting a customized mug to a pet lover is perfect when looking for a present that symbolizes care and friendship. Most people like to begin their day by having a hot beverage; likewise, most pet parents enjoy spending time and having coffee or tea with their pet family in the morning.

People consider a personalized coffee mug as a unique gift because it has sentimental value attached to it. You can go for custom cups with thoughtful inscribed messages, quotes, or printed digital pet portraits. People love using gifts that remind them of their special ones. When pet lovers take a sip from a customized pet photo cup, it reminds them of their furry friends.

Consider gifting mugs and cups that are microwave-safe and food safe, as they are of more utility. Add chocolates, pens, colors, and other small goodies inside the mug to make it more presentable. Pick up these budget-friendly and super-cute cups and make your friends happy.

Personalized Coffee Mugs

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11) Custom Pet Collar

A dog collar is an essential element in a dog’s utility kit. The dog wears the pet collar around the neck for identification, fashion, and protection. A custom pet collar is one of the best gifts for animal lovers, especially those with a new dog or cat.

Pet collars are essential for puppies and kittens as they might go to an unfamiliar place and get lost. It enhances the safety of a dog and makes them more responsible. Pet collars also help during dog training and monitor the pet's behavior.

Today, collars with LED lights are more prominent. They assist dog lovers when taking out their dogs at night as they shine and make identification easier. LED collars are waterproof and rechargeable. However, while selecting a cloth collar, it is essential to pick a high-quality collar to prevent any injury or rashes on the dog's skin and keep them away from itchiness and irritation.

Custom Pet Collar

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12) Personalized Dog Treat

Generally, dog trainers offer delicious treats to dogs during their training. When pets accomplish a specific task or follow commands, people award them with tasty treats. This tempts a dog, forming a pattern in its mind that particular behavior would lead to mouthwatering treats.

Thus, reward your friend’s pets with tasty and healthy dog treats. A personalized dog treat will make the pet and its owner happy. Such customized treats will create an impact in the pet parents' minds that you thought about their pet.

Always choose biscuits rich in vitamins, protein, minerals, and fiber. Pick natural and healthy treats with peanut butter, pumpkin, apple, carrot, sweet potato, etc. Avoid cookies that are heavily processed and have toxic chemicals injected into them.


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13) Illustrated Animal Story Books

Who doesn’t love reading books and listening to stories? Illustrated animal storybooks have beautiful messages and morals for humankind, making them one of the best gifts for toddlers who are animal lovers.

Fables and animal tales connect and nurture the relationship of humans with nature and its creatures. Fables teach humans lessons about life and the correct way of living it. Animals in tales often have similar personalities to humans in real life. Authors usually write animal-themed stories with the motive of teaching moral values to people in a fun way.

Children love to watch and read illustrated animal storybooks and learn a lot from them. Some classic fables are The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs, The Tortoise and Hare, Goldilocks and Three Bear, etc.

14) Trivia Board Games

Everybody loves spending their free time with friends and family, but what’s better than enjoying an exciting trivia game together? While there are many animal board games, the Traveling Animals Strategic Trivia Family Board Game is among the best of them.

This trivia board game entertains all age groups with 75 animal cards, 15 world cards, and three difficulty levels. It is an engaging game to learn about diverse species, birds, and creatures of the animal kingdom. This international board game also teaches people about this planet and its countries.

Throughout the game, a person has to answer questions about animal behavior, traits, and environmental conservation. As the game goes on, the person crosses the different countries on the world map and answers questions accordingly. Players gain and lose cards during this journey, but the first to collect five trivia cards wins.

Traveling Animals Board Game is the best gift for animal lovers as they will enjoy and learn much from it. This game is readily available on any online shopping website.

Trivia Board Games

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15) Animal Kingdom Journal Book

If you have friends who love writing and are also animal lovers, the animal kingdom journal book is the perfect gift for them. A flow of ideas generates as a pen meets paper. Maintaining a journal means recording all your thoughts anytime and anywhere.

Animal lovers would enjoy jotting down their reflections in an animal-themed journal book as they would feel fondness towards animals. It will also declutter their mind and help them get close to nature.

Giving an animal journal book to a writer is both thoughtful and adorable. Therefore, choose an elegant and decent animal-themed journal book. Personalize it with a special quote and the person’s name you are gifting to before you give it to them.

16) Symbolic Species Adoption

If you know someone who loves animals and has a strong desire to preserve biodiversity, a symbolic species adoption is the best gift for them. The adoption is symbolic of the contribution to support and benefit wildlife.

An initiative by the World Wildlife Fund, symbolic species adoption is a movement that works generously to conserve the animal kingdom and protect fragile endangered wildlife. WWF works towards saving and maintaining the animal ecosystem from threats and disasters.

A symbolic species adoption is the most heart-touching and special gift an animal lover can receive from you. While adopting a creature, your donation protects animals against any natural crisis, losing habitat, animal poachers, etc.

The symbolic adoption kit the person receives after donating comes with the following:

  • A photo of the adopted animal,
  • An adoption certificate,
  • A stuffed animal toy,
  • A card with the details of the species and more.

Remember that the receiver’s valid email address and other information are essential to receive the adoption certificate.

So, step up and choose to save wildlife and our planet from irreparable losses.

Symbolic Species Adoption

World Wildlife Fund

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17) Dog Travel Backpack-Style Carrier

If you know a person who is not only a dog lover but a travel enthusiast who loves going on adventure trips with their pet, a dog travel backpack is a perfect gift for them. Dog carriers help people commute freely with their furry friends if they are on vacation.

Well-ventilated, flexible, and safe to use, these carriers allow people to take their adorable pets anywhere. People can even keep the dog’s stuff, toys, containers, and food in the bag's pockets. They can go hiking or out for a city tour without worrying about the dog's health and requirements.

People can use pet carriers for trekking up the mountain with a dog, transiting in an automobile, and more. They can also use it to take an animal to a veterinarian or fasten their walking speed. Because of these travel backpacks, pets are more comfortable and enjoy the trip without getting irritated or tired.

Travel backpacks come in various sizes, colors, toughness, forms, etc. Before purchasing a dog carrier to gift, you must consider the design and needs of the pet and its owner. Some dogs may like to hang their legs out, while others may consider enclosing them. Some pet owners prefer keeping the dogs in front, while others like hanging them at the back while they walk.

Therefore, purchase a dog travel carrier after considering the necessities of your friends.

Dog Travel Backpack

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18) Goodies Bag for Pet

People value their adorable pets and always want the best for them. Your friends and family will love it if you surprise them with a goodies bag for their pets. A gift for your loved one’s little fur babies shows how much you care and think about them.

While preparing a pet dog’s goodie bag, you should include all the essential and fun elements a dog uses. The bag may comprise dog toys, tennis balls, a frisbee, a pet collar, healthy treats, food, and more. The dog should get joyous and enthusiastic upon seeing it.

You can take a paw print bag to make it look more attractive and exciting. You can even incorporate some uncommon goods like pet wipes, paw magnets, or a dog bowl in the bag. Add a picture of the dog with its parent to give it a personalized touch.

Check out the Etsy website for a unique, customized range of handmade pieces.

19) Amazing Animals: Adult Coloring Book

For a loved one who is an artist and animal lover alike, Amazing Animals: Adult Coloring Book is the best present for them. This coloring book has 50 different mandala line drawings of animals designed to give a rich coloring experience.

Amazing Animals lets you unleash your creativity and experiment with the ocean of colors. The coloring book is not only for those passionate about art but also for people exploring ways to relieve stress and reduce anxiety.

With every page's unique design and beautiful illustration, this coloring book is for beginners and experts. Depending upon their choice, one can use sketch pens, crayons, watercolors, charcoal pencils, etc., and create great masterpieces to hang in your living room.

You can even give the Animals and Birds version to bird lovers. So, what’s stopping you? Grab a copy of this fantastic coloring book and gift it to your friends and family.

Adult Coloring Book

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20) Crossbody Tote Bag

We all need a bag to carry in our essentials, and gifting a crossbody tote bag is one of the most practical and logical gift ideas. A gift with maximum utility, a crossbody tote bag allows a person to stuff many items and travel comfortably. The weight is spread evenly across the bag, and the user feels no discomfort carrying it. It even adds to the look of the person’s outfit.

A custom paw print tote bag or one with pet pictures is an excellent idea for a dog lover. Such personalized bags are a treat to carry as they showcase the love for dogs and do not let them miss their pets.

So, pick an exquisite crossbody tote bag and customize it next time you go gift shopping.

Crossbody Tote Bag

Credit: Pop your Pup

21) Custom If My Dog Could Talk Storybook

If you are looking for something to gift toddlers who are also dog lovers, then the If My Dog Could Talk storybook is best for them. The favorite bedtime read of children, If My Dog Could Talk, hilariously represents what life looks like from a pup’s point of view and how funnily he does everything. It shows the cute and loving bond between the pet and its pet parents.

You can order a personalized storybook with your pet’s name on the cover. You can also customize the look of the dog to match it with the one you have. The gifter can even write a unique message for the receiver to make the storybook look more presentable and unique.


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22) Customized Pet Photo Blanket

A dog playing with a blanket is always a treat to watch. Every dog lover has a blanket that is technically theirs, but their pup loves cuddling in it. A personalized pet photo blanket is the best gift for such dog lovers.

A soft fleece blanket with the dog's picture or paw prints is all a pet needs. Gift this pet photo blanket to a dog lover so he can gift it to his dog. Blankets keep the dogs warm and cozy on chill winter nights, making them have a sound sleep. It can even prevent scratches and dirt from collecting on the bed or sofa.

So, walk to a store, shop for a cute blanket to gift, and watch your friend’s dog sleep comfortably.

Customized Pet Photo Blanket

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23) Custom Animal Stickers

Gift custom high-resolution animal stickers to animal lovers so they can stick them on mobile surfaces, laptops, bags, and whatnot. Yes, you heard it right. Now, you can quickly turn your personalized animal photos into high-quality pet portrait stickers.

All you need to do is:

  • Click a clear photo of your pet in good lighting.
  • Choose the size of the stickers to desire to get.
  • Personalize the sticker by giving your pet’s name and other noteworthy details.
  • That’s it. Place the order, and you will have adorable animal stickers in your hand.

So, create unique stickers for dogs, cats, birds, or other pets, and gift them to pet lovers so they can decorate their belongings. You can get custom animal stickers from websites like Etsy, Amazon, Custom Stickers, etc.

Car Stickers

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24) Cat Trivia Calendar

Think of a calendar with puzzles, quizzes, facts, and more about your feline friends. Doesn’t it sound intriguing? Wouldn’t you wish to have one?

Gift cat lovers a cat trivia calendar to make their whole year full of fascinating trivia, advice, quotes, and jokes. A cat trivia calendar has interesting content page by page, making cat lovers smile with joy.

This calendar has minute details about cat breeds, facts, myths, cat quotes, owners’ advice, information about famous cats, etc. A person who reads this calendar is sure to enjoy it.

Cat Trivia Calendar

Credit: Amazon

25) Scented Animal-Shaped Candles

Aromas help maintain health and well-being. Aromatherapy is a widely used phenomenon that calms anxiety, improves mood, relieves pain, and helps increase concentration and focus. Scents of essential oils like lavender, cinnamon, orange, tea tree, jasmine, etc., can uplift your spirit and bring instant positivity to your home.

Similarly, gifting customized aromatic candles to animal lovers is a good option. However, it is crucial to remember that someone should not gift candles with toxic diffused scents that are dangerous for an animal to inhale.

Always give pet-safe scents like lavender, chamomile, citrus, peppermint, etc. Candles of soy, paraffin, and beeswax are also non-toxic for animals and do not harm when dogs inhale them.

26) Compact Binoculars for Bird Watching

Bird lovers' favorite pastime and hobby is bird watching. They enjoy observing birds and their activity in their natural habitat. Bird watching helps them connect with nature and cherish every moment spent under the bare sky.

Compact binoculars for bird lovers who love to watch birds are the best gift. With an ideal magnification and wide field of view, compact binoculars qualify as a perfect gift. Because of its lighter weight, it is very convenient to handle, and you can even close up or zoom out according to your desired view.

So, to ensure an ultimate bird-watching experience, gift your loved ones compact binoculars and make them happy.


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The significance of gifting lies in establishing and making stronger relationships. When a person gifts something to someone, they value and treasure it. Gifts help communicate feelings without even saying anything. The value of a gift doesn't lie in its price, but in the worth it adds to someone’s life.

Next time the holiday season is near, and you are making your holiday shopping list, check out these 26 customized gifts to help you select meaningful and lovely presents for your loved ones.

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