Finding local artists

Imagine discovering a handcrafted artwork or a beautiful portrait painting in a cafe. Wouldn’t you want to meet the local artist who made this hidden gem?

But the question is, where can we find local artists nearby? How can we support the creators of such enchanting local art?

Typically, finding a local artist with such fantastic talent can be an exhausting process. But these tips can help you search for a local artist & can answer all your queries.

Visiting nearby Art Galleries and Museums- An Art Arcade

The best way to experience a city’s culture is to visit an art gallery or a museum. To promote and support existing and budding artists, art galleries organize exhibitions that display the astounding artwork of local artists.

There you can find diverse artistic productions, handicrafts, paintings, etc. You can also interact with the artists, inquire about their know-how, and help them. They also host workshops where the artists showcase their talents and learn from each other.

Chicago's art gallery

Credit: Chicago's art gallery


Credit: TripSavyy

Attending Art Events- The Favorite Spot of Art Fanatics

Usually, at art events, art enthusiasts from various corners discuss and share their opinions and perspectives under one roof. Here you can meet art writers, curators, painters, and artisans who discuss future trends and patterns and the prices of several artworks.

Such events are excellent networking opportunities for everyone present, and you can learn more about the artists and their journeys at such gatherings.


Credit: ARTnews


Credit: Artland

Discovering Cafes & Coffee Centers - The Centers of Creativity

Cafes & coffee centers are hubs for cultural and social interaction. They have the best aesthetics, ambiance, arrangements, and artwork to attract customers. These aspects facilitate them to mingle and form bonds with each other. You will often notice fabulous paintings in these setups.

Cafes also serve as a much-needed platform for budding artists- whether poets, painters, designers, tattoo artists, etc. to create their networking circle. Here you can discover and meet these rising talents.

Art Supplies and Material

Credit: Jerry's Artarama: Art Supplies and Material

Phoenix New Times

Credit: Phoenix New Times

Social Media- The Best Place for Networking

Today, social media websites are the need of the hour and the best resource for connecting and communicating with people. Social Media is a powerful tool where artists display their artwork and earn money. You can also find some supremely skilled masters of the art on such websites.

So, don’t wait to follow, share, and like your favorite artists on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. You can also join their online art communities for frequent updates on upcoming art fairs and events.

Identify Artists and Artworks Through- Online Apps

Smartify and Find Art are online websites that allow users to instantly identify the artist’s artwork by scanning the painting. These apps use image recognition technology to give users access to information related to the artists, and they are downloadable on both IOS and Android.

Google’s ‘Search by Image’ feature can also be helpful while looking for artists using a signature or a painting.


Credit: Moleart

Dropping by Art Universities & Colleges to find Artists

Every city has a local art college or department. Such colleges treasure students who dedicate themselves to works of art. Contacting them will complete your search for budding artists. Promoting emerging talent in local colleges and art departments is a compelling way to support them.

Yaba Campus

Credit: Yaba Campus


Credit: HelpToStudy

Next time you want to buy a portrait painting, a handicraft, or wish to help an existing artist, just follow these steps!

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