When it comes to finding the perfect gift for someone, many of us get confused about the number of available options.

There are certain things to consider- the budget, the likeability, and if the gift is even available or not. After considering these factors, the last one depends on the person what are they int, what are their likes and dislikes, and a plethora of other factors.

While gift-giving is a tedious task in itself, gifting something to an artist becomes even more cumbersome. Impressing an artist is a tough task. An artist has a different way of life and a different way of thinking than your just other cousin or friend.

Is your artist friend/cousin/partner’s birthday just around the corner? Don’t fret as we bring you a list of 101 best gift ideas for your loved ones.

We’re sure that after you’re done with this list, you surely will have something good in mind.


1. Bob Ross Heat Changing Coffee Mug


best gifts for artists

What’s better than a coffee mug?

A Bob Ross heat-changing coffee mug. Your artist friend will remember you every time they sip their morning coffee from the mug. Moreover, the cup is usually black, but as soon as the temperature of the mug rises, it changes its color.

Even better, isn’t it?

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2. Student Watercolour Set


gifts for art students

It isn’t necessary that good things always have to be expensive and professional. Sometimes the essential and not so costly things do the same job or even better.

This student water colour set is the perfect example of that analogy. Although inexpensive, the collection of 12 tubes is highly pigmented and is correctly packaged. The 12 colors included in the set are Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Crimson Red, Lamp Black, Lemon Yellow, Prussian Blue, Sap Green, Vermillion, White, Yellow Ochre, Violet, and Green Deep.

So, now you know what to gift that artist friend of yours.

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3. 3D Pen


gifts for artists who draw

3D artwork is a new and upcoming trend. This 3D pen can make your artist friend’s dream come true, quite literally. The pen creates three-dimensional drawings and paintings and draws in the air using thermoplastic that hardens fast. The 3D pen is powered by a 6'-long cord, and it heats up in less than a minute.

Includes 50 plastic refills in assorted colors, which makes the entire process even more fun and vibrant. It is recommended for ages 14 and above.

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4. Tracing Light Box


artist gifts

Guide your artist friends to light using this tracing lightbox. This artist's light tracing box is a fantastic gift for someone who’s always on the go. The box is suitable for cartoons, animation, embossing, scrapbooking and a lot more. Practicality is the best aspect of this box as it is light, easy to carry, and can be plugged in anywhere using USB.

You can even adjust the brightness of the box by using the switch, which gives it three different levels of brightness.

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5. Dot Grid Book


good gifts for artists

The Dot Grid Book has been designed by Behance specifically for designers and artists. The doot grid box can turn out to be a useful gift for your designer friends and also an alternative from lines and boxes in grid books that they’re used to.

It’s spiral binding, and recycled paper gives it a rater bit more flexibility to bend it according to your creative mind. So, go ahead and design like a pro with this grid book.

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6. Wacom Intuos Pro Drawing Tablet


gifts for artsy people

Wacom Intous Pro is a drawing tablet for all your tech-enthusiast friends who incline to art or the other way round. The drawing tablet has impressive pressure sensitivity and tilt response, which makes your next artwork a thing to be seen.

Just plug it into your Mac or Windows device through USB or built-in Bluetooth, and you are on your way to make your next masterpiece. The tablet comes with interchangeable pen tips and a pen stand.

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7. Storage and Organiser Cart


art supply gifts

Art can, at times, get all messy and unorganized. But don’t let that mess and clutter hamper your artistic and creative inspiration.

This 12 box storage and organizer cart can accommodate a lot of art supplies in an organized manner. Moreover, the semi-transparent boxes allow for easy accessibility and visibility for all your art supplies.

Its wheels make the entire cart more practical, feasible, and maneuverable for use.

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8. Waterproof Notepad


cool gifts for artists

This might turn out to be the perfect gift for all your clumsy and forgetful friends who forget to carry an umbrella, raincoat, or even a bag at times.

The paper is waterproof and doesn’t get mushy when it comes to contact with water. Moreover, you can just slide the water away even if it gets onto the pad. Yes, it’s that simple.

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9. Bamboo Brushes


gifts for art lovers

Bamboo brushes can turn out to be a great addition to a pottery studio. The bamboo brushes are available in a variety of sizes and brush strokes. The handles are water-resistant and durable, which makes it an excellent addition in a pottery studio toolbox.

So, go and grab one of these brushes for your artist friend.

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10. Hand Massager


unique gifts artist

Making art, no matter what kind, can be taxing on the hands. Gifting them a massager might not be a bad idea. The hand massager can be quite practical and helpful for all the artist's ads; it’ll help them improve their art game, whether directly or indirectly.

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11. Drafting and Crafting Table


gift for artist friend

This table surely makes a lot of difference for any artist, ask them, and they will tell you. A drafting/crafting table can turn out to be essential for an artist. A table can not only turn out to be a proper workstation but can also keep your artist friend organized with his artwork and the materials. So, surprise your friend with this, and they’ll surely love you.

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12. Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription


A subscription of Adobe’s Creative Cloud and your artist friend will thank you like anything. An annual subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud gives you access to a list of powerful tools from Adobe, which can help an artist out.

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13. Acrylic Paint Set


gifts for artists who paint

This paint set involving 24 sets of rich pigmented colours and 12 brushes with different strokes will keep your artist friends quite happy for a while.

The easy to use colours, which come packaged in easily accessible tubes make it a good choice for kids as well as adults.

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14. Brush Cleaner and Preserver


gift ideas for artists

Brushes and paintings go together, just like shoes and socks. Helping an artist in preserving their brush will do a lot of good to both the people, the artist as well as the person giving the gift.

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15. Palette Pendant


art gifts

This palette pendant will charm all the jewellery lovers and the artists altogether. The vintage touch and the palette which gives it an artsy inclination is a perfect gift for your artist friend.

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16. Watercolour iPhone Case


gifts for artsy friends

This becomes an obvious one for every artist. Everyone carries a phone, everywhere and each and every time. So, why not give your artist close ones something which inspires them to remain artsy and don’t let that creativity die.

This iPhone case is all things art and all things feasible.

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17. Photoshop Keychain


presents for artists

For all those graphic designers, illustrators, photo editors, this seems to be an insightful gift. These guys and girls have the power to modify reality through their skills, so why not gift them something which makes them realise that each and every day.

This amazing keychain with a Photoshop toolbar engraved on it seems like an ideal gift.

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18. Derwent Sketching Wallet


gifts for people who like to draw

This drawing wallet is for those artists who are inspired by nature. So, when they go outside even for a walk they can just start with their masterpiece while sitting on the bench.

The sketching wallet comes with all the necessary essentials for the sketching sessions, including an A5 sketch pad, pencils, sharpener, eraser, and every other essential.

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19. Artist’s Apron


great gifts for artists

Don’t let the mess from the art stop your loved ones from bringing their art-inspired world into the real world. This apron will save them from all that colorful mess while keeping them stylish.

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20. Museum Membership


gifts for artist friends

A museum can be an inspiring place for an artist when they suffer through their creative blocks. Get them a membership to the nearest art or art history museum.


21. Spa Day


gifts for artists

Why not? Artists work their souls, bodies, and minds on an artwork. So why not gift them a day which eases them off of that pain and stress, which helps them relax for a bit.


22. Sketch and Drawing Pencil Set


drawing gifts

All the sketch artists require one basic thing i.e. pencils. So, if you have a friend who’s really into sketching then make sure you gift them a set of pencils that ranged from graphite to charcoal to soft. This set comes with all the sketching essentials in one.

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23. Mouse Art


gifts for creative people

This can be a rather quirky gift for designers and photo editors. This gives their daily equipment a rather quirky side.

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24. Waterproof Artist Backpack


artistic gifts

Carrying your art supplies can turn out to be tiresome when you are on the move. So, this durable backpack made from durable canvas can help the artist to be more organized and compact. So, the art never stops.

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25. Storage Box Easel


cool art gifts

This is the best of both worlds for any artist ever. This easel plus storage box helps an artist stay organized a creative both at the same time. A gift that must be considered for any artist.

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26. Calligraphy Set


gifts for artistic people

This calligraphy set can be used by a professional as well as by an amateur alike. The box comes with 19 different nibs and 5 different types of ink to take your calligraphy escapades to a whole another level.

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27. Bob Ross Master Paint Set


gifts for painters

Bob Ross is someone who’s remembered by every 80’s kid. So, why not dip into the nostalgia pool while learning some art? This box comes with everything you need to paint your next masterpiece and also a video of Bob Ross guiding you on how to get started with art.

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28. Peel ‘n Stick Chalk Wall


gift for artsy people

This peel and stick chalk wall is rather easy to use, simple to install, and helpful for any artist. Let your artist friend sort their minds out by organizing their offices, studios, or homes by jotting down what’s o their mind on this chalk wall.

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29. Sticker Pack


art gift ideas

At the risk of generalizing, creative people do tend to be more expressive. The ones who are creatively more inclined tend to express themselves out to the world. What’s better than expressing what you feel than a pack of quirky stickers?

The artists can use these anywhere they want to in their homes, work, offices, bags, or even mobile phones

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30. Sharpies


cool artistic gifts

It’s a shame that sharpies are coming so late on this list. Sharpies of any kind are the most basic yet the most versatile and useful gift not just for an artist but for anyone in fact. Go ahead and give a pack of sharpies to your artist friends and close ones.

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31. 3D Printer


gifts for an artist

3D printing technology has evolved for good in the past few years. The technological advancements have made these printers rather more advanced and ready for use.

You can gift one to someone very close and they’ll legit thank you for this fun and yet useful gift.

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32. Overhead Computer Lamp


art gadgets

This is for the artists who don’t realize how long they have sat on their computers. This auto dimming overhead lamp can be useful for the artists in case they don’t realize when they’ve got to step out of their room into the real world.

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33. Reusable Dot grid notebook


gifts for drawing artists

A dot grid notebook has already been mentioned above but this one requires a special mention. This smart notebook helps you to write something down scan it to the app, and store the data on their cloud storage. So, you are reusing paper and writing down your thoughts. How cool can it get?


34. Mini Easel Photo Frames


artsy presents

These mini easel photo frames ooze art, painting and everything related. Gift it to your artsy friends as a home decor option or just for fun, the uses are many.

Each of these easel frames is 7 inches which makes them perfect for home decor, gifts, display, souvenirs, and much more.

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35. Digital colour Sensor


gifts for digital artists

This digital color sensor can come in handy for all photographers, content creators, painters, designers, illustrators, and a lot more.

This little device can scan color from any surface and convert the same into digital world color data. So, the next time the outside world inspires your artist friend they can simply capture its essence.

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36. colour Wheel


gift ideas for painters

A color wheel is to a painter, what a recipe book is to a chef. If both of them are in the right hands, it can do wonders for the final product.

Gift the painters you know, this color wheel which will help them understand their colors better. A color wheel helps an artist identify the colors, study them, make new colors out of them, and a lot more. It is an essential component in any painter’s toolkit

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37. Graffiti Sketchbook


gifts for sketch artists

A graffiti sketchbook is a perfect field for someone who legit wants to ‘paint the town red’. This graffiti sketchbook is for all those artsy friends of yours who are into graffiti and want to start somewhere before moving on to a real canvas aka the city.

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38. Digital Sketch Pad


gadgets for artists

This will be such an amazing gift for every artist. This smart notepad captures all the visual data from the notepad and converts it into a virtual form onto your phone or computer. While giving you a feel of drawing on the paper it also combines the accessibility of the digital world.

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39. Water Drawing Board


gifts drawing

Gift your artist friends this board which is not only practical but philosophical. This water drawing board can be used to soothe the mind. Draw your masterpiece just by using water and watch your artwork evaporate in front of you.

The concept behind the drawing board is to practice the art of letting go.

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40. Art Portfolio Bag


art project gifts

You don’t want your dear artist friends to carry precious and hard-worked artwork unorganized and shuffled in their hands. Give them a proper portfolio case in which they can carry around their artwork with ease.

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41. Van Gogh Scarf


best presents for artists

A little bit of art and a little bit of fashion. This is the perfect gift for your artsy friends who are into fashion as well. Or moreover, just prefer a scarf. Anybody can pull it off easily.

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42. Wall Easel


creative art gifts

Now this one here is quite interesting. This wall easel can fit into your wall. So, all you need to do is install it once, and then no issues moving it around. This is perfect for your small art studios with space constraints.

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43. Chalkboard and Clip Frame


gifts for budding artists

This adds a rather chic look to any place. Gift it to your clumsy artist friends who usually forget things when they are in their creative zones.


44. Geometric Coasters


gifts for artistic person

These geometric coasters are minimal and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Go and get these for the friends who have a penchant for such things.

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45. Artsy Sticky notes


unique art gifts

Sticky notes for artists. These sticky notes are as unique and artsy as anything. Each one of them comes with a unique frame that makes them stand out.

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46. Oil Painting Mediums


gifts for oil painters

These mediums will be a perfect gift for all the oil painters out there. Rather than smelling of foul chemically strong chemicals, these mediums instead give a sweet lavender smell. Most of these Chelsea mediums are made from safer ingredients.

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47. colour Wheel Umbrella


unique gifts for art lovers

This color wheel umbrella is all things unique and different. If so are your artist friends then go for it.


48. Art Bin Suitcase


cool art supplies gifts

This two-compartment suitcase is a go-to essential for any art student. It is large enough for all the art supplies and has different compartments for each tool.

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49. Paint Brush Holder


best art gifts

This is a minimal and premium-looking paintbrush holder which can cater to any size, thickness, and variety of brush that an artist uses.

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50. Artsnack Subscription


art supplies every artist should have

This is one good deal for all the artists out there. It’s a monthly subscription for all the necessary art supplies. our box will include 4-5 full-size premium art products, like colored pencils, artist brushes, and a “Menu,” describing each product in the box, and new techniques to try to inspire creativity

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51. Headphones


 things every artist needs

Let them get inspired into their creative zone. These pair of noise-canceling headphones make sure they are well inside their zone.

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52. City Tour


personalized gifts for artists

Art is an inspiration. Art is everywhere. Book a city tour for your artist friends around the city, so that they can be inspired by the art around them.

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53. Mini Photo Studio


good gifts for artsy friends

A perfect gift for all your photographer and artist friends. This can be used for a plethora of things such as product photography, displaying your artwork and photographing it for future events, etc.

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54. History of Art Mug


cool art presents

Gift your artist friends something which inspires them towards art the first thing in the morning. A coffee mug with the entire art history on it.

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55. 80 Pieces Art Set


art gift set

This 80 pieces art set can be used by an amateur as well as a professional. This 80 piece of art set can excite the best of the artists.

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56. Oil Paint Set


artist gift set

The oil paint set can be a gift for any painter. Gift your artsy friends this pack of oil paints and they will thank you for literally adding some colors into their lives.

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57. A Pantone Universe Watch


art gifts for adults

Pantone knows how to play right with colors. And this watch right here is the perfect gift for an artist whose life revolves around colors.

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58. Moleskin Sketch Book


gifts for artists amazon

When it comes to well-designed and well-suited art notebooks, Moleskin is the leader. The simple and yet classy and elegant design appeals to a lot of artists.

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59. Portable Box Easel


drawing presents

This portable easel box is well suited for everyone. This ensures that when your artist friends roam around the city for inspiration, they don’t move around all clumsy and unorganized. While it’s an easel it is also a portable box, which helps them to store things.

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60. Printer


gifts for drawers

Yes, a printer. A printer can help your artist friends. While it might not be something quirky and out of the box but it is as practical and useful as anything.

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61. Smartphone Camera Lenses


gifts for people who like art

Photographers are as much an artist as anyone. Help your photographer friends capture the world in different ways. This smartphone camera lens can be attached to any mobile phone camera to get the most versatile shots.

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62. Circular Scale/Ruler


 gift ideas for creative people

Gone are the days of finding a bowl or a compass and determining the radius of a circle. This circular ruler is an invention everyone has been waiting for, and it's finally here. Your artist friends and close ones will love you for this.

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63. An original artwork


art related gifts

This gift will earn you three happy people at once. One will be your friend for seeing an original artwork from an unknown artist rather than any other cliche panting. The second will be the artist whose artwork is finally appreciated, and the third, will be you for making two people happy at once. So, go ahead and do a good deed while keeping your friend happy.

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64. Electronic Pointillist Pen


 gifts for aspiring artists

Pointillism is the art of patience and precision. And every artist will know the stress of finding the correct spot for the correct dot. This electronic pointillist pen does half the work.

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65. Wood Burning Pyrography Kit


cool artsy gifts

Wood burning is an art. This pyrography kit will ensure that your pyrographer friends carve the wood they want, in the way they want with precision and safety.

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66. Core Muscle Workout Stool


funny gifts for artists

Don’t let your artist friends turn their health in while they work on their art. This core muscle workout stool is an amazing kit that helps your artist friends maintain a correct posture while they make the best of their art.

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67. Pantone Book


gifts artwork

If your friend or a close one is a professional artist, painter, or designer, just give them the Pantone Book. They will thank you for it. Trust us. It has a coveted use in the design and art industry.

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68. Foot Rest and Massager


best gifts for painters

This footrest will be a thoughtful gift for an artist. Since they spend long hours sitting on their chairs and stools a footrest can actually come in handy. Go ahead and ensure their feet are always well-rested.

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69. Timeular Time Tracker


arty gift ideas

Now getting into art is good but don’t let your friends and family forget the outside world because of that. This Timeular time tracker can be a useful tool to track time and let them know how long they have been at it.

Buy here


70. Speakers


cheap gifts for artists

The surrounding of an artist plays a big role in how their art comes up. Give them a pair of these small speakers which set the correct ambiance and mood for their next best artwork.

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71. iPad Pro


gifts for teenage artists

This might be a bit on the expensive side but it’s worth it. If you’ve to gift something to a very close friend and close ones who are deep into art and designing, an iPad Pro is an all-in-one package. Throw in an pencil too and they will thank you forever!

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Books for Artists



72. Creativity Inc.


drawing gift ideas

Creativity Inc. is the book behind one of the most creative production companies in the world, Pixar. The book is written by Ed Catmull, the man behind Pixar and Disney who made movies such as Toy Story and the Incredibles. This book can turn out to be a goldmine of information and inspiration for an animator.

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73. Art & Fear


gift ideas for young artists

This small yet impactful book covers all the necessary aspects of art. The book by David Bayles and Ted Orland covers the fears and the negatives of art-making while also telling its readers how to overcome those fears. A must-read for all the upcoming artists.

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74. City Art Canvas


 gift ideas for artists drawing

The book covers the origin and growth of graffiti culture in the city of New York. The book features the different styles of graffitis around the city and explores the traces of urban self-expressionism.

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75. Art Work


artistic gift ideas

Yes, art is priceless. Agreed. But everyone has to ensure their livelihood and artists are no different. So, a little bit of financial independence for an artist can go a long way, professionally as well as personally.

Guide your artsy friends to earn some bucks while they’re following their passion.

Buy here


76. Originals


 cheap gifts for artists

The book is an amazing take on originality. The book tends to integrate and originality in a captivating manner. It examines huge successes and failures in art, technology, and innovation to answer the intriguing question of how to be more original and creative?

Buy here


77. Steal Like An Artist


gifts for the artist in your life

An inspiring guide to creativity in the digital age, Steal Like an Artist presents ten transformative principles that will help readers discover their artistic side and build a more creative life. This book can inspire not just artists and painters but anyone from the creative arena, be it a writer, an author or anyone else.

Buy here


78. The War of Art


gifts for young artists

It wouldn’t be wrong to rename this book as ‘How To Be Creative?’. The book perfectly covers all the inner fights we’ve with ourselves when it comes to creativity.

Buy here


79. Creative Confidence


gifts for artistic friends

This book has a very simple mantra - Everyone of us has an artist. The book portrays how just a little bit of work can help all of us bring out our hidden artists into the real world.

Buy here


80. Salvador Dali Pins


presents art

Who’s better to inspire an artist than the great Salvador Dali.? This pin of the artist himself can inspire the best of the artist with a little quirk.

Buy here


81. Instant Photo Printer


Instant Photo Printer

Well, this right here can be a gift for simply anyone. This instant photo printer works like magic when it comes to printing any picture instantly from your phone or camera.

<ahref="https://redirect.viglink.com/?format=go&jsonp=vglnk_158706297445414&key=ee2c3b07f024ee3c7b65643cc2517b2e&libId=k934adh701023tof000DAoibz19dpa4ez&loc=https%3A%2F%2Fthingamagift.com%2Fgifts%2Finstant-photo-printer-for-phone-6%2F&v=1&out=http%3A%2F%2Famzn.to%2F2l6dkSt&title=Instant%20Photo%20Printer%20For%20Phone%20-%20Creative%20Gift%20Ideas%20and%20Curious%20Goods&txt=Buy%20on%20Amazon%20" target="_blank">Buy here


82. Prismacolour Pencils


Prismacolour Pencils

Prismacolour pencils are the epitome of color pencils. These are easily blendable, can be used easily, and make a perfect practical gift as well.

Buy here


83. Faber Castell Pen Brush


Faber Castell Pen Brush

Faber-Castell has been the market leader in art products and it shows in their quality. These pen-brushes will be the perfect companion to your Moleskin Notebook.

Buy here


84. Brush Holder


Brush Holder

This brush holder brings some sense of organization into a rather messy and creative mind. Gift this to your artist friends and tell them to use it instead of losing their brushes.

Buy here


85. Legos



You can’t unlove Legos. While essentially they were made for kids but every person irrespective of their age, loves Legos. The Legos are not only fun to play with but also bring out the artists in many. So, it can be considered to be one wonderful gift for artists to keep them inspired.

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86. Paintbrush For Tablets


Paintbrush For Tablets

This right here is the perfect tool for all the artists. The thing works like magic and is compatible with many software. The paintbrush gives nice strokes for all the paintings in the digital sphere.

Buy here


87. Picture Hanging Tool


Picture Hanging Tool

This picture-hanging tool can come in handy for all those artists who have an exhibition just around the corner. The tool gives exact measurements to hang your pictures on the walls. Go ahead and buy this handy tool for your artist friends.

Buy here


88. Sketch Tote Board


Sketch Tote Board

While this is a basic gift, many just ignore its importance. This might look like a simple board to you but for all the sketch artists out there, it's their support, metaphorically and literally as well.

Buy here


89. Art Card Deck


Art Card Deck

Yes, card games are all fun but wouldn’t they be even more fun if they have some art attached to them? This deck of cards is a beautiful one and can be used as a home decor accessory as well.

Buy here


90. Complete Sketching Box Set


artist gift basket

This all-in-one sketching box set contains all the necessary tools for your sketch artist friends and close ones. It can be used by an amateur as well as a professional.

Buy here


91. Vintage colour Wheel Earrings


 Vintage colour Wheel Earrings

These vintage color wheel earrings will speak for themselves when you give them to your artist friends or close ones. She’ll love you for this.

Buy here





92. DIY Paint Brush Holder


DIY Paint Brush Holder

There are a variety of paintbrush holders which you can make out of daily objects lying around your home. Learn here how to make one


93. Roll Up Paintbrush Organiser


 Roll Up Paintbrush Organiser93

This roll-up paintbrush holder can be made easily. Learn how to make one here


94. Foam Paint


Foam Paint

This colorful and fun foam paint will excite all the young artists. Make this easy and interesting foam paints for your kids. Get to know how to make it here


95. Leather Pencil Case


Leather Pencil Case

Keep those pencils organised. Make this easy to make leather pencil case which can be rolled up. Learn here how to make it.


96. DIY Apron


DIY Apron

Aprons are a uniform for an art8ist. So why not surprise them with an apron which has your personal touch in it? Learn here how to make a simple apron for your friends and other loved ones artists.


97. DIY Easel


DIY Easel

Art easels are essential. And what would be more thoughtful than making an essential for them with your own hands? Learn here how to make an art easel from scratch.


98. Edible Finger Paint


Edible Finger Paint

These can turn out to be useful for all those young artists. Learn here how to make these finger paints.


99. Portable Art Easel



A portable art easel can be so much fun. Learn how to make one and don’t let your artist friends move around without their toolkits ever.

Learn here how to make one.


100. Natural Oil Paint Kit


Natural Oil Paint Kit

This set of natural oil paint is worth every penny. A little bit on the expensive side, this all-natural oil kit will surely add the natural essence to your artist’s artwork.

Buy here


101. Art Greats Action Figures


Art Greats Action Figures

These cute figurines of great artists like Van Gogh will inspire the artist as well as keep them entertained at the same time. Go and buy these for your artist friend.

Buy here


Who Are We?

Liked all the options above? We’ve got something even better.

We believe that the best gift you can give someone is something related to their passion, love, and professional desire. So, the best gift for an artist will always be some beautiful artwork. Wondering where to find it? This is where we come in.

We at What A Portrait make sure that art is made and delivered to you in its truest essence. We’ve been delivering happiness through art for the past 12 years.

We ensure that your photograph turns into an unforgettable memory through art. Our professional artists have the ability to turn any of your photographs into astonishing artwork. Oil paintings, caricatures, charcoal sketches, and a lot more. You name it and we do it.


How Does It Work?

It’s quite simple actually. All you've got to do is send us the picture which you want to get converted.

Send us the details of your order i.e. specifications of the artwork and any other special requests. Our artists get to work as soon as they receive the order and deliver all the happiness at your doorstep.

Order now to experience art. Happy portrait to you!

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