You love your pet, and you’re ready to announce it to the world with a brand-new tattoo. Getting a tattoo is very easy now a days, right?

Wait a second, is this the first time you’ve ever gotten a pet tattoo? Alrighty then. If this is your first time getting a tattoo, then you definitely need a few pointers before going ahead. Getting a tattoo of your pet is a big deal, and it takes a certain amount of preparation. Here are 8 steps to guide you through the process of getting your pet tattoo!

STEP 1 : Choose the perfect picture

Just like when you’re getting ready for a custom pet portrait from, you’ll need to choose the perfect picture for your pet tattoo. Choose a photo that you love, but make sure your pet’s body and face are clearly visible. For instance, stay away from pictures with dark shadows.

STEP 2 : Pick a place and design

Next, you’ll need to decide where on your body the tattoo will go. Along with that decision, you’ll need to choose a design. If there won’t be any special design, you’ll at least need to decide whether to go with black and white or colored inks. Once you’ve found the tattoo artist for the job, he or she can provide advice in this arena!

STEP 3 : Research local shops

Go online and read reviews about your local tattoo parlors. You’ll want to find one with great reviews. Look for great customer service, good prices, and an awesome atmosphere.

STEP 4 : Visit a shop

When you’ve found a tattoo shop that you like, go check it out. Talk to the people behind the counter and visually inspect the area. It should be clean, friendly, and welcoming.

STEP 5 : Talk to the tattoo artist

Ask to speak with the artist who would be doing your tattoo. He or she should sit down with you to discuss your tattoo. He or she should have ideas and recommendations for your tattoo while respecting your goals.

STEP 6 : Schedule an appointment

If you have a warm and fuzzy feeling, then it’s time to schedule an appointment! Pick a time and date that works flexibly around your work and personal schedules.

STEP 7 : Bring your image to the shop

When it’s time for your appointment, don’t forget to bring your pet’s photo to the shop! Your artist won’t be able to start your tattoo without it. Other pointers: don’t shave the area or do anything special. Your tattoo artist will take care of everything, unless he or she previously told you otherwise.

STEP 8 : Get your pet tattoo!

It’s time for your tattoo! Take your artist’s directions on positioning and try to relax as your tattoo is completed. Congratulations - go show off your pet tattoo to the world!

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