Memorial Painting Everything you need to know

One of the toughest challenges a person faces in life is to bid the final goodbye to a dear one. Humans revolve around the circle of life, and death is an inevitable phase of it. While we look for ways to preserve the precious memories of our close ones, commissioning a memorial portrait is the perfect way to do so.

A memorial portrait alleviates the pain of losing someone and reminds us of the beautiful time spent with our loved ones. It is a cherished remembrance of the long-lost special people in your life. If you plan to gift something comforting to your grieving friend or family member, read this article to learn more about memorial paintings.

What is Memorial Painting?

A memorial painting is a commissioned artwork to celebrate and commemorate a deceased loved one. We have hundreds of photos in our phone galleries and albums, but a commemorative portrait is a unique way of cherishing the memories of our lost loved ones.

People treasure memorial portrait paintings and store them for a lifetime. It is a way of expressing love for deceased loved family members or friends. People even create pet memorial portraits to honor their furry friends. These portraits showcase the strong bond pet owners had with their pet families.

Homes, museums, government institutions, art galleries, and public areas store memorial paintings. However, these paintings lost their charm with the rise of the photographic era. But even today, many look for unique ways, like a memorial portrait, to give a lasting tribute to their precious ones.


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Historical Significance of Memorial Paintings

People commissioning or making memorial paintings to commemorate the deceased date back to the ancient era. In olden times, commissioning memorial portraits, sculptures, and statues was common among aristocrats.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, wealthy people used memorial paintings to remember their ancestors and create a lasting legacy. After the First World War, the British government hired artists to give tribute to the dead soldiers by making their memory portraits.

One of the oldest examples of a portrait in honor of a deceased loved person is the Fayum mummy portrait. Art historians discovered them in Egypt around the late 1st century B.C. to early 1st century A.D.

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Types of Memorial Paintings

People can customize memorial portraits based on the following:

  • The number of people present in the picture.
  • The medium used while making the painting.
  • The painting’s length.

Let’s explore some types of commemorative paintings:

1) Individual Memorial Painting

Individual portraits are ones created by highlighting a single person in the frame. These remembrance paintings focus on a particular person’s characteristics and facial features. To give the portrait a personalized touch, people can add the background of their choice, like a religious place or a serene landscape view.

For example, you can order a personalized portrait of your deceased loved grandfather to cherish the valuable memories you made with him. You can ask the artist to add a backdrop symbolic of their life’s journey.

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Honoring Legacies: Your Complete Guide to Memorial Paintings

Delve into the world of memorial paintings, uncovering their rich history and enduring emotional resonance as poignant tributes to cherished memories and loved ones.

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2) Couple Remembrance Portrait Painting

A couple remembrance painting has two subjects in the frame. These remembrance portraits are designed especially for a couple who has passed away. This portrait painting is a perfect way to give tribute to a husband and wife who stood against all obstacles together.

You can choose different photos of their wedding day to make such attractive portraits. People also order these paintings of loved ones to honor the friendship of two friends or show the bond between two siblings.

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3) Compilation Portraits

An artist makes a compilation portrait by merging two distinct images into one and painting it realistically. These, also known as composite portraits, help people celebrate special occasions with their long-lost loved ones. Because of these pictures, a person doesn’t miss the presence of their loved ones.

The best feature of compilation portraits is they are heart-touching and personal, as it helps people include their deceased loved ones in their best moments. For instance, you can gift a composite painting to your friends who want to include their deceased loved ones in their wedding photos. Another example is a portrait comprising four generations of a family.

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4) Historical Memorial Painting

A historical memorial painting is prevalent in government offices and public institutions. These artworks honor and celebrate the great leaders who played a vital role in shaping history and impacting society. Classic memorial paintings remind us of the obstacles and challenging times faced by the people of history.

Historical memorial portraits also help in preserving history for future generations. Because of such paintings, people appreciate the struggles of great historical leaders and their societal contributions.

Another historical memorial painting type includes documented records of crucial war moments and other important events. These depict the battle between courageous soldiers and valiant armies.

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5) Group Portrait Painting

A group portrait includes more than two people in the painting. It portrays painted pictures of a particular group, families, or friends. A group memorial portrait painting is best to honor and celebrate our ancestors. Talented artists make such illustrations from group photographs. Group memorial portraits of members of a reputed organization are also prominent.


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How and From Where to Order a Memorial Portrait Painting?

Gifting a commemorative portrait painting is always a meaningful and heartwarming gesture. Remembrance paintings give the receiver a kind of warmth and peace and help them preserve their bonds with the departed souls. Here is the most reliable and best source to order a memorial painting.

Try WhataPortrait

If you wish to order realistic and lifelike artworks, try WhataPortrait. WhataPortrait is a one-stop destination that helps you gift meaningful and thoughtful presents to your friends and family.

With the help of their talented artists, Whataportrait makes hand-painted products ranging from oil paintings, charcoal portraits, pastel sketches, caricatures, and more. Their sole motive is customer satisfaction and happiness.

You can order a memorial portrait painting within eight steps. These are:

Step-1: Begin your Journey with WhataPortrait

Go to the WhataPortrait home page and click ‘Get Started.’

Step-2: Choose your Painting Medium

Choose the style you want your picture to create in. You can choose from various painting mediums like oil painting, pencil sketching, watercolor painting, charcoal portrait, etc. You can even visit the photo gallery for references to select the best option.

Step-3: Upload Pictures of your Choice

After choosing the painting style, the next step is to upload the pictures. You can directly upload the images from your computer or phone. If you want to create a customized portrait, including multiple photos, email them at

Always remember to upload a high-resolution image because seeing a good-quality photograph makes it easier for the artist to work in detail. You can even add your personalized Photoshop design to the background.

Step-4: Choose the Painting Size

The next step is to select the painting size. Whataportrait offers sizes from most miniature paintings to large lifelike portraits. Pick from the size options the one which is most appropriate for you.

Step-5: Pick up the Frame of your Choice

Choose the frame you want your portrait in after selecting the painting size. WhataPortrait has various options in multiple colors like rustic gold, bard brown, dark black, white, or more. The choice of no frame is also available for people who want the rolled-up memorial portrait in hand.

Step-6: Convey any Request or Message

WhataPortrait gives customers a blank space to fill in any special comments or requests they want on their personalized portrait. You can fill in the empty section with your unique messages.

Step-7: Check and Make Changes Again

The customer-friendly facilities of WhataPortrait offer unlimited revisions of your order. You can check, make changes, and then finalize the order.

Step-8: Pay for the Product

After you have finalized the order, go to the shopping cart and pay for your product. WhataPortrait also offers a free shipping facility with 24*7 customer support.

That’s it. You will have your beautiful memorial painting ready within a few simple steps.

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Commemorative artworks are the most therapeutic gift for a grieving person. These paintings let people deal with their losses and celebrate the precious time spent with deceased loved ones. It helps in preserving the memory of the loved one and restoring their legacy for future generations.

So, next time you want to console a bereaved friend or pay tribute to your deceased loved ones, commission a memorial painting full of emotions and remembrances.