The intent behind, creation of the art piece

The portrait is birthday gift to john’s Girlfriend. He wanted to give her something special and what could be more special than a royal gift like a portrait on canvas. Thinking this would be a very special project we wanted to put all our love in the work for customer satisfaction. Thinking this as a gift for a loved one, it had to be special.

Customer wanted the artwork to be done in portrait mode, with blurry / abstract background and people in the background to be removed.

The Whole Process

John wished to opt for a 40”x30” oil painting from the picture. The size seemed a good fit for the picture as our art experts believed it would bring out the colors and seeing that John and his Girlfriend loved to travel, it would match their taste.

This is the original picture we received


original picture

John requested that the portrait be made with the background slightly blurry. This is the layout that we received a confirmation for.


Layout blurred

We detailed the painting to perfection, yet keeping the background blurry and removed the items/people that we agreed on initially.
Though we promised completion in 2 weeks, yet commissioned the painting in merely 10 days.
We emailed a preview to John to confirm if the painting was good to go.

Preview of painting that was emailed

Preview of painting that was emailed

John requested we sharpen the background building, a little. It took us a few hours and we emailed a preview of the final painting.

Final preview of painting with background sharpened

Final preview of painting with background sharpened

The Shipping

We sent a choices of frames that we offer. However, John wished to receive his painting rolled-up.

We shipped and sent shipping details to John, and he received the shipment in 7 days. He was very happy and satisfied once he received his painitng.

We could feel the excitement John had for the portrait, he wanted it to be on time so that he could surprise his love. The portrait was a beacon of love from john.

He reviewed us, “What a beautiful portrait painting! The entire process was wonderful. First they sent me a proposal image. I asked them to blur the background more and they sent an updated proposal quickly. After they completed the painting, they sent me a picture. It looked amazing. I asked them to tweak something in the background and they took care of it quickly. The final result is absolutely perfect.”

wap john blanca

We love to bring joy to people by commissioning custom portraits from memorable photos. We believe in customer satisfaction and try our 100% best to bring you what you need. We prefer to bring what the customer envisions..

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