Introduction to Poster Creation

Many artists nowadays make their art into posters. With the help of posters, artists can send messages. Many tools can do this job efficiently, but you must know and understand the creative process behind the poster from the picture to proceed. You have to identify the purpose behind your poster-making process. 

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The primary goal of your poster design should be to grab your audience's attention. You have to be creative in how you can set your poster apart from other posters. After this, you must choose suitable software for your poster design. In this blog, you will learn the best tools and resources and how to utilize them. Keep reading!

Poster-Making Tools and Resources

Many online tools and resources are available for you to explore to create a poster from pictures. In this blog part, you will learn about those online resources. 

Adobe Photoshop

In Adobe, there are multiple tools to posterize your image, such as Adobe Photoshop. This is a graphic design tool with an AI-powered poster generator. It has a free online poster maker that can create different sizes of digital posters. 

  • Open Adobe Photoshop
  • Log in or sign in to your account
  • Now, you have to select the image and upload it 
  • Now, you can turn your photo into a bright object. You can remove, add, adjust, or hide intelligent filters. 
  • In the top menu, select image > adjustment > posterize
  • Now, you have to choose the level of posterization. You will have a slider window to select how much you want to color your poster. 
  • You are done with the posterization of your picture. Otherwise, you can increase or decrease the levels from the menu if you want to add more details. 

Adobe photoshop



Canva is a versatile photo poster maker with a rich collection of photo poster design templates. It has approximately 2 million photo poster design templates. With its free online resource, you can easily create your photo poster online. 

  • Open Canva
  • Log in or sign in to your canva account
  • Find a photo poster template from a rich collection of templates
  • Initiate by choosing a template, then play around with your template. You can change the background color, theme, and fonts and add additional icons from various options. 
  • Adding your creativity, you can make a photo poster that will stand out from others. Browse through millions of free and premium options to choose from. 
  • You can save your design as PNG or JPG and print them out or directly order the design from Canva. You will even get fast shipping.




Picsart is one of the best photo poster makers for beginners. It has a ton of templates with an easy, beginner-friendly user interface. 

  • Open Picsart
  • Log in or sign in to your Picsart account
  • Now open the photo poster maker
  • In Picsart, you can find several template options, from ready-to-go to creating your template.
  • You can easily customize the elements from your photo poster on your own. Or if you already liked the template version, you can save that too. 
  • Use the export button to save your design as PNG, JPG, and PDF elements. You can now print your posters. 




This custom photo poster maker enables users to use this AI-enabled design assistance. This software has various templates. It is a cloud-based graphic design solution that helps create content, headers, and posters. 

  • Open PosterMyWall
  • Log in or sign in to PosterMyWall
  • Now, you have to choose a template to start from scratch
  • You can customize the design, or you can go with the ready-to-go template ideas
  • If you have to resize your design, click on the blue resize button to resize your design
  • Click the yellow download button to download your design




The Fotor AI photo poster generator is one of the most famous photo poster generators that combines AI capabilities. 

  • Open Fotor
  • Log in or sign in to your account
  • You can find numerous templates in the left tools menu and select poster
  • You can choose a photo poster design template from the options and drag and drop the images you want to make posters of
  • You can customize or manage overlays, backgrounds, and other elements of your image as per your choice
  • Once you’re satisfied with your poster design, you can easily download your poster in high-quality print or even order the prints from Fotor only. 



Making a Poster from a Picture: Step-by-Step Guide

You will read about creating a photo poster in this blog part. This part of the blog consists of. Of detailed instructions, so keep reading. 

  • Choose a high-resolution picture with the message you want to convey to your audience. The picture should be visually appealing. 
  • You must find a poster template from the website or the software you use. You can find numerous free and paid templates. You can buy as per your choice and convenience. 
  • Now, you can edit or customize the template. You can add texts per your photo poster script or use the template you already got from whatever app you use. 
  • Now you have to save the poster. You will be getting various poster-saving options such as JPG or PNG. 
  • Now, you are all set to print your designs. 

Poster Print and Display Options

You have to be considerate about a few things if you are designing posters. In this blog part, you will learn tips and tricks regarding photo poster print and display options. 

Design in CMYK

If you are going to photo-post your designs, you should know about CMYK, which stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. It is a subtractive color model. If you are making posters and thinking you will be printing them in printing shops, you should always go for CMYK. 



Convert in CMYK

You might be working on RGB, which is red, green, and blue. You might be using three primary colors. If you were working with RGB, you should convert that to CMYK. You can use Photoshop’s Gamut warning tool (Go to file > then select View > then select Gamut warning) to convert from RGB to CMYK. 



The RGB color space has a more excellent array of colors than CMYK. Remember that when you print the posters, you will get them in physical colors, which may cause a difference. 

Using vectors

According to designer Franz Jeltz, you can use Adobe Illustrator to make large-format custom poster prints, and if you use vectors to do so, it will be more beneficial than ever. This is how you can get custom poster prints that are crisper and have reduced poster sizes, something like custom painting.

Vector drawing of bull


Use 300 DPI to print

Usually, print files are big. One of the typical delays in custom poster printing is that the printer needs to print the design again because the resolution is too low. More printed dots in an inch means a higher quality reproduction. If the resolution is higher, you will get blurred and have more posters. 300 DPI is the standard resolution to print a great-quality poster. You must set the dots per inch in Photoshop when creating a new document (File > new). 



Paper selection

The most popular photo poster printing sizes are A2, A3, & A4. Paper choice can vary, but 170 gsm silk or gloss art FSC or 150 gsm are good choices. 

Download and save your posters as PDFs

PDF format with a print resolution of 300 DPI best suits your custom poster printing. You can also send JPGs if they are enough high resolution. JPG might slightly shift your photo poster quality, but printing them in PDF format is always suggested for top quality. 

Litho printing

You have three printing choices: litho, digital, and home printing. But most of the time, home printers need to be more significant. But if you are not printing for commercial reasons, that is another thing. Or else litho printing is suggested. A litho print involves the printer making a set of plates to press the image to the paper. 

Litho printer


It might cost you more than usual, but litho is the best option to get higher-quality images in the long run. But if you are on a budget, then go for digital. The choice is entirely your needs. Digital printing with inkjet and laser printing is among the most famous and best within the budget range. 

Additional tips for converting images into posters

  • Proofread your posters carefully before printing your poster designs. Carefully proofread the whole poster because once done, you can keep it the same; if anything goes wrong, you must begin the entire process from scratch. 
  • You should keep your texts simple, clean, and to the point. People should be able to understand and read quickly and easily. 
  • Contrasting colors are best to be noticeable. Your text and images should be easy to see against the background. 
  • Use CTA (call to action). Let people understand what you want them to do after they reach out to the poster. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you turn a picture into a poster?

Yes, you can turn a picture into a poster with all those mentioned above and discuss tips and tricks. 

How do I make a picture into a poster for free?

You can opt for various free online poster-converting tools such as Canva and Fotor. These have website-free versions, which can be easily used to convert pictures into posters. 

What is a poster and its format?

You will need a large sheet in a public space to promote something, or you can use it to decorate your wall. 

Conclusion: Transforming Memories into Art

With the help of the poster design from the picture, you can quickly transform your memories into art. We covered every aspect of poster design with the help of poster printing. These five tools will help you fully achieve a free way to design posters.