• Top Tips for Choosing a Photographer for Your Destination Wedding

    • 21th November 2015
    • Posted byNitin Kaku


    Have you been spending days and months planning your wedding? It can be quite stressful to plan the perfect wedding, and it can be even harder to find a great photographer. Looking for the perfect photographer can take time and patience, but finding an expert with the right photography skills pays off in the end.

    Before you make that next big step and hire a photographer, there are a few questions to ask before you take the plunge and a few things to look for. Check out these top tips for perfect wedding photos!

    Tip #1 : Availability

    This question is probably the first question you should ask your wedding photographer. If they don't have your wedding date available, then adjustments will need to be made or you’ll need to choose another photographer.

    Tip #2 : Location

    Discuss the location of your destination wedding with your photographer. The location of your wedding will also determine the mood and style of your wedding. Verify that your photographer can work with the location and theme of your wedding—it will help the photographer decide if they can shoot the wedding with the gear they currently own.

    Tip #3 : Inquire about style

    Ask your wedding photographer about their creative style to see if their vision matches yours. Wedding pictures bring a lifetime of cherished memories, and you want to be sure that your photographer can perfectly capture the special moments of your wedding day!

    Tip #4 : Ask about the process

    Always inquire how your photographers typical shoots tend to go—do they have assistants or do they do all the photography alone? It's important to know how a photographer works before it's time to actually take pictures!

    Tip #5 : Inquire about their photo packages

    It's important to know how much everything will cost for your wedding, especially when a destination wedding could cost more than a something close to home. Consider hiring a photographer who’s based in your wedding destination to cut costs!

    Tip #6 : Contract

    Your photographer should draw up a very specific contract, and you should read this document in its entirety. If you have any questions, ask right away! Destination weddings mean that there’s little time for confusion. The more that’s planned out ahead of time, the better!

    Tip #7 : Personality

    When it comes to a photographer for your destination wedding, you should choose the photographer who puts you at ease. Emotions can run high on wedding days, and especially so when the wedding is taking place at a destination around the country or even around the world! It's great to have a laid back and comfortable photographer who knows what they are doing - it makes taking picture fun, exciting, and easy.


    Choosing the destination was tough, and choosing the perfect wedding photographer can also be a challenge. Using these top tips for the perfect wedding photos can lead to a great relationship with a reputable photographer and, of course, images that will last a lifetime! Plus, once you have those perfect pictures, you can have them magically transformed into heirloom-grade oil paintings and more to adorn your home!

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    • Top Tips for Choosing a Photographer for Your Destination Wedding

    13 thoughts on “Top Tips for Choosing a Photographer for Your Destination Wedding”

    • John Mahoney

      Thank you for talking about the importance of choosing a photographer who's style matches yours. I can see that taking the time to look for this can help you make sure you get memorable shots and that they are creative and unique. My son is getting married in a few months and they want to make sure they find someone with the right cameras to provide them with quality photos of their special day.

    • Violette Lebrac

      You mentioned asking your photographer about their style to see if it would be a good fit for what you want. I want to get some traditional portraits at my wedding, but I know that's not every photographer's style. I should probably ask him about how he feels about it before hiring him fully.

    • Jordan Miner

      My sister has been looking for a wedding photography package. I'm glad you talked about how you should look at the contracts that wedding photographers offer. I'm going to have to share that information with my sister and hopefully she'll get a good deal!

    • Braden Bills

      My son wants me to find him a good wedding photographer. It makes sense that I would want to get one that is available on the date of his wedding! That way we can ensure that schedules work out.

    • Lillian Schaeffer

      Thanks for bringing to my attention that you should consider a photographers availability so you know they're free for the date you want your wedding on. My fiance and I are in the final stages of planning our wedding, and we have a date and venue picked out, but we want to find a good photographer to capture this beautiful day so we can relive it through pictures. We don't want to run into scheduling conflicts, so we'll be sure to ask about availability as one of our first questions.

    • Ashley Maxwell

      I like how you said that a photographer should give you a contract. It's also nice how you said that they should be laid back too. If a business was looking for a corporate photographer, I would assume that they would keep this post in mind.

    • Lucy Tuazon

      I totally like all your tips, it's true that it's important to interview the photographer before having a deal. I like your idea about knowing the style of the photographer, it will help you decide whether they fit within your style or not. I would suggest checking their portfolio and see if they have a consistent style and finesse with their job.

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