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What is a photo-to-sketch converter?

Many of you may wonder- what is a photo-into-sketch converter, and how does it function? A photo-to-sketch converter is an application or website that can turn your everyday photos into realistic sketches within seconds.

With such online editing tools, you can convert a photo into a painting, drawing, pencil sketch, etc. Using the various filters & effects, you can also adjust the contrast & brightness of your images.

While many options are available in the market, this article will guide you through the 15 best apps to turn your photos into impressive sketches and drawings in just a few seconds. Whether you are an Android or an iOS user, these applications can give your bland pictures a profound and transformed look.

Here's a curated list of the 15 best apps that can turn your ordinary photos into beautiful masterpieces in no time:

1. BeFunky

If you want to unleash the artist within you, Befunky is the perfect app. This AI-powered app adds mesmerizing aesthetics to your images and gives them a unique look.

Befunky uses an Artificial Intelligence technique called Style Transfer to turn photos into extraordinary paintings and portraits in seconds. From digital art to poly art, from oil painting to a cartoonizer, Befunky has got all covered.

All you need to do is:

  • Upload the picture of your preference.
  • Select the effect of your choice from the Artsy menu.
  • Customize the results using filters and download the image.

That's it; with three simple steps, you are good to go.


2. Fotor

If you want to make your photo more engaging and artistic, try Fotor today! Fotor's professionally crafted art tool, the photo-to-sketch converter, is all you need to add surrealism and beauty to your photo.

The free version of the application gives a wide range of alternatives, resulting in high-resolution images and the finest-looking drawings. Fotor knows how to keep up with its audience's requirements & expectations.


3. Prisma Labs

Offering a new filter every day, Prisma Labs is one of the best photo-to-sketch converters. It allows you to enhance your photos and transform them into fine artwork. Prisma presents the best results after sketching a picture using its pro editing tools. It captures the essence of photos and gives them a realistic touch. To get a complete creative experience, one must purchase its premium pack starting from $ 7.99 monthly.

prisma lab

4. Colorcinch

When it comes to Colorcinch, one should never have any second thoughts. Colorcinch, previously known as Cartoonizer, presents an array of sketch styles & drawing filters that create a beautiful drawing out of a dull photo.

This simple user interface application gives the user complete control over the colors' intensity, clarity, and perfect saturation. The free app version provides beautiful filters, realistic effects, and illustrations. To upgrade your photos, unlock all features, and get the highest quality, one must make in-app purchases.

Colorcinch App

5. Painnt

Imagine having 1000+ filters to convert your photos into sketches & drawing styles Doesn't it sound interesting?

The Painnt app offers various artistic filters and sketch effects like classic, mosaic, modern, etc., to apply to your photos. From charcoal paintings to colorful brush strokes, Painnt guarantees it all.

However, one thing to remember is that the free version of the application limits you to low-resolution output with watermarks. With in-app purchases comes a host of benefits, including high-resolution images & removal of watermarks.

Painnt App

6. Clip2Comic

Would you love to have a comic book out of your photos? Are you searching for an app that converts an image into a funny cartoon or a caricature? Clip2comic is the right choice for you! Clip2comic turns your photo into funny cartoons and caricatures in seconds.

You can choose from the various fun animation filters available on the application and share your fun stories with close ones. However, this picture-to-sketch application is only available in IOS. One can also buy in-app subscriptions to upgrade the features of the app.

Clip2Comic App

7. Selfie2Anime

Are you a big fan of Anime? Have you ever wondered what you would look like as an anime character? Selfie2Anime has got your back. This single-page website combines machine learning techniques with GAN to generate the best anime-style characters for you.

The website's straightforward approach and user interface make it very simple for the audience to use and take full advantage of. So, what are you waiting for? Take your profile photos and create loving animes out of them.

Selfie2Anime App

8. ToonMe

ToonMe is a photo-cartoon generator app that makes you look like your favorite cartoon straight from the television. Compared to other AI-generated cartoon transformation android apps, ToonMe is the easiest and most readily used. With the different in-built editing effects, you can also enhance the quality of your cartoon characters.

ToonMe App

9. Watercolour Effect Oil Painting

If you love watercolor paintings but do not have time to make one: Watercolour Effect Oil Painting is the correct application.With just one click on this application, you can convert your favorite pictures into watercolor oil paintings.

With 15+ artistic filters, this app gives your photo a realistic & convincing look. Another exciting feature of this app is its in-built camera, with which you can take an original photo in a moment and then, with a single click, turn it into a watercolor painting.

Watercolour Effect Oil Painting

10. VansPortrait

Another AI-based technology software, VansPotrait, converts photos into classic pen art, freehand drawings, line drawings, landscape sketches, portrait photos, and much more.

Using GAN, VansPortrait automatically converts an uploaded picture into the desired product within seconds. To guarantee the safety of the client's data, VansPotrait deletes the uploaded images within 24 hours of the action.

VansPortrait App

11. is more than just a sketch converter. This very simple user interface app provides all solutions under one roof. Whether it is a voice converter or an image converter, has its reach in all segments.

This image converter is one of the most convenient and accessible online tools. It takes only three simple steps to convert your photo into a sketch, a pencil drawing, or a line drawing using After conversion, one can also easily share sketches on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. App

12. Sketch Me! Sketch & Cartoon

If you are looking for an online tool that does not confuse you with hundreds of filters and helps you make quick decisions- Sketch Me! Sketch & Cartoon is the one for you.

With limited options for filters & effects, this online app offers the best sketches. Not just that, you can also edit your picture's brightness, contrast, and highlights. To turn a photo into a sketch, all you have to do is:

  • Upload your selected image
  • Apply your choice of sketch effects
  • Preview
  • Save
  • Download & Share.

Sketch Me! Sketch & Cartoon

13. AI Lab

AI Labs is a software that provides a free online editing tool that encourages you to expand your creativity and wear your artistic gloves. The excellent app upscales your images and portrait shots while focusing on its minute details, realistic effects, and depth. The contrasts, hues, and highlights all remain balanced during the conversion. It is one of the best online editing tools for better pictures & photos.

AI Lab App

14. Brushstroke

Brushstroke is the best picture-to-sketch app that not just turns photos into paintings with a single click but even allows you to sign the artwork to give it a personalized touch. It brings forth plenty of free drawing filters and paintings that make the user's photo unique and stunning.

This app lets you directly share your fun creations with your loving community. Using Brushstroke, one can choose the frame's size, structure, and color and get it printed through them.

Brushstroke App

15. Photo Sketch Maker

Photo Sketch Maker is a free-to-use app that quickly and effectively converts all your photos into sketches. With 2-3 easy steps, add some painterly effects and flair, and you are ready to go!

Sketching or Drawing photos can be tedious. Still, by using such diversified and excellent apps, one can achieve the same level of realism & uniqueness hassle-free to turn photos into sketches.

Photo Sketch Maker

So, what's stopping you from wearing your artistic hat & exploring the world of AI-technology-based photo editing tools?

Get started & transform your original photos into exemplary compositions! Read our other blog posts to learn about different works of art.

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