Turn a Photo into Watercolor

Are you bored of your dull photos? Do you wish to add some interesting effects to your favorite pictures? Are you looking for apps that turn a photo into watercolor ? While many apps are available, it becomes difficult to decide which works best.

Here is a list of the five best apps to turn your photos into watercolor paintings. So read on to explore the top, easy-to-use, excellent applications.

1) WhataPortrait

Although online alternatives are available, handmade real watercolor painting has an authentic feel. Hand-painted watercolor art gives a realistic and unique look to the photo.

WhataPortrait is a platform offering a range of services covering every painting need. From watercolor painting, pencil sketching, charcoal art, and many other art styles, WhataPortrait delivers all.

The talented artists at Whataportrait can turn a photo to watercolor painting with their techniques and skilled handwork. The premium colors, good-quality watercolor paper, and attention to the finest details result in a remarkable work of art. They create magic with their hands on canvas and fulfill their buyer’s demands.

The sole motive of Whataportrait is consumer satisfaction and happiness. They strive to excel in art and deliver world-class services to their buyers. With 24*7 customer support, they aim to provide excellent facilities to their clients throughout their art journey.


Credit: WhataPortrait

Let us explore the steps to transform a photo into watercolor :

Step-1: Get Started

Click WhataPortrait to access the website's home page and begin your artistic journey. Click the ‘Get Started’ tab to use the simple user interface that ensures the smooth functioning of the website.

Step-2: Choose the Style of Painting

Now you must select ‘Watercolor Painting’ from the various painting styles available. You can even visit the website’s gallery for references about the results and outcomes.

Step-3: Add your Image

Now, upload your favorite photo on the website, which you want to convert into a watercolor painting. If you wish to customize the portrait by blending two pictures, mail the images to help@whataportrait.com.

Step-4: Select the Frame Size

Pick a frame size once you have finalized the photo you want to transform. According to your demand, you can choose the canvas size from over 20 sizes, from 10"x8" to 40"x30".

You can go for landscapes or portraits according to your choice. However, It is recommendable to select big-size frames as they look good on plain walls.

Step-5: Choose the Frame Style

While some people prefer framed canvases, the rest go for unframed canvases. You can choose from multiple frame options, like barn wood brown, antique gold, rustic gold, etc. Every frame has an extra charge according to its high-quality materials.

Step-6: Convey Your Message

WhataPortrait gives you the added advantage of conveying any special comments, personal messages, dates when required, etc. You can write the matter in the blank column on the website.

Step-7: Finalize Your Order

Once you have chosen all your preferences, finalize the order by checking all the details again. You can revise the order and make modifications if required.

Step-8: Payout the Price

The last step is to pay for the product by entering all the billing, shipping, and payment information. You can even add a coupon code to get a percent off discount on the order. Once done, you can make quick payments using a digital platform.

That’s it. By carrying out a few simple and quick steps, you will have your hand-painted watercolor effects art in hand in 2-4 weeks.

hand-painted watercolor

pet watercolor

Watercolor Painting

watercolor effect

Credit: What A Portrait

2) BeFunky

Are you searching for an app that gives your photos a creative edge? Do you want to provide them with an aesthetic look? Befunky is the perfect app for you.

Powered by Style Transfer, an A.I. technique, BeFunky provides multiple editing tools and artistic filters. BeFunky’s mesmerizing effects give a fun look to a bland picture and bring life to photos. With the help of its creative functions, one can transform photographs into extraordinary watercolor portraits or paintings.


Credit: Google Play

The artsy textures and bright colors of the watercolor effect give a smooth transformation to the images. All you have to do is:

  • Choose the shot of your preference and upload it on the app’s interface. You can pick pictures from your Computer, Google Drive, Google Dropbox, or other stock images.
  • After selecting a photo, click on the ‘Watercolor Effect’ from the left-column artsy menu.
  • When you click the watercolor effect, a drop-down with many other filters appears. Select the option that appeals to you the most.
  • You can give the final touches to your transformed image by adding extra filters, touch-ups, and edits. You can even add frames and additional graphics to fetch a desired outcome.
  • Once satisfied, you can easily save, download, or share the results with friends.

Befunky app

Watercolor Effect

Befunky Plus

Credit: BeFunky

BeFunky also offers its customers an upgrade in the form of Befunky Plus. By purchasing a subscription of $11.99 per month, you can improve your productivity, create new designs, and beautify portraits.

Befunky is available in both IOS and Windows, making it suitable for all consumers. Thus, BeFunky gives its users an ultimate creative experience through the most effortless steps.

3) Fotor

If you want to unleash the artist within you, explore Fotor today! Fotor presents an array of watercolor effects and styles to create an eye-catching picture out of a boring one. The simple user interface of Fotor gives its users complete control over the application and its functions.


Credit: Wikipedia

Here in Fotor, using the watercolor effect and creating engaging illustrations is free and easy. One may produce the finest-looking and high-resolution images in a single click. To get started, all you have to do is:

  • Click on the ‘Watercolor Images Now’ tab, and a screen will appear. Then you have to click on Open Image to insert a desired photo.
  • After uploading the chosen picture, click the ‘AI Effects’ option in the left toolbar. Now, look for watercolor painting effects and experiment with which suits best with your image.
  • You can customize and edit the watercolor photo by adding other editing filters like intensity, fine-tuning, smoothing, etc.
  • Now you can download your watercolor painting in png. or jpg. format.

If you wish to upgrade to premium and unlock many other features, you can purchase Fotor Pro. Fotor Pro transforms images into art paintings with a single click using advanced AI-driven tools and other resource possibilities. The premium version also provides watermark-free HD-quality downloads.

Fotor meets the audience’s desires and expectations with its professionally crafted tools. Thus, it is a go-to photo editing application for both IOS and Android users.

watercolor image

watercolor painting

Credit: Fotor

4) Picsart

Want to convert an image into a watercolor masterpiece that too free? Check out Picsart now! The smart technology of Picsart allows you to convert your favorite photo into a watercolor painting within seconds.

Picsart watercolor painting effect creates a museum-worthy photograph effortlessly. This application's added advantage is the many options related to layouts, templates, and collages. It lets you select the format of your art according to your preferences. For example, you can choose a watercolor portrait for your Instagram page or a Facebook story.


Credit: Picsart

Apart from it, Picasrt has more than hundreds of artsy effects that give a surreal and mesmerizing look to the photo. The all-in-one app Picsart transforms a painting from the basics to an advanced level.

The only steps one has to follow are:

  • Upload your selected photo in JPG. or PNG. format on the application.
  • As soon as you insert the picture, a full screen of options is available.
  • Now you can explore and experiment with the application's various features to brighten up or enhance the photo.
  • Once you get the desired results, you can export the files in any image format.

Picsart premium model has an ‘AI Enhancer’ that adds pixels, reduces blurs, works on finer details, and improves the resolution. But, to bring that to functionality, one must create an account and pay the subscription price for Picsart Gold.

The accessibility of Picsart in both Android and IOS devices makes it even more convenient and feasible for the users to work on.

Picsart premium

PicsArt Photo Studio

AI Enhancer

Credit: PicsArt Photo Studio

5) Waterlogue: Photo to Painting

If you are an IOS user, the Waterlogue- Photo to Painting app is the best creative app choice. Waterlogue, with its 14 preset watercolor effects, instantly transforms pictures into desired results. With Waterlogue installed, you can use the app’s innovative filters to create a watercolor artwork without having to paint.

Waterlogue focuses on watercolor painting effects, giving its users the most promising outcomes. The application captures the essence of images and produces the best possible creations. But, users have to pay $3.99 to access this app.

Waterlogue: Photo to Painting

Credit: Apple App Store

The four must-follow simple and easy steps to obtain beautiful watercolor art are:

Step-1: Upload Your Chosen Picture

After installing the app on your Apple device, you must upload your favorite photo. You can choose a picture from your phone gallery or capture an image by tapping on the camera button. Once you have successfully uploaded the photograph, you can quickly proceed further.

Step-2: Choose A Painting Style

Waterlogue: Photo to Painting app offers 14 preset watercolor filters to transform lackluster photos into attractive paintings. The dozen painting types include natural, bold, soaked, rainy, travelogue, fashionable, and many more. Every painting style has a unique color composition with distinct textures and hues.

Step-3: Additional Features

Besides the above elements, Waterlogue gives some extra features to add realistic details. You can choose the brush thickness and the photo brightness or even include a border around the picture. Such artistic components add depth to your creation and give it a natural look.

Step-4: Save Your Creation

Once you have selected all your preferred choices, with a single click, you will obtain your expected output. Now, you can save your artwork to your phone photo library or share them on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. With a single click on the heart icon, your customized image can go places as you can share them on other apps.

Thus, Waterlogue is one of the best apps for creating a beautiful soft-painted watercolor picture.

iDownload Blog

Credit: iDownload Blog


Though there are countless ways of adding beauty to pictures, a watercolor effect stands out. Any art piece gets a cool and vibrant outcome when we add watercolors. So, whenever you are looking for apps or platforms that give realistic twists to your favorite photos, give this article a quick read.

Thus, save this article today, and experiment with the endless possibilities of photo designing.