Turn Your Photos into a Canvas Painting

Are you bored of the same plain walls of your living room? Do you wish to spruce up your home furnishing with a unique, personalized touch? Since many showpieces and masterworks are available, choosing one to embellish your home decor can be daunting.

Art adds colors and vibrance to blank areas. Great artwork evokes emotions and feelings and changes the room's aura. A painting fills a place with warmth and texture, allowing people to explore new life perspectives.

We all love living in attractive and appealing spaces, and adding a canvas painting based on our favorite photo is the cherry on the cake. Custom canvas paintings are the perfect way to adorn your surroundings. Such paintings give life to our cherished memories and help us treasure them daily.

If you are also looking for alternatives to converting a photo into canvas painting , you are at the right place. This article will help you understand the tips and steps to turn your favorite pictures into canvas prints and paintings.

Photos into a Canvas Painting

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How to Turn a Photo into a Canvas Painting:

Before starting, knowing the difference between a canvas print and canvas painting is essential. Due to their similar names, people often get confused between these two words and consider them to be synonyms of each other. So, let’s differentiate between canvas prints and paintings in the art world.

Canvas Painting

A canvas painting is a form of art created by applying oil paints to a canvas. A canvas is a plain durable fabric framed to a surface for making acrylic or oil painting. The water-resistant quality of canvases makes them an excellent painting medium.

Artists usually prefer making watercolor art pieces or portrait paintings on canvas. Canvases are sturdy and heavy-duty fabrics, allowing easy blending and drying of colors.


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Canvas Print

A canvas print is a printed reproduction of any existing picture. The textured surface of a canvas print makes it look like an oil painting. The artist stretches the image printed on the canvas and mounts it onto a frame.

A canvas print's durability and effectiveness make it a wonderful medium for updating home decor. Canvas prints have an appearance similar to acrylic or oil paintings.


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Canvas Print

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Now that you know the distinction between canvas prints and paintings, let's explore how to turn your favorite photograph into a painting or print. These two websites can help you give your photos a new look.

Using Canvas on Demand

If you are searching for a website that creates the best custom canvas prints, Canvas on Demand is the one. Established in 2003, Canvas on Demand has rendered its high-quality services for over 20 years. With its innovative techniques, it creates fine art products, custom-framed canvases, gallery wall displays, and more.

Check out these simple steps to transform your favorite photo into a custom canvas print.

Step-1: Upload Your Picture

In the first step, select an image of your choice and upload it to the website. You can choose any photo with your favorite memories and upload it from your phone gallery or computer screen.

Step-2: Edit Your Uploaded Photo

Canvas on Demand allows users to edit their chosen picture. After uploading the image, you can crop, rotate or change its size. You can even convert portraits into landscapes. Consider applying a black-and-white or sepia filter to add classy and aesthetic effects to your picture.

Step-3: Select the Size of Your Canvas Print

Pick a frame size once you have finalized the photo you want to transform. Depending upon your requirements, you can choose the canvas size from over 20 sizes, from 8"x8" to 32"x48".

Canvas on Demand also offers panoramic canvas sizes in HD quality that make amazing wall hangings for your living room. These vast canvases look spectacular on the plain walls.

Step-4: Choose Your Frame and Edging Options

While some opt for framed canvas prints, the rest use frameless canvases. Once you have chosen your canvas size, decide whether you want a framed or unframed print.

You can select from the website's multiple framing options, like shapes, widths, and colors. These mounted frames are ready to hang on walls. Apart from it, you can even select the colors for canvas edges.

If you opt for a frameless canvas, Canvas on Demand will provide a 1.25-inch gallery-wrapped canvas.

Step-5: Professional Review Services

An advantage that Canvas on Demand delivers is professional review services. You can take these services by spending some extra bucks. While doing the professional review, the art team examines the image quality and adjusts the brightness, sharpness, and contrast.

In this service, the Canvas on Demand team also sends a personalized assessment of the photo through email. The professional review ensures extraordinary outcomes.

Step-6: Recheck Your Order

Before you place the order, rechecking is essential to ensure your desired product. Canvas on Demand offers unlimited revisions and modifications of your order before finalization. Choose the best options according to your home decor style, budget, and preferences. Once you have finalized your order, you will receive your hand-crafted canvas print within 2-4 days.

Besides canvas prints, one can also go for metal prints, acrylic prints, poster prints, framed prints, etc.

Canvas on Demand guarantees its customers promising, fade-resistant, UV-protected, and long-lasting results. They create beautiful and ready-to-hang custom canvas prints with their artist-grade canvas and archival inks. They even assure 365 days warranty and easy exchanges or returns.

Canvas on Demand

 canvas prints

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Try WhataPortrait

If you wish to convert your favorite memories into wonderful canvas paintings, try WhataPortrait. WhataPortrait is a one-stop destination that helps you gift meaningful and thoughtful presents to your friends and family. It enables you to transform the most cherished images of your loved ones into museum-quality, realistic paintings.

The talented artistic team at WhataPortrait makes hand-crafted products with love and passion. Their products range from watercolor painting, oil painting, charcoal sketch, pastel sketches, caricatures, and more.

WhataPortrait’s sole motive is customer satisfaction and happiness. The artists strive to achieve excellence by delivering world-class services that too hassle-free.

The professional and dynamic customer care team is ready to support and help their customers 24*7. They aim to provide the best assistance throughout the journey and beyond.

Now let us check these eight simple steps to turn a photo into a canvas painting. The steps are as follows:

Step-1: Begin your Artistic Journey with WhataPortrait

Go to the WhataPortrait home page and click ‘Get Started.’ WhataPortrait’s simple user interface ensures hassle-free functioning and understanding of the website.

Step-2: Choose your Style of Painting

The next step is to select the painting medium you want to recreate your photo. According to your desired results, you can choose from various styles like oil painting, watercolor painting, portrait painting, etc.

Paintings on canvas are best made with oil paints or acrylics, as they are vibrant and quick to dry. You can even visit the photo gallery for references to select the best option.

Step-3: Upload Pictures of Your Choice

After choosing the painting style, the next step is to upload the pictures. You can directly upload the images from your computer or phone gallery. If you want to create a customized portrait by mixing two or more photos, email them at help@whataportrait.com.

Uploading a high-resolution image with adequate contrast, brightness, and sharpness is advisable. A good-quality photograph makes it easier for the artist to work on details and precision. You can even add your personalized Photoshop design to the image's background.

Step-4: Choose the Canvas Size for Painting

After updating the pictures, the next step is selecting the frame size. WhataPortrait offers sizes from miniature landscapes to large lifelike portraits. The standard sizes range from 8*6 inches to 72*48 inches. Pick the most suitable size to hang in the space you want to adorn.

Step-5: Select a Frame for Canvas Painting

WhataPortrait offers many frame options in various colors, like rustic gold, bard brown, dark black, white, and more. You can choose a frame based on the multiple alternatives available. Every frame type has a price according to its high-quality materials.

If you want to keep your canvas painting simple, you can opt for a gallery wrap.

Step-6: Convey a Request or Message

WhataPortrait gives customers a blank space to fill in any special comments or requests. These requests make a portrait unique and personalized. You can fill the empty section with the amazing messages you want on the painting.

Step-7: Checkout and Finalize Your Order

The customer-friendly facilities of WhataPortrait offer unlimited revisions of your order. You can go through your preferences and finalize the ones solving your purpose. You can recheck, make changes, and then execute the order.

Step-8: Pay for the Product

After rechecking the order, click ‘Finalize Order.’ This option will take you to your shopping cart, and the total amount payable and other details will be visible. You make easy payments with digital mediums available.

You will receive your exquisite canvas painting in a safely packed box within 2-4 weeks of placing the order. WhataPortrait provides a free shipping facility and constant customer support for buyer accessibility.

So, next time you search for a great company that makes canvas painting, visit WhataPortrait.


canvas painting

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How can I spread my image across multiple canvases of different sizes?

Numerous canvas paintings transform your walls into creative displays and make them stand out. Gallery wall display spreads the image across many canvases of various sizes. It is a unique way of representing your favorite memories.

Etsy and Canvas Champ are the best websites for split canvas prints. To order a panel canvas display, you have to:

  1. Pick an area in your home or office that has a wall having adequate space.
  2. Measure the length and breadth of the wall, and then decide the number of canvases you want to display together.
  3. Maintaining a 2 to 3 inches gap between two canvases is advisable to make the setting more appealing.
  4. Once you have decided on the number of panels for the split canvas, you can upload the picture and modify it as per your needs.
  5. You can add other customizations and make your home a beautiful place.

Canvas Champ

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Next time you want a Mother’s Day gift, a special present to gift your loved ones or magnetic wall art, go for these stunning artworks. Canvas prints and paintings made out of photos are the best art pieces one can have in their art collection.

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