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Pet lovers are easy to please, especially when it comes to gifts revolving around their animals. Their animal buddies are so central to their lives that anything related to them will bring the owners joy and excitement. Therefore, a pet portrait that captures and celebrates their beloved pet will take your present to the next level.

A custom pet portrait is a painting in any style, like realistic or cartoon, that features your pet and reflects its nature. Pet portraits can also be created through other art forms, like photography or digital art. It can be exhibited at home as a meaningful decor piece or sent as a digital file.


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Since pets are a part of the family for most pet parents, giving them a spotlight through a dedicated portrait would be appreciated. Custom pet portraits are a thoughtful, unique, and attractive option compared to a typical chew toy gift. At the same time, it is pretty simple to get one and doesn’t involve much complication.

Is a pet portrait a good gift? These furry friends give them comfort and love for a lifetime, so personalized pet-themed presents are perfect for pet owners. Let’s look at some of the top reasons why custom pet portraits are great gifts to give:

1. Pet portraits help memorialize your pet:

A custom pet portrait can help people cope with the death of a pet by celebrating their existence. It is a great memorial gift idea for a mourning pet owner who needs something to remember their pet by. Every time they see the picture, they can reminisce about their good memories with the deceased dog or cat.

 Paws by Zann

Credit: Paws by Zann

Dealing with pet loss can be challenging, but such memorable keepsakes certainly make the grieving process more manageable. The beautiful art will bring a smile to their face and help them heal from the pain while keeping the memory of their pet alive. So, custom pet portraits are a great way to commemorate the life of a lost pet.

2. They capture your pet’s unique personality:

A great artist will prioritize more than just an exact, factual, and static reproduction of the pet’s photo. Instead, they will try to encapsulate your pet’s essence and characteristics into the pet portrait. They will attempt to reflect the pet’s personality by depicting its quirks and unique features.

custom painting

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For example, drawing a bubbly animal in motion is ideal if your pet enjoys playing around. If your pet is a couch potato, showing them cuddling on the sofa might be more apt. You can always add other ornaments or props, like a hat or a bow, to reflect the pet’s nature.

Gifting someone a custom painting of their pet shows that you have observed them and know and remember what they’re like. The fact that you noticed and cared about their pet will be an extremely sentimental gesture. A good artist can capture your pet’s spirit and nature through some brushstrokes while maintaining the likeness of the photo.

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Explore why custom pet portraits stand out as the perfect gift for pet lovers. From capturing cherished memories to celebrating the bond between owner and pet, these artworks are timeless tokens of love that bring joy for years to come.

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3. Pet portraits are treasured and ‘emotive’ gifts:

Pet portraits are great emotional gifts to evoke sentiments and express love, making them a good option for the receiver and the giver. Since it is a hand-made, customized present, it is touching, one-of-a-kind, and thoughtful.

Custom pet portraits are creative and personal, suiting non-materialistic people who prefer a meaningful experience over some expensive object. It is a unique option compared to something off-the-shelf.

commissioned artist

Credit: Portraits by NC

Thus, this gift can be even more fulfilling if you try drawing it yourself- but if you’re not confident, stick with a commissioned artist. The receiver will surely treasure this emotive gift for years since it is long-lasting and valuable. Your pet-loving friend will likely become attached to this gift and preserve it by passing it on to future generations.

4. Pets are family

Animal lovers deeply cherish pets, just as they value and support their family members. These four-legged beings are a significant and loved part of the family, so they deserve a special spot on the walls. Therefore, commissioning a good-quality custom pet portrait is a spectacular way to show everyone how much the pet belongs.

custom pet portrait

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A custom pet portrait is a wholesome addition to a house, giving it the feel of a home. It livens up and cozies the space with the warm and loving presence of the family animal. The best thing about pet portraits is that they make a statement about the importance of the pet in the family.

5. Great gift for art lovers

Since a custom pet portrait is a carefully created work of art, it is a charming gift for pet parents who are also art lovers. They can analyze the painting critically to understand its symbolism and meaning at a deep and intellectual level. Or, they can simply appreciate the complementary colors, the style of brushstrokes, the materials used, etc.

Art lovers always enjoy different kinds of artwork as presents, as they realize the time and effort that goes into creating something by hand. They love adding stunning pieces of art to their collection, enhancing their space through a bit of tasteful culture. Owning works of wall art is a hobby and a matter of pride for some people. If you're interested in the historical portrayal of pets in art, you might find the inclusion of a 'Dogs in Renaissance Paintings' particularly intriguing.

Jennifer Gennari

Credit: Jennifer Gennari

If your pet-owning friend has quirky preferences, you can even commission an amusing pet portrait. For example, go for a caricatural pop art-style pet portrait instead of a realistic oil painting.

Or, you can have the dog crowned in a royal pose with luxurious robes by commissioning a funny custom dog portrait. These are called royal pet portraits, which depict your pet as a member of the nobility. Royal Pet Portraits not only show your pet in all its glory but will also be hilarious.

6. Conversation starters

Pet portraits are great conversation starters since they are so impressive and extraordinary. People who visit the homes of these pet lovers are sure to strike up a few questions about the painting.

Regardless of the intention behind the pet portrait, it is bound to muster a lot of attention. Like how pets improve your mental health by being emotionally supportive, their pictures can boost your mood. For example, a custom dog portrait is bound to warm everyone’s heart.

PrimeDesignArts via Etsy

Credit: PrimeDesignArts via Etsy

The painting will be an easy hit that everyone comments on, leading to a fun time discussing the piece and your cute pet. A unique piece like a royal pet portrait will surely be a humorous show-stopper. A custom portrait will add personality and flair to your home, and the pet owner will also feel proud to own such a talking piece!

7. Simple and Versatile

If a painted and framed canvas is not your cup of tea, you can still gift someone pet portraits in other forms. This makes it a dynamic option that is still relatively effortless and risk-free. All you need to do after commissioning a picture is to get it printed on different products and gift it to your loved one.

For example, you can give them custom pet blankets, mugs, T-shirts, tote bags, or phone cases with a custom pet portrait printed. You can even keep it minimal and create a keychain out of it. Most of these are daily-use and portable items, so your friend can always see their pet, even when away from them. ​​

Angelina via Etsy

Credit: Angelina via Etsy

Such a merchandise piece would make a perfect gift because they are reusable and long-lasting. Adding an adorable pet portrait makes the otherwise ordinary item truly individualized for the receiver. They will likely value this personal possession for a long time and take it with them wherever they go.

Commission A Pet Portrait From WhataPortrait:

A great way to commission pet portrait gifts is through the company WhataPortrait. Their pet painting services are reliable and promise a seamless experience when you order portraits from them. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Choose your style from the available options, such as oil painting, charcoal drawing, pencil sketch, watercolor painting, etc.

2. The next step is to upload and submit your reference image on the website or email it to them at for multiple pictures.

3. Now determine how many elements you want in the composition. Choose how many people, pets, or vehicles you want to include in the frame from the given options.

4. At this stage, you will see the different size options available, so choose one according to the purpose of your portrait.

5. To complete your portrait, choose the frame from possible options- white, gold, black, etc.-and submit your choice.

6. Now finalize your order with any additional comments, suggestions, and details you want included in your portrait. Also, mention by when you require it.

7. You can then checkout, pay for the order, and wait for delivery.

Their team of expert artists is guaranteed to satisfy all your requirement for the pet portrait of your dreams. Click here to check out their pet memorial services now: WhataPortrait.


These are the seven reasons why giving someone a custom pet portrait is a lovely, heartwarming idea. It can tug at the heartstrings of the receiver, who will surely cherish it for a long time. A pet portrait symbolizes the love the family feels for their animal, and it allows them to display the proof proudly.

Apart from all these reasons, a custom pet portrait is sure to bring joy just by representing the bond everyone feels with the animal. Displaying the custom portraits and artwork as home decor is a positive energy source for the space. It has sentimental value and can be passed on through generations, keeping more and more people happy.

gift your best friend

Credit: WhataPortrait

So, if you’re brainstorming ideas on what to gift your best friend, consider a pet portrait of their furry friend to see them overwhelmed with delight. It is a great gift option that also works as a birthday present.

You cannot go wrong with such a lovely and unique idea. Decide on the budget, style, artist, and what kind of pet portrait you want, and get commissioning. Your pet-loving friend is sure to appreciate it!