Home decor plays a very crucial role in balancing work and life balance. You need to add unique pieces of decoration to your home to make it look more alluring and pretty; for creating an awesome relaxing environment, just ready to draw in compliments. Well, what could be better than adding a portrait to your home decor? By portrait we do not mean a unique piece of art by a famous painter, sold in five or six figures. We have a unique idea for you that is budget friendly as well as one that will increase your home value and draw in compliments.

All you need to do is turn your picture with your loved one or family into an amazing piece of art, be it Oil painting, charcoal sketch, watercolor painting, pencil sketch or a caricature.  Now, why should you invest in a portrait of yourself? Below we present you with the reasons. Read on.

1. Because an Art is an Art

No matter what kind of art it is, the world acknowledges beauty. Buying a painting from an auction or a store is very common, but getting your picture transformed into an amazing oil painting can adorn the walls of your home. We ensure that you will get loads of compliments from guests.

2. Because your loved one will love the gift

For  anniversaries or birthdays of loved ones, a photograph turned into an amazing handmade portrait  can be the best gift you can buy. All you need to do is upload your picture, select the size, order  and wait for a  beautiful piece. We are sure that you will love it!

3. Affordable

Unlike canvas prints, paintings are way too pricey, be it Van Hughes or any other painter's. But, for creating a painting of your own, you need to spend a small amount. In return, you will get a beautiful portrait that will  be cherished for a lifetime.

4. Because supporting talent is a noble work

We admit that there are many software's that can readily transform your Pictures into Paintings or sketches. But, a hand made portrait has a beauty of its own. A handmade artwork is far better and valuable  investment. Recognising the talent of an artist and displaying it on the walls is one of the best contributions towards the art fraternity .

5. It’s great to own an uncommon piece of art

Displaying a beautifully drawn portrait of yourself and your loved ones on the walls will definitely be a piece of uncommon art.

Well, now we can safely assume that you have got quite a few reasons to make a portrait of your own. All you need to do is select a photograph that you wish to transform into oil painting or a sketch and Contact Us. We bet that you will absolutely love the portrait that we will commission for you.

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