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Charcoal Portraits Prices

The price of a custom charcoal portraits sketch depends upon its size and number of subjects (people, pets, cars etc). House portraits are categorized and priced separately. You can now commisison your own handmade charcoal artwork for as low as $59 and up.

People/Pets Pencil Portraits
Size 1 Subject 2 Subjects 3 Subjects 4 Subjects Every Additional Subject
8" X 6" $ 59        
12" X 8" $ 69 $ 89      
11" X 14" $ 79 $ 99      
16" X 12" $ 89 $ 109 $ 129    
20" X 16" $ 109 $ 129 $ 149 $ 169  
24" X 20" $ 129 $ 149 $ 169 $ 189 $ 20
30" X 24" $ 149 $ 179 $ 209 $ 239 $ 30
36" X 24" $ 169 $ 209 $ 249 $ 289 $ 40
40" X 30" $ 199 $ 259 $ 319 $ 379 $ 60
Landscape / House Sketch
Size Price
16" X 12" $ 109
20" X 16" $ 159
24" X 20" $ 209
30" X 24" $ 249
36" X 24" $ 259
40" X 30" $ 309
* Contact Us or call us toll-free at 1.888.330.3438 for special requests.
What our clients say
"The artist did a wonderful job on my painting and the staff was very helpful and friendly they communicated with me via email through the entire process"
What our clients say
"Everything about my experience was great! The time it took, the communication, the preview, the minor adjustments and the final product! Very pleased!!"
What our clients say
"I was looking to do a portrait painting of my boyfriend's beloved mother who passed this past February. I googled portrait paintings and your company was one of the ones listed. I did my research and was highly impressed with your company's work so I decided to go with "What A Portrait" it being my first time! Let me tell you it was the best decision EVER! The portrait was beautifully done in a week and shipped from China in a couple of days. Truly amazed with the artistry! I will definitely recommend this company to any and everyone. I'm truly grateful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

All the best,
Daira Torres"
What our clients say
"Had a drawing created of my granddaughter kicking a soccer ball
They did a great job it was very lifelike and very creative was very satisfied"
What our clients say
"I am super thrilled to have found this site! The quality of work is amazing. I am definitely ordering from them again."
What our clients say
"Very happy with the service and my beautiful painting
Thank you guys."
What our clients say
"They were informative on every step of the process.
The portrait came out beautiful. I am very sattisfied"
What our clients say
"I ordered artwork from Whataportrait for a gift. It came out amazing! Everyone that's seen it has loved it. The customer service is also really good. They helped me through the process and kept me updated through email the whole time. I'm very happy with everything! Would highly recommend."

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Why commission a charcoal portrait sketch?

    There’s nothing quite like the appeal of a stunning charcoal portrait sketch. While getting charcoal drawing sketches can be overly expensive, the What A Portrait team of professional artists can create your artwork at an affordable rate. You’ll receive a beautiful piece of artwork that you’ll cherish for years to come! Whether you’re looking for a memento or decor for your home or a gift for a friend or family member, a charcoal portrait drawing from What A Portrait won’t disappoint!

    When you commission our charcoal drawing artists, we co-ordinate and discuss details of the artwork over a call or emails

    At What A Portrait, we work to make it easy to get your commissions done. We commission charcoal sketches from photos without the need for any hassle. When you order, everything can be done online. The only time you’ll spend is the time it takes to upload your photo and discuss the project. Our team will create your artwork, and you’ll receive a preview of your painting without ever having to visit an art studio!

    All of our commissioned artwork services are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, as well as 24/7 customer care via chat and phone. We’re proud to work with each client to deliver amazing masterpieces!