Are you looking for talented artists who can paint your favorite memories? Do you want to hire artisans to make unique craftwork or digital illustrations for you? Even though there are many artists out there, finding the ideal creative talent for your specific vision is difficult.

Generally, we rely on recommendations or our experimenting instincts to find artists. So, this is a must-read article if you are on your way to commissioning art compositions but still deciding how and where to hire artists. This article will answer all your questions and take the confusion off your mind.

This guide will pave your way to employing the best art creators. It will help you understand the essential pointers while selecting artists. You will also comprehend the alternative means and sources that can help you customize your chosen paintings.

So let us dive deeper and explore this extensive guide to finding artists with innovative mastery.

Understanding the Process of Hiring Artists

Who doesn’t love adorning their living spaces with beautiful and classic art masterpieces? While canvas prints are prevalent nowadays, one cannot miss the authentic touch of hand-made paintings. Though ready-made artwork has its charm, the originality of hand-customized craft makes it unique.

Hiring the right candidate for your project can be confusing and demanding for anyone. Although unlimited options for artists are there, choosing the best-fit creator takes a lot of effort.

Whether you are looking for a digital illustrator for a brochure or logo design, a concept artist for innovative visual production, or a sketch artist to bring life to drawings, deciding on some components is necessary. Before starting the process of engaging artists, ask yourself some questions:

  • Are you looking for a local or global artist?
  • What are the basic qualifications that the artist must have?
  • Do you want to employ the artist for full-term work or freelancing?
  • Should the artist know about traditional techniques or modern painting styles?
  • What will be your salary structure or pay slab?
  • What is the minimum experience that the artist must possess?
  • Is there any turnaround time or a deadline?

Online Platforms for Hiring Artists

Today, with the spur of technology, everything is available at our fingertips. Several online platforms worldwide create a common ground for recruiters and job seekers to connect with each other. These websites help employers meet with suitable candidates for roles they are required to fill.

Because of the progression of such mediums, you can effortlessly find several artists who can fulfill all your requirements and conditions. These online job portals have prospects for graphic designers, concept artists, mural or graffiti designers, canvas painters, etc. Now, let's sneak a peek into these online job search websites that will assist you in looking for an artist whose ethics align with your goals.


Indeed is one of the most used free job search apps for better professional networking. Indeed's easy-to-use and effective tools allow employers to hire artists efficiently. The uniqueness of this application lies in its regular job upgradation feature. Every second, 12 new recruiters or employers are updated, along with hundreds of resume applications.

You must follow these steps to get the most out of the Indeed app.

1) Create your Account

Start your hiring process by creating an account on Indeed. Click on the ‘Sign In’ tab at the homepage's top right corner. You can sign up using your email ID or social media account if you are new to the app. You can even create a separate email and add a new password for signing in.

If you already have an Indeed account, log into the application and customize your profile. You can take assistance from the resources available at the help center in case of any problem.

Indeed account

Credit: Hits Base

Work Resources

Credit: Work Resources

2) Build your Job Post

Once you have logged into the application, create a compelling job post. A job post with full details is necessary to find somebody suitable who fits the role. Enter your company’s name, job title, and job description. A job description describes the duties, responsibilities, skills required, eligibility criteria, and salary package.

When writing the job description, keep your tone conversational, friendly, and inviting. You should attract people to your art firm so that they are ready and keen to work with you.

Before posting the job details, be clear about what you offer and expect from the artists. Be transparent with the working conditions, timings, and commitments. This way, there will be clarity when choosing the right employees.

job details

Hiring Artists

Credit: Indeed

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3) Decide Among the Various Job Applications

After publishing the job details, you will receive resumes of the artists seeking jobs. Now, you can begin reviewing the applications and interviewing the prospects. You can connect and communicate with them through phone interviews, video calls, or on-site meetings. After completing the selection process, you can proceed with the final formal documentation.

Job Applications

formal documentation

Credit: Indeed

So, by following these three simple steps, you can hire the best artists using the Indeed job application.


Brilliantio is a hub of creative ideas and productivity. It is an ideal platform for creatives like artists, filmmakers, freelancers, and performers. The concepts of Brilliantio impact an individual’s creativity, innovativeness, and intellectual cognition.

Brilliantio is a perfect medium for people who want to learn the fine art of invention and innovation. The trainers at this creative coaching business form a community of artists and visionary professionals. These courses help people make meaningful contributions to their artistic niches. It empowers and inspires creators to do something out of the box.

Through Brilliantio, you can connect with art communities and hire a befitting artist. You can interact with the varied art persons, listen to their ideas, and then work with the ones you find are on the same page as you.

While hiring artists through such platforms, you must be clear about your goals and then convey them to those you want to work with. You can even discuss the art styles and review their artworks. Thus, an artistic website like Brilliantio can help you find the perfect talent and be a great resource.


artistic website

Credit: Brilliantio


Earlier, people had to wait for newspaper listings and advertisements to fetch jobs. Nowadays, online portals have eased the process of grabbing jobs. LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform focused on generating employment for people. It is a social forum that strengthens an individual’s connections and business relationships.

Through LinkedIn, job seekers can contact their preferred employers, and companies can hire their suited individuals. Like any other platform, many art creators also display their content on LinkedIn. They showcase their illustrations, pencil portraits, landscapes, etc., to reach their target audience.

You can either contact an artist you like or post a job opening on your company's profile. Start the recruiting process as soon as you receive CVs and cover letters. After shortlisting candidates, begin with interviewing prospects and carry out other formalities.

While searching for the best talent, ask the candidates for a sample portrait, oil painting, or an adobe illustrator design. You may exchange ideas and the quality of work you deliver to your happy customers. Thus, using LinkedIn effectively, a company or an individual can welcome a suited artist for their artistic projects.

Mike Jory Art

Credit: Mike Jory Art


Credit: LinkedIn

Freelance Websites

During the Covid years, freelancing emerged as a prominent work option for many people. Companies hired individuals for single projects and tasks to cope with work demands. Freelancers enjoy the freedom to choose their workload according to their needs.

Freelance websites are excellent platforms to have access to talented artists. Nowadays, many digital artists use these websites to grasp working opportunities. These agencies connect professional artists with art companies looking for creative individuals.

Fiverr, Upwork, Behance, and 99Designs are among the best freelance marketplaces. These websites allow individuals to explore diverse categories. They also offer paid courses that help people upskill. By browsing through these platforms, you can reach many local or international artists.

You can post your demand and criteria and wait for artists to bid. Once you have some bids, you may choose the best among the alternatives. You can hire local artists who speak your language and understand the culture. When finalizing a candidate, be clear about the work arrangement and quality.

Yet, one disadvantage of freelancing marketplaces is the prices. These sites have very competitive pricing schemes. Usually, good artists bid high and compete with their contenders. Thus, this may result in hiring people with either high prices or low skills.


Credit: Fiverr


Credit: Upwork



Credit: 1000 Logos

Social Media Sites

The easy accessibility of social media platforms has led to solutions to many problems. The dawn of technology has made things relatively easy than in the past. Nowadays, almost every artist has a social media page to portray their art and talent.

Social sites like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Pinterest give people a wide range of choices and options to discover. You can review the pages of creators and artists to understand their working style and craft thoroughly. If the artist best fits your project, you can speak with them and hire them.

You can contact the preferred artists through direct messages or phone calls. While hiring, be cordial and conversational with them. Give them clarity about the type of work you anticipate from them. Also, be clear about the salary you offer and the deadlines. Before finalizing the candidate, clarify all their questions, and leave no scope for misunderstandings.


Credit: Freepik

Discovering Art Community

Many art galleries organize exhibitions allowing fresh talents to showcase their skills. These exhibit the astounding artwork of art persons and promote and support them. You can find many art styles in such art events, including concept art, group portraits, matte painting, etc.

Usually, at such events, art enthusiasts from various corners discuss various ideas and topics. Communicating with art lovers can help you learn about emerging artists and creative talents.

You can also visit art institutions and universities to interact with art students and faculty. You can review the artists’ portfolios and hire individuals whose skill sets match your needs. This activity will also motivate the new artists and widen their horizons.

Thus, exploring varied art communities is the best way to support existing and budding artists.


Credit: Singulart

Culture Trip

Credit: Culture Trip

Evaluating and Selecting Artists

Though many job portals exist, hiring and choosing the best creative talent takes time and effort. Narrowing down the best individual among hundreds of applicants requires a lot of careful consideration and work. So, let us examine the steps one should undergo to pick the best contender.

1) Assessing the Needs of Your Project

Before evaluating an artist’s profile, having a definite idea about your preferences is essential. Identifying the right artistic style for your project plays a crucial role in selecting the right person. You must have a clear vision of the tone of your project and the target audience you are trying to reach. For instance:

  • Before you order a portrait painting, you should decide the art style you prefer to keep. Do you want something abstract, realistic, or classic?
  • If you are hiring someone to create a digital painting, which software do you prefer them to use? Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator?
  • While hiring a painting artist, what painting styles do you expect them to know? Oil Painting, Matte Painting, or Acrylic Portraiture?

My Modern Met

Credit: My Modern Met

Art in Context

Credit: Art in Context

2) Surfing Through Potential Artists’ Portfolios

After you are sure about the type of artist you need, skim through the resumes of the job seekers. If an artist’s CV attracts you, pay close attention to it. Carefully review the applicant’s information and try to comprehend their capabilities and skill set. It will be helpful to explore their art pages to get a preview of the quality and process of their work.

Specific elements to look for in an artist’s portfolio are:

  • What is the artist's educational background? Do they paint as a hobby, or have they received formal training in the fine arts? Have they completed a diploma course, a Master's degree, or a Bachelor's degree?
  • How many years of work experience does the person have? Are they freshers or professional artists?
  • How do they handle commission works, and what are their standard charges?
  • What is their average completion time, and can they meet the deadlines?

Artwork Archive

Artists’ Portfolios

Credit: Artwork Archive

3) Shortlisting Candidates

After analyzing portfolios, the next important step is shortlisting the most promising artists. List your top 5 preferred choices that fit all your requirements and work demands. In the order of your preferences, contact the artists and arrange interviews. Send them emails regarding the full details of the project, work timeline, and budget.

You can interview the artists through phone, video, or face-to-face meetings. Interviewing is necessary to understand people better and determine whether their personality meets the job’s conditions.

For example:

  • You cannot commission a digital illustrator if you are looking for someone to paint landscapes.
  • If you want someone to draw a pencil portrait, you cannot hire a painting artist.

After conducting all the interviews, you may discuss with your team members and choose the perfect artist for your work.

Talent Vine

Credit: Talent Vine

Communication and Collaboration

Building trust before collaborating with someone is essential. Trust forms the foundation of any informal or formal relationship. You must have faith and confidence in the hired artist and their working style and creations. Establishing precise project requirements and goals is integral for building that conviction between the employer and employee.

1) Expressing Your Expectations, Visions, and Conditions

Developing mutual understanding with the artist is necessary for ensuring a comfortable working atmosphere. Both you and the artist should be on the same page regarding the work commitments, quality of the designs, and deadlines.

Before beginning the formal work, you must discuss the project timeline and working setup with the employee. Give them confidence about their art, and leave no doubt or query in their minds. You may ask the artist to draw preliminary sketches so that you both get a fair idea about the final illustration or portraits.

2) Discuss Your Budget and Price Models

Money is a crucial factor in any industry. Deciding and negotiating on the prices and budget considerations is vital to avoid any rift between you and the artist. In the initial stage of the work settlement, ask the artist about the rates they charge.

Different art creators set their prices according to their preferences. Some charge according to the number of hours, while others charge according to the complexity of work. The price changes with the size, medium, intricacy, and type of art style.

For instance:

  • Oil paintings are usually more expensive than acrylic portraits.
  • A digital painter making illustrations on adobe illustrator will charge you more than one making art using any other regular editing software.
  • The price of a lifelike sculpture will be more than an ordinary statue.
  • Portraits made on mounted canvases will be costlier than a simple drawing.

Negotiating prices with a freelancer is also a challenging task. The freelance market is competitive, and finding a suitable person can be tricky. People bid high prices according to their demands, which may exceed your budget. You may have to spend much money to bring an experienced professional artist on board. Otherwise, you might have to compromise with the quality and scale of the artwork.

Thus, setting the budget plans and hiring according to them is essential. At the beginning itself, you should bargain and deal with the artist regarding the pay range.

3) Signing The Contract

Once you have discussed the work demands, timelines, and pay agreement, it is time to draw up the contract. A contract will ensure the smooth functioning of the collaboration and give legal protection to both parties.

The working arrangements should include the following factors:

  • Work commencement date
  • Basic details about the artist and the recruiting person or company
  • Price deal, along with the time and mode of payment
  • Description of the kind of artwork expected from the artist
  • Important timelines and deadlines.

Once you both sign the contract, you must follow and operate according to it.


Credit: iStock


Credit: Pinterest

Apart from the above points, active communication between people ensures a healthy working environment. You must voice out any trouble and clear it then and there. This wholesome setup will also lead to happy customers.

Custom Painting Services

Other than the many job search platforms, some websites provide customized paintings. These online sites give custom painting services at reasonable rates. Whether you want a memorial portrait of your deceased loved one or a beautiful scenic picture, these services offer to draft every kind of painting theme. Let us explore two such platforms that deliver realistic and captivating art pieces.

1) WhataPortrait

If you have difficulty hiring artists for your custom painting, WhataPortrait is a one-stop solution for all your problems. Whataportrait is an all-inclusive online painting source that can fulfill all your artistic needs. It delivers products from oil paintings, pencil portraits, caricatures, watercolor paintings, and more.

The premium high-quality artwork by WhataPortrait gives customers guaranteed satisfaction and happiness. The talented, world-class artists use their enriching skills to create classic masterpieces. The excellent quality art supplies like oil paints, high-grade charcoal pencils, and sturdy canvases allow creators to make incredible art pieces.

Whataportrait’s hassle-free and direct interface helps consumers easily order their products. The 24*7 customer care team strives to deliver the best assistance from placing orders and beyond. Thus, WhataPortrait provides excellent painted products that enhance the client's art journey.


The easy and quick steps through which you can place your order are:

  • Access the Whataportrait homepage and click the ‘Get Started’ tab.
  • Select the artwork medium and the painting style from the different options available.
  • After selecting the painting style, upload the image you want to transform. Uploading two photos of characters for better clarity and subtle nuances is advisable.
  • Now, select the frame size and style according to your preferences. You can go for plain or decorative frames of any size, big or small.
  • WhataPortrait gives you the unique advantage of conveying any special comments or personal messages. You can write your note in the blank column on the website.
  • Once you have made all the choices, finalize your order by checking through the preferences and making modifications, if any. WhataPortrait gives you the benefit of unlimited revisions of your order.
  • The last step is to fill in the billing, shipping, and payment information. Once done, make the final payment and await your order.

That’s it. You can customize your favorite photos into beautiful portrait paintings by carrying out a few simple steps.

Custom Painting Services

customize your favorite photos

Credit: WhataPortrait


Artists bring creativity into our days and break the monotonous patterns of our lives. Whether for making a digital painting, a character design, or a pencil sketch, the demand for artists is never-ending. Handmade paintings and portraits are valuable and priceless. People look for special occasions to bless their friends and families with hand-crafted gifts.

So, the next time you want to hire an artist and need help, do not worry. Take a quick glimpse through this write-up to get all your queries answered. Understand the hiring procedures and employ the best talents from any of these various platforms.