Do you want to create AI-generated images but don’t know where to start? Have you seen a complex creative picture and wondered how one made it? If such questions cross your mind, this article is a must-read.

We often surf Google Images or Pinterest, hoping to find artistic images, but such available photos often lack originality. With Artbreeder, an AI tool, you can make a realistic and impressive portrait or a landscape according to your imagination.

But the question arises: How does Artbreeder work, and how can one use it? This article will help you discover more about Artbreeder, its functionality, usage, and more.

What is Artbreeder?

Artbreeder is an AI-generated artwork tool that creates photorealistic paintings as imagined. Formerly known as GanBreeder, Joel Simon designed this collaborative and machine-learning website. Artbreeder was first used to experiment with methods of mixing and breeding art in complex spaces.

Artbreeder is a recognized art tool that uses AI techniques to explore the world of creativity. Using GAN as its central technology, Artbreeder allows users to make high-degree edits. In their creative capacity, one can also modify more than 30 attributes like skin tone, age, gender, facial features, etc.

The main goal of the Artbreeder AI tool is to empower its consumers with the ability to generate variations and apply additional multi-scale transformations without much effort.

Artbreeder AI


How does Artbreeder function

Credit: Artbreeder

How does Artbreeder function?

Artbreeder lets people alter an existing image and create new paintings and collages of various shapes, colors, and sizes. The following mechanisms behind Artbreeder results in its high-level functionality:

● Artbreeder, a machine learning-based art website, uses BigGAN and StyleGAN to add variations to a landscape, a portrait, and more.

● Artbreeder works on three deep learning-based models to test the website's functioning:

  1. The generative image model,
  2. The discriminative image model,
  3. The loss function.

● The many neural networks collaborate to create authentic variations of artwork.

● Among several neural networks, one neural network creates the image, while the other determines whether it is accurate or fake. According to this method, the content distributes in various categories devised through training data and pictures acquired from multiple sources.

● To ensure specific features, any Artbreeder user can define the criteria for the generative and discriminative models to follow.

● Thousands of trained photos are utilized at any step of the training process of Artbreeder.

What features does Artbreeder provide?

The several features that Artbreeder entrusts its customer with are:

1) CrossBreed - Merging two pictures to make one.

The crossbreed feature helps in merging two pictures or portrait to create the image of your desired choice. Beneath the two selected images is a slider. Using it, one can tell which image should dominate in the final result.


Credit: Gigazine

Drama Dice

Credit: Drama Dice

2) Children- Make three variations of one photo.

Using the children feature in Artbreeder, one can make three variations of a single image. One can modify the picture using the sliders below the template and make non-existent character.

Elexis Bell

Credit: Elexis Bell

Drama Dice

Credit: Drama Dice

3) Edit Genes - Modify a single portrait.

The edit genes feature lets you customize a picture or image according to your preferences. It offers multiple options to change the idea altogether. It helps users fine-tune the uploaded portraits. One can modify character designs through eye color, skin tone, width, height, facial hair, smile, etc.

single portrait


Credit: ArtBreeder

Using these features, one can:

  1. Create a new image from an existing one.
  2. Compose random images
  3. Manipulate the genes of a self-portrait to change it according to one’s ideas.
  4. Create landscape images

How to use Artbreeder?

One should follow these steps to utilize Artbreeder effectively:

1) Sign Up:

Visit Artbreeder’s site, sign up, and make your account.

2) Log in:

After logging in, the website's main page shows two options, ‘ Splicer’ and ‘ Collage.’

  • Splicer: You can create new identities by remixing and editing the genes of the pictures.
  • Collage: Using collage, you can combine various shapes, colors, and tools to make an AI artwork.


Credit: Twitter

3) Designing your image or portrait:

After deciding on the main category, the next step is to:

  • ‘Select a Category’ where you want to work.
  • After selecting the ‘Category,’ choose the ‘Creation Method.’
  • The Creation Method has the following options-
  1. Random: This option generates spontaneous portraits for pleasure viewing. One can make customizations here directly.
  2. Remix: Remixing lets you combine the existing images with different genes and create new faces.
  3. Upload: Using this, you can upload pictures from your storage to reconstruct them.
  4. Animate: Animate option is for creating short music videos.


Credit: Gigazine

4) Download your creations:

All images are available to download in low resolution. Free accounts only get three free uploads of existing pictures and eight high-resolution downloads. Premium account users get privileges like uploading many photos, downloading high-resolution images, keeping private modes active or inactive, and more.

Now, you can share your artwork with your community.

What is the pricing policy of Artbreeder?

The free version of the website is limited to some benefits. After the free version, there are three pricing categories in Artbreeder: Starter, Advanced, and Champion.

  • The starter package is $ 8.99 with 100 credits per month.
  • The advanced package is $18.99 with 275 credits per month
  • The champion package is $38.99 with 700 credits per month.

On the annual billing, one can avail a discount of 20% on each category.

The other premium account benefits include google drive sync, privacy control, custom genes, animation frames, high-resolution downloads, and free uploads.


Credit: Hive


Artbreeder is the new and trendy AI tool to make NPC portraits or modify images, and it is safe, easy to use, and hassle-free. With this, you can make the most fantastic AI artwork.

Next time you want to make a sad person smile in a photo, customize your profile pictures, crossbreed two ancient portraits, or get a leveled-up edited landscape painting, try Artbreeder!